[STUDY] What Do B2B Buyers Want?

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Sales development reps, account executives, and other sales professionals will find a trove of actionable insights in this comprehensive study. Research goals of the B2B buyer study. Overall, study participants rated 12% excellent, 23% good, 38% average, and 27% poor. Conversely, Marketing rated 18% of salespeople as poor – the lowest “poor” rating in the group – while their tolerance for risk rating was much higher, at 7.1

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LinkedIn Study Women In Sales

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This week, LinkedIn shared some statistics in its study women in sales. Koka Sexton of LinkedIn posted his thoughts about helping to push this conversation further. The post LinkedIn Study Women In Sales appeared first on Score More Sales.

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A Conversation With Julian Lumpkin: Leveraging Case Studies as a Fundamental Part of the Sales Process


As a sales manager at Axial, I realized how important case studies are in the sales process. To understand what sets the best reps apart, I want to first recap exactly how success stories are different from case studies. Julian Lumpkin, Founder & CEO, SuccessKit.

Putting the Human Back in Sales Conversations

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Yet, making these conversations meaningful is difficult to learn and master. Yet, studies show that most sales conversations only get started after repeated attempts to contact one or more decision makers.

B2B Sales Emails that Open Conversations with Executives

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Because of these obstacles, it takes dogged persistence coupled with sales skills to start a meaningful conversation. Instead of trying to close a sale you should be aiming to open a conversation. To back up your claim, link to a case study on your website that provides more details.

Inside Sales Power Tip 140 – Study Buyers

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In a conversation with a very busy CIO (Chief Information Officer) recently he said that he hates when sellers do any of the following: lie about being connected to someone he knows when they aren’t, in order to get him to respond.

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[STUDY: PART 3] What Buyers Want from Salespeople

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Martin on a comprehensive study of 270 business buyers to discover why people with purchasing power choose the vendors they do and what they are REALLY looking for when they engage in a sales process. Insights from this study include: Which elements do buyers want to see on vendor websites? This is Part 3 of the study “Why Didn’t They Buy?”. Or Download the entire study for free. Download the entire study for free. Business-level conversation.

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A Case Study on Bridging the Sales and Marketing Gap

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While marketing was producing a lot of high-quality content to support sales conversations, sales had no way of easily knowing what content was at their disposal to use for lead nurturing and educating prospective buyers. Issue Date: 2014-07-23.

Study: Think duplicate leads are all bad? Think again.


New Leads360 study identifies several characteristics of duplicate leads that show a higher likelihood of conversion than average. A recent Leads360 study set out to answer that question and help marketing and sales professionals better understand the value of duplicate leads.

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The Fourth Value Conversation

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Together, the three value conversations spanned the entire customer acquisition side of marketing and sales. This side of the customer conversation demands provocation and disruptive insights. Or, When and Why to Break the Rule of Threes.

Amazing New Study on Buyer Behavior


The study detailed in this white paper set out to find: What is it like for buyers to be sold to every day? This comprehensive study was conducted on 488 buyers representing $4.2 For those that get better meetings and have better conversions into sales, what do they do differently?

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The Stanford Study that just Might Help you Sell More

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What’s happening during sales conversations, and why deals fail to close, may both have something to do with the curse of knowledge. Newton was a Stanford University graduate student in psychology at that time when she conducted a study based on a simple game.

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Case Study - Which Sales Approach is Really More Effective?

Understanding the Sales Force

When we took the consultative approach, it was easy to get decision makers to participate in the conversation. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan I haven''t been completely transparent in some of my recent articles. I have continued to urge readers how important it is to sell using a consultative, buyer-focused methodology and a formal, structured sales process.

Ultimate guide to sales emails: How to write sales emails that convert (templates, examples and case studies)


Just keep in mind that the structure of the question should follow the normal way you’d ask that question in conversation—using multiple question marks (or any multiple punctuation marks) in your subject line can quickly land you in the Promotions tab or spam folder.

