B2B Sales and Time Travel

The Pipeline

If you can’t master B2B sales and time travel, you may as well learn to serve gravy for them fries. What is B2B sales time travel? Which is why we need to be able to travel across time. We should not be surprised that they reject a conversation that is 12 months premature.

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Stardate 1.0: Travel Lessons for the Sales Road Warrior

Engage Selling

Every week I’m asked about travel tips, recommended hotels, airlines, and locations. Are you a sales road warrior?

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Why Account Executives Should Travel

No More Cold Calling

Sales leaders say they don’t need for account executives to travel. It’s become an epidemic—people typing away and not having conversations. Over the past decade, companies have cut back on travel because of the assorted tools that enable video conferencing.

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Put Your Shoes On! Plus 12 Other Tips to Do Travel Right

John Barrows

One of my most popular LinkedIn posts of 2018 was my rant about travel and 13 tips to make air travel better for everyone. So here they are, my 13 tips for air travel as we prep for the busiest travel time of the year: 1. What are your favorite travel tips?

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Knowledge Doesn’t Travel at the Same Speed for Everyone

The Sales Hunter

Sitting in the Admiral’s Club in Raleigh the other day, I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation the person next to me was having on the telephone. The person talking to another person on the phone was shocked to hear Mario Cuomo had died. Excuse me, but it happened days earlier. The person saw […]. Blog Consultative Selling Customer Service consultative selling customer service listening selling techniques

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When No-Travel Policies Get in the Way of Sales Kick-off


A no-travel policy is enforced or perhaps executive management makes the call. Employees are proactively asked to cancel all work-related travel as a precautionary measure. . The post When No-Travel Policies Get in the Way of Sales Kick-off appeared first on MindTickle.

Conversation marketing hacks

Sales and Marketing Management

In his book, “Conversation Marketing: How to Be Relevant and Engage Your Customer by Speaking Human,” Lund explores key principles that are critical for driving the more evolved conversation marketing approach, which can help companies amplify results on multiple fronts. Pick your party – Part of learning how to talk to your audience and engage them in any form of conversation is deciding where to talk to them in the first place. Are they adding to the conversation?

Sales success – failure and success seem to be traveling companions

Sales Training Connection

Or, in other words, failure and success seem to be traveling companions. If you found this post helpful, you might want to join the conversation and subscribe to the Sales Training Connection. Sales Success-Sales Failure. Ever attend FailCon?

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Sales Process: Keep to the Script, or Take the Road Less Traveled?


It must precede every planned conversation. The post Sales Process: Keep to the Script, or Take the Road Less Traveled? Ask a top sales producer about keys to success, and they’ll share insights like “prioritize your work,” “maintain a good opportunity pipeline,” and “serve the customer.”. I’ve heard many anecdotes to explain a top producer’s ascent to the pinnacle. Curiously, one that never gets mentioned is “I conform to the sales process.” This lack of recognition is odd.

125 Conversation Starters For Virtually Any Situation

Hubspot Sales

Conversation Starters. I’m trying to plan my next trip -- have you traveled anywhere interesting lately? A good conversation starter can transform an awkward, stilted conversation into an interesting, enjoyable discussion. What makes a good conversation starter?

Easy Tip for Turning Presentations Into Conversations

Anne Miller

As the conversation dies down, Stand and segue back with one of their comments or the conclusion of their discussion to your PPT. No Time for Travel or to Attend a Seminar?

The Chorus.ai Mobile App is here! Conversation Intelligence on the go.


As a marketer I've travelled a fair bit - about 16 countries and 30 states in the US, if my count is right. artificial intelligence Conversation Intelligence

How top sales reps use conversational selling to close more deals


Here's the recording of today's webinar how top sales reps use conversational selling to close more deals, with Drift, Chorus.ai While Steli couldn't make it to join us today due to a change in travel plans, Nick Persico from our sales team here at Close.io

6 strategies for creating qualified sales conversations on LinkedIn


Knowing this, my company came up with a 6 phase social selling process to help our clients create more sales conversations and build a sales pipeline with qualified leads on LinkedIn. Referrals are the best way to start a conversation on LinkedIn.

