Training Incentives Are Vital in the Digital Sales Era

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As a longtime member of the incentives industry, I am often asked what businesses can do to better manage their sales teams and their relationships with their channel partners in the constantly changing world. A closer look at a sales training incentive program.

Incentive Program FAQs

Sales and Marketing Management

Q: Why not use quota as a bar to require reps to pass before they’re eligible to earn in the incentive program? A: Of course, the sales manager’s job is to adopt the company’s mandated goals, but the reality is that sales managers don’t love their distributed-from-Mount-Olympus goals any more than reps do. Part and parcel to that success is the deployment of effective sales incentives.


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5 incentive travel trends for 2019

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Paul Nolan Meetings and incentive travel professionals agree that Brexit will impact their industry, but they differ on what sort of impact it will have. Of course, a good part of that stems from the up-in-the-air status of Brexit itself. The British-based C&IT Magazine recently summarized five incentive travel trends that will impact programs in 2019. Together, they are becoming intrinsic to incentive travel’s success.

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All you need to know about sales incentives


One such practice is that of providing sales incentives to the salespeople. What are sales incentives? Call it what you will, incentives are what get people to work harder.” – Nikita Khrushchev . Types of sales incentives. Role-specific incentives .

10 Ways To Boost Your Sales Incentive Strategy

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: George Kriza, CEO, MTCPerformance Your organization wants to drive sales with an incentive program. Here are 10 of the most important elements in designing and deploying your next incentive campaign. Are they already in other incentive programs, or is yours the only one they’ll see? Target the right market segments: Decide which sales organizations, geographies and channels will deliver maximum performance for your incentive budget.

16 Sales Incentives to Keep Your Team Engaged and Motivated


Sales incentives are a great way to motivate your team and keep morale high. Your first line of motivation is your sales commission structure , but there are several different types of sales incentives you can use to further encourage your team. Special performance incentive funds, also known as SPIFs, are a popular approach to incentivize reps, but the question is the form of the incentive—cash or non-cash. Getting SPIFs Right as Sales Incentives.

Maximizing Motivation: Why Well-Intentioned Incentive Programs Don’t Work and How to Improve Them

Sales and Marketing Management

While on the surface, this incentive strategy had some validity, the results were not what the company predicted, or wanted. Second, many of these performers were married and the idea of travel, even incentive travel, meant their families would be on their own for a few days. They also presumed everyone would like to get away for a few days, and of course, who wouldn’t want to spend quality personal time with their company’s leaders?

10 sales incentives that actually motivate sales teams

Zendesk Sell

Not all sales incentives are created equal. A sales incentive is effective only if it’s something your team actually wants. And while we’re all familiar with the typical cash incentive, some reps might need something new and exciting to truly motivate them. If you’re unsure where to begin, start with the 10 sales incentive ideas below. Give your team a reason to keep their “eye on the prize” with travel sales incentives. Online learning courses.

2019’s Top Channel Incentive Tips


Incentive programs are critical to any successful channel sales model. By inspiring or rewarding certain behaviors in your partners, incentives can help steer the course for any successful business relationship. As part of your partner relationship management (PRM), your incentive strategies help attract partners to your offerings while unifying you network and directing it towards a clear goal. And it’s not just your sales partners who require incentives.

4 Ways to Design Successful Sales Incentive Programs

Hubspot Sales

Nothing boosts your sales team's excitement and energy more quickly and reliably than an incentive. These four strategies will increase the impact of your incentives. Of course, sales managers can't show favoritism. Although these strategies have been proven to be successful, it's worth experimenting to find the optimal sales incentives program for your team, objectives, and culture. Sales Incentives

Correct Course Now: 10 tips to keep 2017 on track

Sales and Marketing Management

Better align incentives. Goals are one thing, incentives are another. by: Matt Heinz. You know what they say about best-laid plans, right? Even if you started 2017 with specific, measurable goals, what happens when you fall behind? What happens when those best-laid plans meet the battlefield of business? What happens when things don’t always go the way you intended? Here are 10 things you can do to get back on track. Don’t panic.

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X Factor Compensation Leaders: How to Be Incredible at Incentive Planning (Nuance Communications)


Ultimately, the new compensation and incentive plans must successfully motivate the right sales behaviors to achieve goals, all while driving growth. After close to a year, we decided that Express was not flexible enough to handle our complex plans and increasing number of reps, so we decided to implement Xactly Incent in 2015. Nuance had just implemented Xactly Incent a year or so prior to my joining but was in over their heads after some key Admins left the company.

“Incentives Drive Behavior” Cracking the Code with Predictive Analytics #CALDC3


That’s what I got from CallidusCloud’s C3 event; that and of course, a spectacular time—after-all—it was Vegas. CallidusCloud held their Connections conference last week at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Connections is an annual event for anyone, customers and non-customers alike, who is interested in “discovering new ways to modernize their business and embrace the evolving customer.”.

