4 Steps to Master Your Territory

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A higher sales number to hit. As a sales representative these are a few of the hurdles you may face. One of the most dreaded can be a change to your territory. Where should my focus be in my new territory? Follow the 4 steps and use the Agile Territory Planner to become the master of your domain. Information about your new territory is usually available to help you ramp quickly. Review notes in your CRM from the previous sales rep and support resources.

Uncover the Blind Spots in Your Territory

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When your territory is changed, it opens a lot of questions for Sales Reps. But can you, the Sales Rep, make a living in this new patch? To answer those questions, we built a Territory Evaluator. This downloadable tool helps you evaluate your new territory in relevant terms: Selling time as required to meet quota. Why Territories Change. It is important to understand why sales management makes a territory change.

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Old-School Territory Management is Dead: A Q&A with John Stewart, CEO of @MapAnything

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Old-School Territory Management is Dead: A Q&A with John Stewart, CEO of MapAnything. Following the recent acquisition of TerrAlign by MapAnything, I asked MapAnything CEO John Stewart to explain the relationship between map-based geo-productivity and territory optimization. What I got was an insight into modern, data-driven territory planning. Q: Why are “intelligent territories” more productive than territories that are solely geographically built?

Sales Reps Love Their CRM!

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Sales reps love their CRM. In fact, who doesn’t love a good forecast session with their sales manager? Not only that, sales reps see tremendous value in the information reported back to them from the CRM. Sales reps do not love their CRM and see little value in it. It is often a point of contention between sales managers and reps to update their activity and forecast. IT HASN’T AUTOMATED THE SALES PROCESS, SO WHAT?

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7 Must-Have Automated Documents for Sales Success

don’t move as quickly as they’d like--especially when it comes to sales teams. CRM) platforms, lead funnel strategies, and new communications tools to accelerate. Sales teams, in particular, waste precious time and resources on repetitive tasks and manual data. Sales reps have.

The Territory Optimization Revolution


A critical element that is relatively new is territory optimization and we will examine the case for this in this article. In the same way, salesforce effectiveness is made up of different elements – the right go-to-market strategy, salesforce organisation design, role definition and candidate selection, the right incentive design, and the right sales processes. The territory optimization and alignment element of salesforce effectiveness is vital for three reasons.

How to Navigate the Elusive Face-To-Face Meeting in a New Virtual World

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As a sales leader, you understand better than most the power of face to face interaction. You’ve likely built your selling career on face-to-face sales pitches and the always productive dinner meeting.

Five Elements of an Effective Sales Territory Map


The sales territory is a geographical area that is managed by a sales rep or sales team. A territory can be defined by sales potential, history, geography, or a combination of the above. The objective is to make sure sales territories are balanced to help increase revenues. . As a result, sales territory design is a critical process for your sales performance management (SPM). Balanced Territories.

The Key to Sales Territory Mapping


In order to manage your sales performance, you need effective sales territory mapping. Sales territory design must be a thoughtful process that involves data and a balancing act to ensure every sales rep has adequate sales potential within their territory. The objective is to create logical and travel-efficient territories that meet the needs of the business and generate revenue opportunities. Support Sales Rep Career Progression.

5 Benefits of Territory Mapping Software


Your sales territories are geographical areas managed by a sales rep or sales team. A territory can be defined by several factors, but most commonly, territories are mapped based on sales potential, sales history, geography, or a combination of factors. The objective is to make sure sales territories are balanced to help increase revenues. Do most of your sales leads tend to come from one or a few areas?

How to Get Your Sales Team to Actually Use CRM Software

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You’ve decided you need customer relationship management (CRM) software. An empty CRM is like an empty water glass: Falling short of its full potential. Importance of CRM Adoption. CRM Adoption Rates. Explain the CRM's value. Pick the right CRM for your needs.

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Dust off some CRM records

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This is a series of posts aimed at helping you survive in a new sales territory. Maybe you get a new sales job or took over a new “greenfield” opportunity in your existing position. to get you introductions to target account in your new territory. This post is about another way to get into those accounts…your company’s CRM. Your company has a nice big (or huge) list of accounts in your CRM, often tens of thousands.

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4 Metrics to Measure the Health of Your Sales Organization

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How to Optimize Sale Territories for a Strategic Advantage


Effective territory design is the basis of strategic sales planning. Balanced territories allow you to set fair quotas, which have a huge impact on your incentive compensation and success of your salesforce. Ultimately, if your sales territories aren’t optimized, you hinder sales reps’ motivation and performance. The Effect of Bad Territory Planning on Sales Performance. Lower sales rep morale and decreased motivation.

Five Elements of an Effective Sales Territory Map


Your sales territories are geographical areas managed by a sales rep or sales team. A territory can be defined by several factors, but most commonly, territories are mapped based on sales potential, sales history, geography, or a combination of factors. The objective is to make sure sales territories are balanced to help increase revenues. Do most of your sales leads tend to come from one or a few areas?

