Digital Selling Best Practices with Jen Sieger, Microsoft

Igniting Sales Transformation

In this Conversations with Women in Sales interview, I talked with Jen Sieger, Director Inside Sales Specialist Team at Microsoft about Digital Sales Best Practices. How Jen and her team members are driving Digital Selling within Microsoft.

Highspot Launches New Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365


New Release for Microsoft AppSource Delivers AI-driven Content to Improve Buyer Engagement Across Entire Sales Process. “AI for sales is a critical investment area for Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Highspot will give our customers actionable insights that help drive revenue growth.”

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Digital Transformation of Sales – Where Culture Meets Technology with Debbie Dunnam, Microsoft

Igniting Sales Transformation

This was a really exciting conversation for a lot of reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is that my guest, Debbie Dunnam , Corporate Vice President of Inside Sales at Microsoft, walks her talk. In this post, I’ve summarized key highlights from my conversation with Debbie.

How Sales Organizations Can Create Digital Transformation for Customers with Lindsay Zwart, Microsoft

Igniting Sales Transformation

In this interview, I talked with Lindsay Zwart, US General Manager Cloud & Enterprise Business Group at Microsoft Corp. I had Lindsay kick off the conversation by telling me a bit more about her role at the company. This podcast is presented by our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft.

Top Trends of Microsoft® Convergence 2015

Cincom Smart Selling

Cincom recently attended Microsoft Convergence 2015, which took place in Atlanta, Georgia. It was great getting to talk to partners and customers alike, and as always, Microsoft put on a great conference! Cincom is the Microsoft strategic partner for manufacturing.

Our Customers Include Microsoft, Google, Siemens….

Partners in Excellence

Somehow, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Siemens, Citigroup, SAP, Amazon, and others are always cited. “This Conversation Is Really About Me” References And Doing Your Homework First Impressions Count! Daily, I’m inundated with emails, InMails, phone calls from sales people trying to catch my attention. Inevitably, at some point, a reference is made to the customers of the company that is trying to sell me something.

Why Customer Conversations Matter More Than Ever for European Companies


In my 25 years of experience leading enterprise technology sales teams at IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and, most recently, Pegasystems, I’ve come to know first-hand that sales is hard — and in periods of economic uncertainty, it’s even harder.

Custom Landing Pages: The Unlikely Answer to Low Email Lead Conversion

Sales Hacker

While it can work, and it can be extremely cheap, as a lead conversion tactic, it’s not very effective. Which lead conversion approach would you prefer if you were an engineering professional? Optimizely does this perfectly , targeting Microsoft as their market: (Image Source).

SalesFUSION To Promote Marketing and Sales Alignment at Microsoft Convergence


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SalesFUSION To Promote Marketing and Sales Alignment at Microsoft Convergence through “Gold In Your CRM” Promotion. Said CMO, Kevin Miller; “Our integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is truly unique.

Wondering What All of These ‘Conversation’ Products Do?


The sales and marketing tech space is filled with ‘conversation’ products that do everything from start discussions with prospects to telling managers which sales reps need coaching. On sites like G2 Crowd and rankings like Gartner’s Magic Quadrants, “sales coaching software” includes everything from conversation intelligence platforms to sales enablement practice software to learning management systems. Conversation Intelligence. Conversational Marketing.

Building and Thriving in a Career in Sales with Annie Matthews, TechTarget

Igniting Sales Transformation

In my conversation with Annie, we talked about: Why she felt that more women should consider sales as a career. This podcast is presented by our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft. Gavriella and Microsoft are committed to giving “young women better role models and a stronger voice to all women.”

What Do You Do?… “I’m In Sales…” Try Again!

Bernadette McClelland

Apple could have stuck with the technology and innovation sweet spot and ended up a different version of Microsoft. Trevor Young from PR Warrior refers to it as the conversations you want to lead. My ’tilt’ shifts the B2B sales conversation.