Sales Hacks and How to Improve Your Lead Follow Up Conversions

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This article from September of 2013 included two great infographics that demonstrate lead conversion statistics. However, Russ, from FindAccountingSoftware.com , emailed me a link to this case study on 63,256 outbound calls that has much more specific, useful information

Case Study: How a Company Hurt its Business with a Change in the Comp Plan

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Truscott said he had met with Advantage head of commercial John Sullivan last week and "talked about opportunities for a fuller conversation" but Sullivan''s colleague Lo Bue-Said was clearly unimpressed with Truscott''s latest move. "

IBM Study Cites 4 Key Traits of the New Midmarket Sales Professional

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Employees, including sales professionals and sales leaders in midmarket companies will need to have four main traits to be competitive in the workforce according to the 2012 IBM Global CEO Study. “The 2012 IBM Global CEO Study, ‘Leading Through Connections’ is a result of.

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Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: Personality Study of 1000 Top Salespeople.

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Personality Study of 1,000 Top Salespeople-Harvard Business Review.   Conversely, 90 percent were categorized as experiencing infrequent or occasional sadness. Conversely, top salespeople take command of the sales cycle process in order to control their own destiny. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Personality Study of 1,000 Top Salespeople-Harvard Business Review : About. Heavy Hitter Sales Blog. Recent Posts.

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Gartner study- buyers rate sales conversations dead last, but there’s hope- share customer stories

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70% of these executive buyers, for example, felt that “customer stories and case studies are the best way that providers can communicate differentiation that I trust ( click ).”.

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Study Proves 3-Deep Questioning Can Strengthen Sales Reps’ Relationship with Buyers

The Brooks Group

At The Brooks Group, we train sales professionals to use a 3-deep questioning strategy during conversations with prospects and customers. A recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology analyzed getting-to?know?you dating conversations.

Study 72

6 Segmentation Strategies to Increase Your Email Marketing Conversions

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A recent study even found that “44% of email recipients made at least one purchase in the last 12 months based on promotional email.” One study has found that the average cart abandonment rate for 2017 was 78.65%. There’s no doubt that email marketing is still effective.

Taking The Sales Conversation Beyond Price

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We brought together a panel of buyers for a webinar called Cracking The Buyers’ Code: Having Purposeful Business Conversations where sales professionals discover what it takes to earn their business, build strategies and, ultimately, earn their respect and trust.

70+ Phrases to Drastically Improve Conversion Rates


Seasoned marketers and copywriters know that a single word can drastically improve conversion rates. Why did that one word triple your conversions? How to use it: As you write marketing copy, pretend that you’re speaking directly to a friend and adopt a conversational tone.

Study reveals suprising attributes of higher quality leads


We’ve mined data from millions of leads and identified characteristics that lead to improved sales conversion. A complimentary copy of the full report and industry specific versions of the study can be found here.

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28 Creative Email Subject Lines That Restart Stalled Sales Conversations

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Below are 28 creative sales email subject lines you can use to restart a stalled conversation without getting lost in the noise. According to a ContactMonkey study , sales emails with "Re:" as the subject line are opened 92% of the time. Subject Lines for Reconnecting. Closing the loop.

B2B Conversion Optimization – From Data to Conversion


Consider these tips to make conversion elements more appealing to your visitors. To boot, also offer some un-gated yet helpful and high-quality content to your customers in the form of infographics, e-books, videos, blogs, case studies, etc. Happy Conversions!! The post B2B Conversion Optimization – From Data to Conversion appeared first on CircleBack. General Marketing Sales B2B conversions

Research: Improving Value Conversations Key to Sales Execution

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Over 60% of buyers are disengaging with sales teams because the sales reps didn''t present value or really understand the buyers'' business challenges , this according to the Sales Execution Trends study of 200 worldwide sales leaders by our partner Qvidian.

