Selling medical devices that are evolutionary not revolutionary

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This combination of trends is especially true in those portions of the medical device market that generate the largest profits: CRM devices, cardiology, spine-related devices, and orthopedics devices. Selling medical devices.

3 Reasons Why On-Demand Startups Need a CRM

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No matter which industry you come from (transportation, electronics, hospitality, or health care) the current situation clearly states the popularity of on-demand services almost everywhere. The post 3 Reasons Why On-Demand Startups Need a CRM appeared first on Nimble Blog. One of the surefire ways towards a successful business is catering to the on-demand services.

#SalesChats Ep. 45: Sales Metrics that Matter in 2018 with Jason Jordan


For 20 years, Jason has worked internationally in industries such as technology, manufacturing, distribution, financial services, telecommunications, consumer products, health care, and hospitality. He is CSO at Pipeliner CRM. Sales Metrics that Matter in 2018.

Team selling – lone wolfs no longer reign supreme

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A good case in point is the medical market where the Affordable Care Act plus other social and economic trends are transforming the health care landscape. Team Selling. Team selling continues to be on the rise.

PODCAST 07: You CAN Align Marketing and Sales (Here’s How This CMO Did It)

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Signpost is an AI-driven CRM that drives reviews and revenue for local service businesses. It’s a workforce communication company and right now they specialize in health care. The metric we care about most is LTV (Lifetime Value) to CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).