Practical Market, Territory and Account Planning


Off the Cuff Instant Interview Question: “What are some tips for doing practical market, territory and account planning?”. While those of us in sales are usually viewed as not the best of planners, my experience is that we welcome practical, streamlined planning that helps win business. Market Understanding – The fundamentals are the bedrock for sound business decisions, focusing on: Accounts: Verticals, challenges, sizes, sales cycles, market attraction, etc.

The Crucial Points of CRM Implementation


When it comes to CRM implementation, I definitely know of what I speak. Pipeliner CRM implementation can be done in a fraction of the time of our competitors — without a consultant. For any CRM, here are the fine points of implementation. For CRM implementation, there are 4 basic roles: Project Owner. Sales Manager. Note that the “project owner” is the person who is overall responsible for CRM implementation. Sales Manager. All About CRM

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20 CRM Myths That Hinder Organizations from Achieving Sales Greatness

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Many sales reps are apprehensive about learning and using a CRM, and some organizations are therefore reluctant to invest in a platform that their reps “won’t use.”. A lot of CRM apprehension stems from misunderstandings. Some reps misunderstand the purpose of CRMs, and others fear that a CRM will be too difficult for them to use. Here are 20 CRM myths that hinder businesses and salespeople from achieving their highest sales potential. CRM Usage Myths.

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3 Steps to Nirvana: Getting Beyond CRM to Hit a Number


CRM is fine. While we rely on CRM software to build territories, track our funnel, and record deals, we do not rely on it to guide reps to the right prospects or the right activities. Getting reps working on the right things is the key to hitting a number—CRM is not the answer.

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CRM’s Big Blind Spot: Measuring Sales Managers

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Author: Jason Jordan Question: Why does senior leadership buy CRM? For most organizations, the answer is to gain visibility into the activities of individual sales reps. Nor can they make smart investments in improving sales capability. Basically, we buy CRM to measure and improve our front-line sellers’ performance. With that goal in mind, CRM architecture has been refined over the years to do a better and better job of capturing and reporting seller activity.

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10 Reasons Why You Don't Need a CRM

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You’ve seen article after article telling you why you should implement a CRM , but the last thing you need right now is another piece of software to learn. CRM — or customer relationship management — refers to software that tracks interactions with prospects and customers. But do you actually need to be using a CRM, if you’ve been getting by without one? If you’re on the fence, here are the reasons why you don’t need a CRM. Why You Don’t Need a CRM.

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The 10 Best All In One CRM Solutions in 2019

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Sales efficiency: the sales metric that pits your team’s gross revenue against its cost of operation. It’s a gold standard for measuring how well a sales team, department, or process is performing. It’s a simple, straightforward benchmark that can tell you how well your sales efforts stack up with your goals and your competitors’ performance. For a sales team, they can provide a central location for storing prospect and customer contact information. Nextiva CRM.

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The Top 2 Sales Tips to Leverage the People in Your CRM or.

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Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. The Top 2 Sales Tips to Leverage the People in Your CRM or Contact System. Who these people are needs to be sorted out and organized, hence the need for a CRM, Social CRM, or other contact system. Have you tagged these people in your CRM and do you regularly go through your list of 25-75 “partners” who fit this definition: they know what you do and can send others your way? B2B Sales. Sales Productivity.

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Inside Sales Growth Beyond CRM


According to a 2012 Bridge Group study [1] , from 2009-2011 the number of inside sales jobs grew 124% in the U.S. This evolution means an increasingly mature buying market that is driving new CRM-related needs for sales and marketing teams. And rightfully so — these solutions are helping marketers generate an increasing number of quality leads for the sales organizations they support, in a more structured and predictable manner than ever before.

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Why Your Sales Team Isn´t Using Your CRM


Using a modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is a must for any business that wants to take customer satisfaction and revenue to the next level. A CRM can skyrocket sales and build solid long-term customer relationships. Understanding and overcoming employee disapprobation is key to changing mind sets and improving the sales team´s user adoption. CRM projects don´t typically fail because of technology challenges, but due to an organization’s culture.

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Increasing Seller Adoption of CRM: Turning a Passive Data Repository into a Powerful Decision-Making Tool

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No seller has ever said, “My CRM helped me close that deal.” Yet customer relationship management (CRM) systems hold the information that could help sellers close deals. By tracking contacts, activities and opportunities, CRMs lent transparency to sales operations, allowing companies to better forecast revenue. CRM systems are now more affordable and accessible than ever. In 2013, 37 percent of sales teams reported widespread use of CRM systems.

Sales Tech Game Changers: @InsideView – How to Identify New Market Opportunities

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In this series, we ask Sales Tech Executives to describe how their solution can change a sales organization in a significant way. We call it Sales Tech Game Changers. Nancy: What are the top 3 ways your solution changes the game for a sales organization? Territory planning – We help companies understand where the greatest potential for opportunities are. This helps sales management & operations plan where salespeople need to be assigned.

9 Steps to a Successful CRM Go-Live


Few projects can have as big of an impact on your company as a successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation. And as you might suspect, planning a CRM project takes a combination of skills that go beyond most other IT projects. This is a tall order because CRM projects are truly unique amongst all other IT projects. And for the person whose job it is to actually select and deploy a new CRM solution, that can be a nerve-wracking challenge.