SME 238

Hit Your Channel Sales Goals with ROI Selling

The ROI Guy

Help them lead conversations that establishes their personal credibility better than your competitors. 2112 Group Accenture Alinean Assessment tools Channel Partners Forrester Microsoft Windows 10 Partner Enablement Pisello ROI Selling ROI tools ShoreTel Value Marketing Value Selling

What's Your One Word Equity Sales Pitch?

Increase Sales

According to Microsoft, human beings have an attention span of 8 seconds. If the word is not to your liking, then it may make sense to re-frame your sales pitch within your marketing messages and sales conversations.

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Value Articulation Not Defense Is the Better Sales Strategy

Increase Sales

The article highlighted the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft. If the salesperson has engaged in efficient and effective research (fact findings), then any sales conversation should be directed to confirming that research. Talking defensively in the sales conversation suggests a weakness. Finally, why in any sales conversation would a competent sales professional bring up the competition? Value articulation goes way beyond the standard sales conversation.

Selling to Goldfish Just Might Be Easier

Increase Sales

Did you wonder why during a sales conversation your sales lead appeared to be off in La La Land? Microsoft conducted research about the attention span of people. From past research, Microsoft determined the attention span for people was 12 seconds.

Business Value Summit Interview – Getting The Most from your Business Value Program

The ROI Guy

I had the opportunity to lead a Thought Leaders panel from the best business value solution providers, including our own, Mark Schlueter, who shared his great experience from decades of enterprise selling and team leadership at HPE, and business value tool development Microsoft, Intel, Dell and many other B2B firms. Here’s some of our conversation: Tell me a little about one of your favorite Business Value campaigns / programs you’ve developed and rolled out recently?

5 Keys to shortening the selling process

The Pipeline

One common topic that comes up in conversation with sales leaders is how to shorten their sales cycles. As part of the Microsoft Dynamics Business Applications webcast series, I had the opportunity to delve into the question of shortening the sales cycle with Barbara Giamanco and Deb Calvert.

The Secret to Coaching Salespeople and Why It's So Scary

Understanding the Sales Force

And if you want to see just how awful Microsoft's latest Office 2016 for Mac is, read this off-topic post here. We discussed Shaping the Sales Environment, The Different types of Sales Coaching Conversations, the Importance of Role-Playing and then we listened to an actual coaching call.

Keisha Jackson Interview


After speaking to Keisha myself it became clear as to why: Keisha is a refreshing woman in the tech industry who, after one conversation, will leave you with the lasting impression that anything is possible. For example, Microsoft is 72% male-identified folks, and 28% female-identified.

Chasing Failure with BJ Miller, AgileCraft

Igniting Sales Transformation

BJ suggested today’s topic but before we got into the meat of our conversation, I asked BJ to share her experience as a competitive swimmer that led to her becoming an Olympic Gold Medalist, an amazing accomplishment and part of a long list of BJ’s athletic accomplishments.

Best Practices for Accelerating Your Value Strategy Q&A


So you would look at the software companies like the Microsofts and the SAPs with very high profit margins, and the pricing discipline at the heart of their pricing process is value-based pricing. Empower Sales Conversations Presales SalesFor our October Webinar, Stephan Liozu shared best practices for accelerating value strategy deployment and overall value transformations. To conclude the webinar, he answered some questions from the audience.

10 Best Business Card Scanner Apps in 2020

Hubspot Sales

At the end of a stellar conversation with an executive whose company is the ideal fit for your product they hand you their business card and tell you to keep in touch. Microsoft OneNote. Best for: Microsoft Office users. Image Source: Microsoft.

Opening Executive Level Doors with Caryn Kopp

Igniting Sales Transformation

We covered these questions during my conversation with Caryn: Getting in the door with executive level prospects is one of the most difficult part of the sales process, bar none. This podcast is presented by our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft.

Highspot Launches DACH Operations


” Hellweg brings more than 25 years of experience in building, leading and rapidly growing enterprise technology sales at IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and, most recently, Pegasystems. We empower companies to elevate customer conversations that drive strategic growth.