Custom Landing Pages: The Unlikely Answer to Low Email Lead Conversion

Sales Hacker

While it can work, and it can be extremely cheap, as a lead conversion tactic, it’s not very effective. Which lead conversion approach would you prefer if you were an engineering professional? Case in point: this travel hacking blog.

The Chorus.ai Mobile App is here! Conversation Intelligence on the go.


As a marketer I've travelled a fair bit — about 16 countries and 30 states in the US, if my count is right. Because as a sales person: You travel much more frequently. Conversation intelligence on the go with Chorus Mobile + Smart Playlists.

1500 Small Business Owners Can't be Wrong ? or Can They.

Score More Sales

There is an amazing list of folks I will be mentioning, as well as businesses worthy of checking out who made a big impression this past year through my travels. My friend Kristiina Hiukka was inspired to launch a Women of Fifty project based on a conversation we had about turning 50.

People > Processes: A Conversation with Danielle Pata, Account Executive at Marketo


A few of our latest conversations have included the likes of Russell Van Leuven , Sr. She loves this because the conversation is more authentic and, once the end of the sales cycle approaches, it’s not awkward for her to text or call her prospect in return. Travel to 8 National Parks!

3 Tweaks to Your Sales Approach Are Steps Toward Sales Greatness

Understanding the Sales Force

You very slowly make your way towards the circle in a long line of traffic, attempt to merge into a congested circle, travel around to the other side of the circle, and finally exit the other end. This is my preferred method as it demonstrates exactly what the conversation should sound like.

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What’s Your Mindset Around Virtual Selling?


It’s estimated that 90% of sales conversations are happening virtually these days and that though skepticism remains, many people, more than 50% believe that this mode of selling is as effective as our old practices. Here’s a number to pay attention to….

It’s Not Small Talk; It’s Smart Talk


Yet, in a productive sales conversation or networking conversation…two people need to engage in an information exchange that achieves an outcome. And a good conversation involves human engagement…and connection. In scheduled sales conversations: How was your travel in?

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What's Your One Word Equity Sales Pitch?

Increase Sales

He contends today only brutally simple ideas get through because they “travel lighter and travel faster.” If the word is not to your liking, then it may make sense to re-frame your sales pitch within your marketing messages and sales conversations.

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Riddle Me This Please Sales Leaders…

Bernadette McClelland

We explore without traveling. What is the next conversation you could have? Coaching Commercial Conversations Conscious Selling Sales Leadership Uncategorized coaching QuestionsHere’s a riddle for you? We make a point without telling. We discover the pain and the pleasure, the truth and the lies. We are not to be judged by our sound or our size. We are what salespeople need, want and hardly use. We are what buyers expect to share their views. What are we?

Embarrassing Feedback That Taught Me The Biggest Lesson Ever!

Bernadette McClelland

After a four-month long process you are one of only 20 globally who are then asked to travel to the USA and undergo training. My recently published and highly endorsed book can be viewed here, ‘The Art of Commercial Conversations – When It’s Your Turn To Make a Difference’.

3 Ways To Mastermind Your Way To Success This Year

Bernadette McClelland

Every year I invest in my growth by travelling to the USA to partner, collaborate and shoot the breeze with my fellow women sales professionals headed up by the likes of Jill Konrath, Lori Richardson and 30 other 100% cool sales experts.

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#IWD2015 A Love Story, An Entrepreneurial Journey and A Grateful Legacy

Bernadette McClelland

She found herself catering for up to 400 people for the NZ Labour Party, then again travelling up to 40 miles to cater for another 400 people under a marquee in the rain for the German Society, even delighting the Sports NZ Shooters Association by making a requested curry from eel, swan and duck.