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CRM, Sales 2.0 And Compliance

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Hang around any conference about CRM or any of the Sales 2.0 Compliance is basically code for, “How do we get the sales people to use this stuff?” ” Virtually every CRM system has standard reports for managers to look at compliance. I think the issue is the value of these tools is obvious and critical to sales people. A sales person would never fight the use of Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.

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Already Think Your 2018 Quota is Mission Impossible?

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Territory potential, industry dynamics, and the skill-set of the sales team are not taken into consideration. Article Sales Strategy SBI for SMB collaboration create buyer ICP CRM customer experience data monitoring hit quota ICP ideal customers KPIs leads miss quota mission impossible mission impossible sales quota propensity to buy quota sales leader sales process sales reps sales strategy sales team

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CRM Plus CPQ vs. The Sales Rep from Hell

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In the classic play and movie, Glengarry Glen Ross , Blake, the somewhat strident troubleshooter from downtown, informs us that “ Sales is a tough racket. ”. Selling is not only tough on the sales rep, it is also tough on the company. Companies frequently find themselves prey to unscrupulous or incompetent sales reps or simply bad business practices. As a VP or director of sales, you’re ultimately responsible for the actions of your sales team.

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The Pipeline ? Talking Long-Term ? Acting Short-Term ? Sales.

The Pipeline

The Pipeline Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.s Talking Long-Term – Acting Short-Term – Sales eXchange – 109. Stored in Attitude , Business Acumen , Buying Process , Communication , EDGE Sales Process , Funnel management , Interactive Selling , Proactive , Proactivity , Sales Leadership , Sales Success , Sales eXchange , Sell Better , Shorter sales cycle , execution. But in ways that sabotage the sale but scaring and/or alienating the buyer.

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How Much Time Will Our CRM System Take From Me?

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I’m working with an organization implementing it’s first CRM system. How much time should the be spending on the CRM system each day?” It’s one that I know concerns sales people and managers, but most don’t have the courage to ask. They think of using CRM as another task piled onto already packed, often unrealistic agendas. With CRM, it will take the same time, except you will be using the tools embedded in the CRM system to help do this.

The Pipeline ? Shrink Your Way To Success

The Pipeline

The Pipeline Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.s Stored in Attitude , Business Acumen , EDGE Sales Process , Metrics , Productivity , Sales Success , Territory Alignment , execution. They say you can’t shrink your way to success, but perhaps there are situations in sales where you can. By shrinking your territories, strategically where it make sense. logically shrink territories. Not all sales people have the same skills. Sales 2.0.

The Pipeline ? Retarded Sales Behavior and The Reasons We.

The Pipeline

The Pipeline Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.s Retarded Sales Behavior and The Reasons We Under-Perform. Stored in Attitude , EDGE Selling , Guest Post , Proactivity , Sales Strategy , Sales Tool , execution. We’ve become a generation of retarded under-performing sales semi-professionals. Instead of being thought-leaders we’ve become frenetic, selfish territory managers. Trading one Mickey Mouse sales idea for the next. The Irreverent Sales Girl.

I Don’t Want Your Stinkin’ CRM System

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I allow myself to get sucked into discussions about CRM systems. Basically the arguments are sales people versus management. The sales people are using all the classic arguments—”it wastes my time and diverts me from selling activities,” “it doesn’t help me sell more,” “it’s management’s way of micromanaging me,” “all I do is spend endless hours doing reports, I’m supposed to sell!”

1 Key SaaS Sales Metric to Fine-Tune Sales Productivity


Sales is the Growth Engine. Sales is the engine driving SaaS company value. Top and bottom line performance are totally dependent on the sales organization and its performance. And sales expense is typically the largest expense item on a growth SaaS company’s income statement. When scaling the business, sales typically averages roughly 30% of revenue, so therefore sales spend is one of the biggest investments a company can make.

Choosing the best CRM for sales [Insider’s guide]


“I remember the first time I got my own CRM for sales, nearly 10 years ago” recounts author and sales coach Adam Metz. ” There are two main reasons sales CRM adoption fails for sales teams trying to increase their performance. But first let me get the basics out of the way to get everyone up to speed on the terminology and what a sales CRM is. Jump ahead to: What is a sales CRM and why use it? Sales leads.

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Three Keys to Success in Sales: A BDR Perspective


My transition into a BDR role at InsightSquared came shortly after spending my first few post-grad years gaining experience in a highly transactional, customer-facing sales role. A career in sales isn’t for everyone, though. A robust sales tech stack–in the sense that it’s built to enable efficiencies across the team. Sales is all about goals. For example, have I absolutely butchered a pitch reaching out to one of the hottest prospects in my territory?

The top 9 sales management software tools of 2020


Sales managers are responsible for growing revenue. The right sales management software helps managers achieve all of these goals, from the daily tasks to the big picture. What is sales management software? In other words, it helps sales leaders manage, not micro -manage.)