Don’t Do This in Getting Past the Gatekeeper


It read, “How to handle gatekeepers and reach decision-makers.”. Some of the very questionable advice offered was: Get around a gatekeeper by calling the company’s sales department or accounts department (or another location or division) and asking them to transfer you directly to your prospect. Tell the gatekeeper that your prospect is expecting your call when they aren’t. When talking to the gatekeeper, leave out your company name. Regard Gatekeepers as Precious.

The Sales 2.0 Gift Horse

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I jumped into the client’s CRM system to see what notes lay in there. One thing I found in the CRM system was the name of this account’s head of marketing. But that person was not the head of marketing – more of a gatekeeper. CRM Customers Sales 2.0

Taking ATS to New Levels: A Bullhorn & DiscoverOrg Partnership

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With DiscoverOrg data baked right into your Bullhorn CRM, you don’t have to. Your third option is the DiscoverOrg CRM Application – Bullhorn® Edition.

Improve Your B2B Sales Process with Company and Contact Data


Bypass gatekeepers. Secretaries, administrative assistants, and phone operators are often referred to as gatekeepers in the world of sales. Of course, it’s not impossible to gain access to top sales prospects by first speaking to a gatekeeper.

Why Your Sales Team Isn't Performing As Expected (Pt.5) - WIT

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Getting past a gatekeeper – This is usually one of the toughest situations in the sales process. The gatekeepers have their job – to keep sales people away from their bosses – and you have your job – get to their bosses (aka. WIT = Whatever It Takes!

Transforming Sales: Why Sales Organizations Will Have to Consider Their Data Strategy

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HENRY: Think about your tech stack: You have a CRM, probably some kind of marketing automation system, maybe sales enablement and engagement tools like auto-dialers and content-asset tracking. Transforming Sales: Why Sales Organizations Will Have to Consider Their Data Strategy.

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[VIDEO] Whiteboard Wednesday: Increase Retention in Sales – with Data (Steve Waters)

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They check the CRM. But you’ll have to call through the switchboard, so you’ll get a gatekeeper whose job is to make sure that you’re not going to waste that decision-maker’s time.

How to Prepare to Prospect – 10 Things You Need to Do

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Always know what you will say if a gatekeeper answers or you get the person’s voicemail. Make sure your CRM / Sales Engagement software is open and ready. If you fail to properly prepare, you are setting yourself up for failure. This doesn’t just apply to prospecting but everything you do. Prospecting is already a tough task; it’s only made tougher when you fail to prepare. Below are 10 steps you need to follow to ensure you’re prepared to prospect.

How Technology Has Changed Selling: New Tools, Old Rules

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The Gatekeeper. Old Rule: Do you remember the dance with the gatekeeper? Successfully navigating through or around the gatekeeper could sometimes takes weeks or even months, and was more of an art than a science. Has technology changed Selling?

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7 Reasons You Should Be Mining Auto-Replies for Best-Fit Leads

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When you discover best-fit leads from email replies, they could be the very key influencers, gatekeepers, and the decision makers you want to get in front of. Each team member manually reviews their auto-replies, identifies the valuable information, and enters it into their CRM.

Why Your Sales Team Isn't Performing as Expected (Pt.5) - Selling is WIT!

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Getting past a gatekeeper – This is usually one of the toughest situations in the sales process. The gatekeepers have their job – to keep sales people away from their bosses – and you have your job – get to their bosses (aka. Selling is WIT = Whatever It Takes!

How Digital Dependence Derails Account Based Selling Teams

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There are hundreds of great applications for account based sales development—CRM, marketing automation, social-selling tools, advocate platforms. and try every ploy to get around the gatekeeper.

How to Measure Sales Fitness

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Think of someone who disrupts an executive’s day by getting past the gatekeeper explaining he/she knows that person and is following up ‘our previous discussions’ – yeah right! On the flip side, if the salesperson showed up to the meeting fully prepared having read his previous colleague’s CRM notes, the decision-maker would be happy to have a meeting. An entrepreneur and innovator, Peter created the world’s first web-based CRM system funded by Lucent Technologies in the 1990s.

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Sales Engagement: The Intersection of Sales and Science

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By bridging the gap between your system of records (the CRM) and your system of action (your marketing automation tools and sales playbook), sales engagement platforms supercharges rep productivity, accelerates sales flow, and helps drive revenue. Sometimes, simple ideas can spark revolutions.

