Our Customers Include Microsoft, Google, Siemens….

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Somehow, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Siemens, Citigroup, SAP, Amazon, and others are always cited. “This Conversation Is Really About Me” References And Doing Your Homework First Impressions Count! Marketing Professional Sales Prospecting Sales ProcessDaily, I’m inundated with emails, InMails, phone calls from sales people trying to catch my attention.

Top Trends of Microsoft® Convergence 2015

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Cincom recently attended Microsoft Convergence 2015, which took place in Atlanta, Georgia. It was great getting to talk to partners and customers alike, and as always, Microsoft put on a great conference! Cincom is the Microsoft strategic partner for manufacturing.

Custom Landing Pages: The Unlikely Answer to Low Email Lead Conversion

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Did you know the probability of selling to a new prospect is only 5-20% ? Keep reading to learn how to use a custom landing page and hyper-personalization with your email marketing strategy , so you can beat the bland, copy-cat emails that fill your prospects’ inboxes.

How to Engage Prospects to Identify True Interest

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Erroin: Conversica helps businesses drive revenue by finding prospects that want to do business. Conversica’s conversational AI platform engages prospects in a two way conversation to identify true interest.

High Velocity Prospecting

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The cars were still on my mind, 2 minutes after submitting my requests, so I was very interested in the conversations. What I appreciated was the speed, efficiency, and most importantly, the relevance of the conversations. Related Posts: Is Your Prospecting Call Relevant?

How Boring Are You to Your Sales Prospects?

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The last thing you want as a salesperson is to bore your sales prospects, yet many still do just that. Of course, these sales prospects may be more polite and not tell you they are bored. Boredom is described as the “state of being weary and restless through lack of interest.”

SalesFUSION To Promote Marketing and Sales Alignment at Microsoft Convergence


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SalesFUSION To Promote Marketing and Sales Alignment at Microsoft Convergence through “Gold In Your CRM” Promotion. Promotion to focus on how to extract valuable prospect insights from within CRM, using integrated marketing automation.

Prospect like a pro: Tips every sales team needs


Prospecting is both a science and an art form. Let’s dive into some tips that’ll help your entire sales organization master both the art and science of prospecting. cold calls to reach a prospective buyer. In contrast, it now takes 8 attempts to reach a prospect.

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Prospecting, How Much Pre Call Research?

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How much pre-call research do you need to do to be effective in your prospecting? I’ve always tended to default to this answer–but it’s largely driven by my target prospects, which tend to be C-Level Executives of very large corporations.

Hit Your Channel Sales Goals with ROI Selling

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You need to make it easy for channel partner sales reps to communicate with confidence the value of YOUR solutions to prospects with guided story telling tools. Help them lead conversations that establishes their personal credibility better than your competitors.

Value Articulation Not Defense Is the Better Sales Strategy

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The article highlighted the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft. Value articulation is really an offensive position because the salesperson is connecting to the value drivers of the sales leads or prospects. If the salesperson has engaged in efficient and effective research (fact findings), then any sales conversation should be directed to confirming that research. Talking defensively in the sales conversation suggests a weakness.

Opening Executive Level Doors with Caryn Kopp

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We covered these questions during my conversation with Caryn: Getting in the door with executive level prospects is one of the most difficult part of the sales process, bar none. This podcast is presented by our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft.

Business Value Summit Interview – Getting The Most from your Business Value Program

The ROI Guy

I had the opportunity to lead a Thought Leaders panel from the best business value solution providers, including our own, Mark Schlueter, who shared his great experience from decades of enterprise selling and team leadership at HPE, and business value tool development Microsoft, Intel, Dell and many other B2B firms. Here’s some of our conversation: Tell me a little about one of your favorite Business Value campaigns / programs you’ve developed and rolled out recently?

Social Selling is Just … Selling: A Contemporary Guide

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Social selling is when sales professionals use their social network to communicate with prospects and develop relationships to solve problems and achieve sales goals. If you’re not, your prospects are wondering why. Identify and document which platforms your prospects prefer.

How to Be a BDR Superstar with Jackie Lipnicki, ScribbleLive

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In this week’s Conversations with Women in Sales interview, I talked with Jackie Lipnicki, Head of Business Development Representatives at ScribbleLive about what it takes to be a BDR Superstar. This podcast is presented by our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft.

How to be Human in Sales. Bots haven’t taken over yet!

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No matter how many prospecting touches you are expected to make, it is up to you to take the reins and change how you present yourself. You can probably get away with not developing the kind of trusting relationship that leads to a prospect becoming a customer who stays with you for life.

Social Selling is Just … Selling: A Contemporary Guide

DiscoverOrg Sales

Social selling is when sales professionals use their social network to communicate with prospects and develop relationships to solve problems and achieve sales goals. If you’re not, your prospects are wondering why. Identify and document which platforms your prospects prefer.

Why Managers Can’t Develop Sales Champions and Improve Performance

Keith Rosen

Here’s an experience I had when working with a team of talented Microsoft managers in Belgium. I’ll never forget the conversation I had on day two of my leadership coach training course in Belgium. That’s where we ended the conversation.”.

First Impressions Count!

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Whether it’s that first communication, an email, text, or social engagement, that first phone conversation, or that first meeting. Why would we use references like Google, Microsoft, IBM, GE and other giants to establish credibility for your offerings with me?

People Skills Grow B2B Sales While Tools Make it Easier ? Score.