Collaborating Remotely: How Guru Keeps Your Company Connected


That’s 30,000 conversations, shoulder taps, chit chats that were going on physically in the office that overnight went to Slack. [.] Working everywhere you do : Learn about our new Microsoft Teams app, Slack integration, dynamic emails, and mobile app functionality. Microsoft Teams.

Why It’s Time to Develop Your Personal Brand with Emily Hyde, Advocate

Igniting Sales Transformation

In this conversation, I talked with Emily Hyde, Sales Vice President for Advocate about Why It’s Time To Develop Your Personal Brand. Her fusion of market knowledge and conversational demeanor enables her to connect with clients and peers at a friendly and familiar level.

Know Thyself and Be Unapologetic About It with Gladys Agwai, Ignite Within

Igniting Sales Transformation

Enjoy the conversation! This podcast is presented by our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft. Gavriella and Microsoft are committed to giving “young women better role models and a stronger voice to all women.”

Customer Advocacy and Resilience as a Roadmap to Success with Christel Mauffett-Smith, Cadence

Igniting Sales Transformation

My guest in this Conversations with Women in Sales interview is Christel Mauffet-Smith a sales director at Cadence Systems Inc., This podcast is presented by our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft.

Gong’s topic detection technology is issued a patent

Today, the US Patent and Trademark Office issued patent #10,642,889 titled “Unsupervised automated topic detection, segmentation and labeling of conversations”, which protects our technology for understanding topics in customer conversations.

Trends in Selling with Allen Mueller, Miller Heiman Group

Igniting Sales Transformation

Much continues to change in the world of selling, and in this conversation, I talked with Allen Mueller, Chief Revenue Officer at the Miller Heiman Group about their data on what’s changing and what’s coming. This podcast is presented by our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft.

Bringing Your Authentic Self to Sales

Igniting Sales Transformation

Being real and being you opens the door to strong relationships and better sales conversations. The moment that Amanda first realized being more authentic in her conversations with potential customers was important. This podcast is presented by our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft.

What's LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team?

Hubspot Sales

There's also a CRM widget for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. The briefing includes profiles, icebreakers, and relevant company information, so you can go into every meeting prepared and armed with some conversation starters. Sales Navigator Team features.

We Are Mobile Social Sellers

Score More Sales

Recently I had a great conversation with Fred Studer, GM of Microsoft Dynamics at Microsoft. Find ways to participate in conversations without trying to sell them.

The Sales Leader’s Role in Complex Selling with Alice Heiman, Alice Heiman, LLC

Igniting Sales Transformation

I think this is an important conversation because it seems to me that you want a balance. This podcast is presented by our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft. Gavriella and Microsoft are committed to giving “young women better role models and a stronger voice to all women.”

How to Engage Prospects to Identify True Interest

Smart Selling Tools

Conversica’s conversational AI platform engages prospects in a two way conversation to identify true interest. Companies like Epson, IBM, Microsoft, and Box are able to scale sales teams faster into different markets by having a Conversica A.I.

Eloqua 136

Highspot Raises $75 Million Series D-1 to Enable Revenue Teams Worldwide


“We’re laser-focused on enabling everyone who engages customers to have conversations that win deals, build loyalty and drive sustainable growth.” ” Highspot enables organizations around the world to elevate customer conversations that accelerate strategic growth.

Tech Startups to Watch in 2020


AI startups are hot: behemoths like Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft have been snapping them up. The company’s growth coupled with the ongoing conversation about safety around rideshare, food delivery, and other programs makes it one to watch.

Debunking the Boy’s Club with Bernadette McClelland, 3 Red Folders

Igniting Sales Transformation

In this episode, I talked to Bernadette McClelland, CEO of 3 Red Folders about Debunking the Boys Club, which was an interesting and lively conversation. We start the conversation by talking about why that is important to her. We’d like to thank our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft.

Putting the Customer First

Igniting Sales Transformation

Here is what you’ll hear in my conversation with Sydney about why putting the customer first is a significant business advantage. This podcast is presented by our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft. In this interview, I talked with Sydney Sloan , Chief Marketing Officer at SalesLoft.