Expert advice: How to build a strong relationship between your AEs and SDRs


SDRs serve a very important gatekeeper role, ensuring that leads are qualified through an initial conversation, then passing them to the account executives (AEs), who are responsible for establishing relationships with those leads and nurturing them through a pipeline.

How to Find Almost Anyone’s Email Address (Without Being Creepy)

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Use HubSpot’s CRM and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Use HubSpot’s CRM and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. For every CRM record pulled, you need a tab to track down that lead or LinkedIn profile. Admit it, you hate getting emails from strangers.

Sales Intelligence: What to Expect When You’re Prospecting

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How many contacts, notes, and valuable pieces of information are in your CRM or Marketing Automation tool? (If If you’re not sure, just check your bill: Most CRM companies charge by the record.). Business leaders understand that data is the critical heart of growth and expansion.

The Most Untapped Leverage Point For B2B Growth

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You probably don’t need me to explain the value of direct dials, but just in case, two words: circumventing gatekeepers. One more benefit: accurate and valuable data integrated into your workflow will drive CRM adoption by the sales team.

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6 Qualities Of The Modern Day Sales Professional

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Things like CRM maximisation, sales process management, time management, multi-media, e-marketing, e-prospecting, and social networking avenues and techniques are no longer a luxury—they are the foundation of your business. .

Leverage Your Personal Brand to Drive Sales This Quarter and Beyond

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I started a search on LinkedIn based on the query of CRM. If you were in the market for CRM services and consulting, would you want to learn more about Fred and possibly have a conversation with him? As a quota carrying sales rep, you have a number to hit. The year is well under way.

12 Ways You’re Making Your Boss Look Bad (And You, Amateurish)

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Build close plans on all the big deals to show you understand the customer’s internal gatekeepers , procurement processes, compelling events and dates. 7) Not Keeping the CRM up to Date. Why is the CRM “next step” something that’s trivial and happened 3 weeks ago?

The Power of Sales Intelligence #1: Data quality and management

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How many contacts, notes, and valuable pieces of information does your CRM or Marketing Automation tool hold? Sales calls the wrong people or reaches a gatekeeper, where they will ultimately get turned away or begin the tedious process of calling up the chain. You just acquired a list of names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Time to plan your next marketing campaign, or start prospecting into your top accounts! But hold on. Take a deep breath.

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The Ultimate Sales App—No Smartphone Required

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There are hundreds of great applications that help us work more efficiently—including CRM, marketing automation, social-selling tools, advocate platforms, and more. and try every ploy to get around the gatekeeper. What’s the most powerful sales tool at your disposal?

The Leads Are Weak: An Intro to Finding & Working Good Leads

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Rather than spending your time navigating gatekeepers and hounding less-than-ideal leads, take a step back and be a bit more strategic. For example, I receive daily alerts on new projects and trends within the CRM and SaaS spheres. There’s a famous quote from that seminal 1992 movie about sales, Glengarry Glen Ross , in which Jack Lemmon’s character, Shelley, contemptuously dismisses the contact data he’s been given: “The leads are weak!”

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If You’re Building Your B2B Marketing Strategy, Start Here

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Imagine you’re scaling a tech startup and you’ve decided to invest in CRM. One of them is a CRM which gets your sales organized. Another one is a specialized CRM which help to organize your sales, track recurring revenue, and the churn rate. Ease of getting past gatekeepers.

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Seeing Through the Hype: Making Sense of Sales Enablement Technology

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And what I mean by that is not, can we bog your information in the CRM right. I want to come back to this broader topic you mentioned earlier, CRM. Obviously the anchor of that is CRM increasingly the dominance of Sales Force in that space.

Your Sales Training Is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It.

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A few decades ago, salespeople were gatekeepers of information. Salespeople aren't gatekeepers anymore — the sales process can largely happen without us and we need to add unique value along the way to ensure our prospects choose us, not our competitors. Humble. Helpful. Empathetic.

Nurturing Beyond Email to Accelerate Your Pipeline

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We know these gatekeepers will be examining the company’s website, so intuitively, marketers must go beyond just email by nurturing the buying committee where their customers and prospects already are: on their website. The key is to leverage technology that identifies a web visitor’s company if they are a known or unknown lead in the system, and then ties it back to their CRM/MAP to know if the visitor belongs to a segment with an open opportunity.