How to Implement a Sales Process: The Complete Guide


2: Key Funnel Conversion Rates. As soon as you have a pipeline set up in your CRM, you can use Nutshell’s funnel report to track your conversion rates from stage to stage. Of course, conversion rates constantly fluctuate to some extent, due to a number of factors. To avoid “ paralysis by analysis ,” you might want to focus on just one or two key conversion rates within your funnel—i.e.,

Sales is About Teaching

The Center for Sales Strategy

I recently overheard a telephone conversation when traveling, and it concluded with the person saying, “Sales is all about teaching.” Well, having been in outside sales, sales management, or consulting sales organizations my entire adult career, I stopped and pondered this.

The Problem With Assumptions

The Sales Hunter

Before you know it, you are traveling down “assumption highway” The problem is that you’re going in the wrong direction. The easiest way to verify other’s assumptions of you is to have a real conversation. Pick up the phone and have a conversation.

Your Reputation Arrives Before You Do

The Sales Hunter

Each conversation we have and each sale we make leads to the next one; there is no such thing as a dead end conversation. Watch my video below: My mother always said good news travels fast but bad news travels even faster. You can run, but you can’t hide.

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What Are Your Pandemic Priorities? [April Referral Selling Insights]

No More Cold Calling

Plus, check out what you might have missed from No More Cold Calling this month: Pick Up the Damn Phone and Have Sales Conversations. If there ever was a time for real, authentic sales conversations, it’s now. Conversations without pitching—just full-on caring about the other person.

Move the Deal Episode 12: Growth for Both: Balancing Direct and Channel Sales with Michael DeRosa

Miller Heiman Group

In the latest episode of Move the Deal , host Greg Moore talks with Michael DeRosa, director of professional development at Travelers Insurance. At the end of the day, understanding how the conversation managers have with their salesperson impacts what that salesperson does out in the field.

An Update On Removing the Social Apps from My Phone

Anthony Iannarino

I find them mostly banal and boring, and I often find myself launching Feedly and reviewing the websites that I find to provide useful content and engaging conversations. I have also kept my podcast apps so I can listen to content while traveling and driving.

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Are You Thinking Globally?

Smooth Sale

Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Travel changed my perspective from thinking locally to thinking globally. Two email this week brought to mind all the beautiful experiences travel and social media provide. Travel primed me for business first.

Confusing Journey With Destination

The Pipeline

There was actually one point where they talked about have to traverse a winding mountain side road, but again the focus was not the means of travel, but the experience and life changing experiences and memories. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca.

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It’s Not a Short Week! It’s a GREAT Week!

The Sales Hunter

Talk to anyone in the travel industry and they will tell you this week there are far fewer business meetings being held and business people traveling. If you work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday right, you can wind up with a slew of productive conversations.

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What Sales Managers Need to Know to Support Channel Sellers

Miller Heiman Group

Today we feature a blog by Michael DeRosa, the director of professional development at Travelers Insurance, and one of our 2019 Miller Heiman Group Icons. For Travelers Insurance, like many companies that sell through a channel, standing out from the competition is difficult. Our goal is for independent agents, who choose to connect their clients from various insurance options, to feel that Travelers is among their top three options.

The Daily Briefing: March 24, 2020


In the first episode of The Daily Briefing, Jim Benton, CEO of Chorus.ai, shares how Conversation Intelligence can show the world a unique perspective of the current markets because of the data we capture regarding how sellers are selling and what topics come up in conversations.

Customer Churn is Coming. What Can You Do?

Corporate Visions

This is especially true for firms that serve the hardest-hit vertical markets like hospitality and travel. I’ve been having LinkedIn conversations with people who have read our book and are asking for advice on specific situations. The post Customer Churn is Coming. What Can You Do?

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This Manager Got Fired After Checking-In for a Flight at JFK Airport

Keith Rosen

If you’re an avid traveler like me, you’ve probably lost count of how many flights you’ve taken in your life, only to be reflected in your airline member status or the stamps (old-school) in your passport. Travel coaching moment for you?)

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