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Years ago when I started in B2B sales, there was one way to keep track of customers and prospective customers – writing on lined, yellow note pads and putting these precious notes into manila file folders. Once Microsoft Outlook came out, well – life was anew.

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Convert Your Business Value White Papers into Interactive Tools

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You can dynamically personalize the right content- to connect with each prospect on their particular challenges, and communicate your value aligned with the prospect’s unique perspective on what’s valuable to them 2.

We Are Mobile Social Sellers

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Recently I had a great conversation with Fred Studer, GM of Microsoft Dynamics at Microsoft. By the time they reach a prospective company to buy from, much of the research has been done. Find ways to participate in conversations without trying to sell them.

What's LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team?

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Each user can send 30 InMail messages a month, dramatically improving their ability to talk to prospects outside of their network. There's also a CRM widget for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Sales Navigator Team features.

Why Product-Agnostic Content Wins in B2B Marketing

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Companies in industries like healthcare, security, aerospace, technology and finance have long used unbranded content to curate leads while educating prospective clients on what are often complex, highly technical products and services.

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Building Customer Relationships for Sales Success with Tracy De Cicco, Konposit

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The importance of building and maintaining strong business relationships with prospects and customers is talked about often, and from my perspective this is an area of opportunity for salespeople, given how competitive it can be in selling today. Enjoy the conversation!

How to Get Accurate B2B Data to Build Sales Pipeline and Grow Your Business

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We believe there is a tremendous opportunity for sales teams to leverage data and analytics and move beyond traditional prospecting to engage with their ideal customers more effectively and efficiently.

Best Sales Tools to Supercharge Productivity in 2019


CRM helps you understand opportunities and risks in your current and prospective customers using data from marketing, sales, and services. . Can I record every interaction with customers and prospects??. Microsoft Dynamics 365?. The right tools can make all the difference.

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Are You Commoditizing Your Customers?

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In my case, while I deeply respect companies like Microsoft, Google, General Electric, what they do is very far away from what I care about in running my business. Communicating Customer Experience Future Of Buying Insight Selling Marketing Problem Solving Professional Sales Prospecting

Social Selling Pests – Avoid the LinkedIn InMail of Shame

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In 2013, leveraging social selling & prospecting has become mission critical. Trying to call or email a prospect is ineffective. The good news is we both can know for sure in about 15 minutes of stimulating conversation.

Have My Robot Talk To Yours!

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But I can see how Alexa and Apple, Google, Microsoft and other versions of it can become quite interesting. Much of the data shows one of the biggest challenges sales organizations face is reaching, engaging, and getting prospects and customers to speak with them.

PODCAST 43: Why Endurance and Tenacity is Important for Sales Success w/ Carson Heady

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Carson’s other role is as a leading specialist for Microsoft and he talks about his career in sales, why endurance and tenacity are so important, and how to bring the right perspective to a career in field sales. When I’m prospecting, I can’t focus on the end result.

Who We Serve. Why it Matters.


I spend a lot of time on the phone every day, talking to sales and marketing leaders—including prospects. It’s that combination that gives them the ability to have quality conversations (i.e. unscripted ) with prospects. Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner serving global consumer brands, manufacturer and retailers. I’m often asked what kind of companies PointClear serves.

81 One-Sentence Sales Tips Every Rep Should Know

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Make sure you’re accommodating your prospect’s agenda as well as yours. For every two benefits you give the prospect, ask a question confirming you’re on the right track. You can close deals faster by sending your prospects three versions of the contract rather than two.

Revenue Summit 2018: Key Takeaways From 5 Groundbreaking Sessions

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1) 9 Elements of Highly Effective Sales Conversations. To get the most out of the conversations you have with your prospects, it’s important to record, transcribe, and analyze your calls. To be highly effective in sales conversations: Sell in teams. Make good conversation.

The 2019 SalesTech Landscape: What’s Hot and What’s Not Today

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Microsoft has remained quiet since its LinkedIn acquisition in June 2016. I had chosen the term thinking we would see three types of technologies blossoming: Orchestration of prospects engagement across email, voice, and other channels.

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Best 150+ Sales Tools: The Complete List (2019 Update)

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Lead Generation, Productivity, Prospecting. The platform’s Sales Navigator helps you pump your pipeline with new leads and build relationships with prospects. VanillaSoft blends telemarketing and customer relationship management to improve outbound call volumes and conversions.

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Social Media Marketing Is NOT the Same As Social Selling

No More Cold Calling

Not only do salespeople need training on how to use the platforms, but also they need to understand how the various platforms fit, and they also need to know how to adapt their communication approach and behavior when engaging a prospect. Everyone yelling, “Me, too!”

What 365 Days of Meditation Taught Me about Sales

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After a few conversations, I joined a Sales and Leadership organization focused on personal development and self-discovery. Over the course of the week, I learned more about myself than I had in the previous 3 years working at Microsoft.

Aligning Sales and Marketing for Shared Success


After gaining experience at large, complex enterprises like Adobe and Microsoft, Highspot CMO Jon Perera knows what it takes to bring disparate teams to market together. Beyond the stakeholder meetings, he suggests listening in on sales calls and meeting face-to-face for honest conversations.

Tools Every Account Executive Should Have


The ability to communicate with prospects and clients remotely is critical for sales success. Some video conferencing applications specialize in one-on-one conversations, while others might be more appropriate for conferences involving multiple people.