Sales Consulting Program | No More Cold Calling

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Consult on tracking leads, referrals, and opportunities in your CRM. recent comments Stuart Young on How to Bypass the Gatekeeper You’re the Missing Link in Your Sales Success | Salesjournal on You’re the Missing Link in Your Sales Success Pat Mussieux on How to Get Your Prospects to Call You Back Pat Kane on Social Media for Sales Professionals. How to Bypass the Gatekeeper. Speaking. Joanne Black’s Speaking Topics. Speaking Video. Training. Live Webinar Series.

Nightmare on Sales Street: 7 Nightmares That Keep Salespeople Up at Night (and How to Stop Them)


Being stalled by a Gatekeeper. What to do: First, remember, it’s the gatekeeper’s job to sieve through all the incoming requests and determine which ones are worthy of the executive’s time. Having a mobile CRM to do a quick search can come in really handy there. It’s late.

5-Step Plan to Penetrate the Market in 90 Days (In Any Industry)

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We tend to think of them as only gatekeepers; however, in reality, they are responsible to greet and assist all those that call the company they work for. If not, file it in your CRM system until the prospect’s buying cycle determines further sales contact.

The Sales Script Is (Mostly) Dead: 2 Tricks for Better Interactions

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As a part of the learning process, it can be worth providing some basic scripts which new reps can use to make it past gatekeepers or introduce what you’re selling. You heard that right -- sales scripts as we’ve known them are dead in the water.

18 Phone Sales Skills Tips You Can Use Right Now | Sales.

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Show the same level of respect to the gatekeeper or other any other person who answers the phone as you would show to the person you’re looking to talk to. One Response to “18 Phone Sales Skills Tips You Can Use Right Now” Roundup #50 – Lead Management, Lead Generation & CRM tips says: December 19, 2011 at 9:29 am. [.] About. FREE Resources. Hire Mark. Client List. Testimonials. Client Login. Mark Hunter. Client List. Testimonials. Speaking.

Improve Your SDR Team’s Performance by Fixing These Common Mistakes


They should ask questions if they talk to gatekeepers. Then save it all in your CRM. If you lead an SDR team–or are considering building one–you’re inevitably going to hire some green salespeople. Hiring is time-consuming and expensive.

How to write a killer follow-up email sequence that draws replies


Is your business ready for a CRM? Referrals allow you to bypass the gatekeeper , get you ahead of the competition , earn trust and credibility , and maybe win an introduction from them to another prospect. I’m not going to tell you that 48% of salespeople never follow up because that statistic is fake. What I’m going to tell you, however, is that I receive enough cold emails to know that most of them aren’t followed up on.

Why Everybody Hates Cold Calling… And Why That’s Good News For You

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Here are some of my favorite tools: ConnectAndSell – I use their service to avoid everything I hate about cold calling (manually dialing, navigating phone trees, waiting on hold, talking to gatekeepers, scheduling follow up). If you are using Salesforce CRM, you’re in luck.

Handling Creative Answers While Selling


As one attempts to get past the gatekeepers, it is the kindness in tone and choice of words that significantly help. Pipeliner CRM empowers salespeople to work with creative answers. “You can’t handle the truth!” is a favorite movie line that was delivered by Jack Nicholson in the movie A Few Good Men. Some people have difficulty handling not only the truth but also creative answers, and not just for business but in social settings, too.

How to make sales calls [The Ultimate Guide] – Part 2


How to get past gatekeepers. The best way to get past a gatekeeper like this is to reframe how you approach the call. They’re not gatekeepers or obstacles to overcome, they’re potential allies who can help champion your product within their company.

4 Skills Sales Reps Need to Get the Most Out of ConnectAndSell


ConnectAndSell will get you past gatekeepers and phone trees, but if you skip pre-call research you’ll find yourself faltering in those crucial first seconds. If your team isn’t regularly building, updating, and using ‘hot lists’ backed up with easy to scan CRM notes, you should get the habit started. The average ConnectAndSell client gets somewhere around seven connects and one scheduled meeting per hour.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Prospecting: Tips, Techniques, & Tools to Succeed

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CRM (customer relationship management): Software that allows companies to keep track of their potential and existing customers at whichever stage they may assume in the sales cycle. We usually have to go through a gatekeeper to reach them. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

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