Infographic: Sales Processes that Boost Conversion


A new Leads360 study shows a sales process that drives speed-to-call is critical, with leads contacted in under a minute yielding 391% improvement in conversion. The post Infographic: Sales Processes that Boost Conversion appeared first on Leads360 Blog.

3 Reasons You Should Join 2017’s Conversational Presenting Trend

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Conversational presenting is a big trend in 2017. Treating each meeting like a conversation allows you to navigate presentations based on your prospect’s needs. Want to take conversational presenting a step further? How to Turn Presentations into Conversations.

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Study: Is Your Team Prepared for the Coming Wave of Sales Tech Innovation?


These technologies support lead follow-up, can help increase the quality of lead engagement, and drive higher conversion rates. The post Study: Is Your Team Prepared for the Coming Wave of Sales Tech Innovation?

Study 60

Industry Leaders Agree: Successful Sales Enablement Focuses On Conversations, Not Content


When it comes to empowering salespeople to close deals and drive revenue, too many sales enablement solutions fall short by placing the emphasis on content rather than conversations. But sending a white paper to a prospect can enhance an ongoing conversation.

When you Miss These 5 Rare Skills You Kill Your Conversations

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Technology Makes Us Conversationally Absent. Sherry Turkle, the author of Reclaiming Conversation , shared the results of a meta-analysis of 72 studies that showed that college students have experienced a 40 percent decline in empathy over the past 30 years.

8 Ways to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates


For marketers, there’s nothing more frustrating than low landing page conversion rates, especially when it’s difficult to determine what the cause is. The truth is, there are many reasons why your landing pages may be suffering from low conversion rates.

Cloudinary’s SDR Team Increases Meeting Conversion Rates with Gong.io


Improving Conversion Rates. When they were first starting out, Cloudinary’s conversion rate for turning meetings set by SDRs into qualified opportunities was stuck at around 70%. But discovering how to increase meeting conversion rates had some obvious challenges.

Cloudinary’s SDR Team Increases Meeting Conversion Rates with Gong.io


Improving Conversion Rates. When they were first starting out, Cloudinary’s conversion rate for turning meetings set by SDRs into qualified opportunities was stuck at around 70%. But discovering how to increase meeting conversion rates had some obvious challenges.

[VIDEO] Top Qualities of High-Growth Companies: A Conversation with Henry Schuck

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Join DiscoverOrg CEO Henry Shuck and Justin Withers, VP of Product Management and Marketing, for a conversation about what drives high-growth companies. Watch the video here, or read through the conversation below. Henry : When you, Justin, first started here at DiscoverOrg, I remember a conversation I had with you where you said, “The way that DiscoverOrg embraces technology is just so much different than any other company I’ve ever worked at.”

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5 Ways to Tune-up Your Website's Conversion Rate to Drive More Leads

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The true focus is to optimize your website to increase your lead generation conversion rate. Here are 5 Ways to tune-up your website's conversion rate to drive more leads. First, benchmark your current website conversion rate and then try these things to increase it.

The Best Way to Apologize to Customers, Backed by Science

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But it’s tricky to navigate such a sensitive conversation. In partnership with Dr. Nick Lee of Warwick Business School , we conducted a research study with over 500 participants across North America and Europe. With so much on the line, why leave such a critical conversation to chance?

A 5-Step Discovery Call Checklist Proven to Increase Conversions by 580%

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The most important sales conversation that your reps are having with your prospects is the first one. You not only need a solid structure for this call but also an airtight discovery call checklist to increase your chances of conversions. Open a conversation, not a monologue.

How to Use Value Propositions Early in the Sales Cycle: Flexible Case Studies Drive More Qualified B2B Sales Opportunities


Sellers who have the right conversations with buyer sponsors, champions and decision-makers in the Identify & Prioritize stage have an advantage. Often enough, Value Propositions are not constructed with enough flexibility for how your sales teams have conversations.