TSE 1113: Leveraging Sales Incentive Data to Increase Performance and ROI

Sales Evangelist

Sales is equal parts art and science and one of the keys to success is leveraging sales incentive data to increase performance and ROI. Jason Atkins is the founder of 360 Insights, a software platform that enables large brands to execute all of their channel incentive strategies. Executing sales incentives One of the first keys is to understand why people sell what they sell. Then align the incentives across the journey.

How to Use Webinars to Sell Your Online Course in 5 Simple Steps


While that’s a positive thing for the industry and course creators, it will inevitably make the space more competitive. If you’re a course creator already established in your space, that means the coming years will bring more competition. The online learning industry is booming.

17 Creative Sales Incentives (Other than Money) to Motivate Your Salespeople

The Brooks Group

What Is a Sales Incentive? . A sales incentive is money or some other type of reward offered to salespeople for selling a particular amount of goods or services. . Whether your team is in a slump and needs extra motivation, or you have an aggressive goal that needs to be hit, thinking outside the box with your sales incentives is a great way to boost motivation and performance. It’s a great idea to offer options when you’re running a sales incentive program.

Crush communication siloes during your ICM implementation


Greater frequency supports the ability to quickly identify anything that’s off track and course correct. Incentive Compensation Sales Performance Management communication ICM Incentive Comp Incentive Compensation Management sales Sales Comp Sales Compensation sales performance management SPMIt’s the beginning of the year, and a much-needed ICM implementation may be in the works.

Is Your Compensation Plan Driving Sales to the Wrong Finish Line?


Many Sales Enablement investments pay off in the course of 12 months or more; however, heads of sales departments have quarterly objectives, so they must somehow saddle and ride the horse at the same time. Uncategorized Commission ICM Incentive Compensation Incentive Compensation Management Plan Design sales performance management“Moving the needle” in terms of overall sales force performance is no mean feat.

The 12 Step Compensation Plan Design Process


You need to start pulling together internal data from your incentive compensation management system, data from your CRM, and finally, information from financial teams on profitability and product revenues. Are you an Xactly Insights customer using empirical data to benchmark your incentive compensation? Looking back at #4, what worked in the incentive plan to drive sales behavior towards the set goals? Incentive Compensation Sales PlanningHappy comp planning season!

The MBO Bonus – Definition, Tips, and Considerations


These bonuses pay employees based on individual tasks and thus, are highly motivating incentives. Download our "Ultimate Guide to Sales Compensation Planning" for incentive best practices and everything you need for a sales comp plan design project. Download our "Ultimate Guide to Sales Compensation Planning" for incentive best practices and everything you need for a sales comp plan design project. ” Incentive Compensation Sales Coaching and Motivation

Sales Compensation Plans Explained: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet (with Videos)


Download our "Ultimate Guide to Sales Compensation Planning" for incentive best practices and everything you need for a sales comp plan design project. Of course, you want to grow revenue, but what if you want to grow revenue and profit? Download our "Ultimate Guide to Sales Compensation Planning" for incentive best practices and everything you need for a sales comp plan design project. Incentive Compensation

Don’t Neglect Channel Partner Programs

Sales and Marketing Management

Georgia-based Incentive Team works primarily with home goods manufacturers who sell through channel partners. With traditional in-person meetings with these reps not possible, Incentive Team’s clients have focused on creating informative, on-demand videos and offered incentives for completing the courses. Using incentives to motivate channel partners to complete on-demand training is not about trying to buy someone.

Selling - Do You (They) Have What It Takes?

Anthony Cole Training

Selling requires that you are motivated by incentives rather than effort. Introducing the ACTG Learning Center which offers a full curriculum of sales courses at a price you can afford and 24/7 access for your convenience. HOME ABOUT US SOLUTIONS INTEGRATED LEARNING CLIENT RESULTS FREE RESOURCES SHOPPING CONTACT US SALES BREW SALES FORCE ONE SELLING FOR LIFE. Does Your Team Need a Wake Up Call?

Serving Others Never Goes Out of Style

Sales and Marketing Management

Helping others as a team is invigorating and bonding, which is why corporate social responsibility (CSR) continues to be a popular component of offsite meetings and incentive travel programs. While figures from the Incentive Travel Industry Index show that inclusion of CSR in incentive events is lower overall than last year, the 24-month scenario and regional story are quite different. Author: Paul Nolan Helping others is energizing.

5 Proven Ways to Build Customer Loyalty


Content that features real customers is a great way to humanize your brand, build trust with your audience, and of course, drive customer loyalty. Establish an incentive-based customer loyalty program. While there are many different forms of incentives you can offer within your program, here are a few recommendations: Create a tiered incentive program. Offer incentives that speak to your customers’ values. Personalize your incentives.

The Science of Motivation

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Sales manager: I’d like to know what rewards the reps would like for our next incentive. Or maybe you think that incentives have run their course and it’s time to drop them altogether. If you’re thinking of asking your reps what will make the best prize in the incentive program, stop. Are incentives obsolete? A recent Harvard Business Review article1 noted that it’s time to move past incentives for sales reps because the way sales are made has changed.

Leverage Your LinkedIn Company Page to Generate Demand

Janek Performance Group

Imagine if the new lead gen form only generates a dozen leads over the course of a year of which only one turns into a new client relationship. Align Incentive With Revenue Goal. The only answer I can think of is the above quote from Charles Munger about incentives and outcomes.

Selling Strategy: Focus on People or Products?

Janek Performance Group

Of course, compensation is important. To create a winning culture, consider these tips: Encouragement Motivation Incentives Recognition Team Building. Similarly, most comp plans already consider incentives and bonuses. Of course, quality sales training does not come cheap.

Some Additional Thoughts.

Sales and Marketing Management

In my work with sales executives from corporations large and small, I repeatedly see that team rewards are easily overlooked in favor of individual incentives. And while individual incentives are critical to the success of any sales organization, most companies are not fully invested in supporting the team environment. And, of course, respect for diversity is also critical. Author: Staff Some additional thoughts….

How to Accelerate Sales Performance in Q4

Janek Performance Group

Of course, the first three quarters count, but in many ways, they are setup for the final fifteen minutes. In the fourth quarter, both sellers and buyers have additional incentive to get deals done. In football, winning the fourth quarter is pivotal.

Why Your Sales Forecast is Not Accurate and How to Fix It | Nabeil Alazzam - 1542

Sales Evangelist

Through sales incentives! Using sales incentives and data-driven forecasting, Nabeil encourages his salespeople to reach specific and measurable objectives. How can incentives help our forecasting? Incentives drive behavior. If you can’t set forecasting successfully, you can’t allocate the proper incentives to the right salespeople. If you start to novice a prospecting segment is beginning to lag, you can be specific in your incentive to correct your trajectory.

Why Your Sales Forecast is Not Accurate and How to Fix It | Nabeil Alazzam - 1542

Sales Evangelist

Through sales incentives! Using sales incentives and data-driven forecasting, Nabeil encourages his salespeople to reach specific and measurable objectives. How can incentives help our forecasting? Incentives drive behavior. If you can’t set forecasting successfully, you can’t allocate the proper incentives to the right salespeople. If you start to novice a prospecting segment is beginning to lag, you can be specific in your incentive to correct your trajectory.

6 Steps to Setting Up The Perfect Remote Sales Contest

Sales Hacker

Nail Down Incentives. A lot of sales orgs set aside budget for incentives, but they offer the same prizes week after week, quarter after quarter. One of our best sales incentives that we come back to year after year is our billboard incentive.

Performance Platforms

Sales and Marketing Management

Not your father’s incentive program. “We If a benefit of all of this technology is the nearly infinite choices that employers can offer to top performers as rewards, the other side of that coin is the increased number of companies (like YouEarnedIt) that now exist in the incentive and recognition space. Author: Paul Nolan How technology is fueling workplace recognition.

“A La Carte” Comp Plans

Partners in Excellence

While in dining, I can skip courses, in selling, we can’t skip anything. I’ve seen numerous discussions around, “our people aren’t doing the prospecting needed to fill their pipelines, but if we compensate them on their prospecting efforts, we can incent them to do the work… ” Huughh???? ” (Of course I would be more sensitive in explaining this.). Every once in a while, some of us go to a 5-star restaurant.

With a transient workforce is there still team spirit?

Sales and Marketing Management

The time and money that was spent on the meeting was being wasted as the meeting followed a predictable course. It’s critical that the rewards offered in incentive programs are highly desirable. We have truly mastered the art of creating an incentive event within an existing event, guaranteed to connect with your attendees. Author: Paul Gordon, Senior Vice President Sales, Rymax Marketing Services, Inc. Recently I was asked to attend a manufacturer’s sales meeting.

Signals that sales managers send with rewards

Sales and Marketing Management

And of course, earning rewards without proper context can fall flat. Author: TIM HOULIHAN Sales reps and rewards go hand in hand. Managers use rewards because they reliably deliver recognition and motivation. However, one often overlooked aspect of a reward is the signals that go with them.

How’s That 80/20 Working For You?

The Pipeline

Of course not, get rid of the riff raff, and the numbers change, I would argue for the better. I have discussed before a brilliant incentive plan I was introduced to that paid on specific outcomes to specific execution. By Tibor Shanto.

Agreeing To Disagree May Work at the Thanksgiving Table, But Not in Business

Sales and Marketing Management

Collaboration is good, of course. Match up incentives. So while it’s fair to have some incentive tied to key metrics that marketing people are focused on, in order to support and build alignment, it’s important that the majority of the incentives for marketing be based on revenue. .

6 Red Flags that Might Mean Your Best Sales Rep is About to Quit

The Spiff Blog

If a rep is already planning to be gone by then, there’s no incentive to dive into time-intensive sales activities. Spiff’s sales commission software enables finance and sales operations teams to self-manage complex incentive compensation plans and provides transparency for sales teams.