Oracle Taught Me Customer Service Can Help Align Sales and Marketing

Jeff Davis

It was such a pleasure being invited to attend Oracle's Modern CX conference this past week as a marketing influencer. I was really interested in understanding how the principles of customer service (CX) could be applied to helping B2B organizations align Sales and Marketing. Thank you Oracle for such an outstanding conference and opportunity to connect with passionate CX professionals.

The True Value of Exceptional Customer Service & “Moments of Truth”

Jonathan Farrington

But today I want to discuss one of my most favorit topics – customer retention – because believe me, it is set to become the differentiator between success and failure for most commercial organizations. Isn’t it a shame that sometimes the customer, who you worked so hard to win, cancels the order during the initial stages because someone somewhere has let them down? So what is the value of good customer service?


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Five Ways Live Chat Can Increase Sales

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Tony Medrano Discovering how to efficiently locate, convert, up-sell and retain top customers are critical success metrics for any growing company. The best customers make four times as many purchases (Source). The challenge before them is finding, converting and retaining these top customers in this new environment. The answer is in making the experience for the customer pain free while, at the same time, providing individualized attention.

Get Clear On Your Vision, Get Clear On Your Sales

Sales and Marketing Management

But you’ll still need to ensure that the vision makes sense to your colleagues, customers and prospects if you are to succeed in spreading confidence, boosting revenue and inspiring growth. This includes everyone involved in pre-sales, customer service and sales. A shared vision, bridging any communications gap between sales and marketing, will provide a mutual benefit and will prevent silos, improve customer experience and provide clearer opportunities for revenue.

What is Sales Forecasting? Why it Matters + 11 Tools to Consider

Sales Hacker

They offer a cloud-based CRM app that lets you forecast, track leads, and integrate with your marketing and services data. Oracle CX Sales. Oracle CX Sales is part of the Oracle Cloud CX suite and is a complete CRM solution.

Meet the Spiff Team: Chapter Three

The Spiff Blog

Raphael brings over 25 years of experience in Enterprise Financial Applications & SaaS working with leading software companies such as PeopleSoft/Oracle, Microsoft, Workday, FinancialForce and more recently as the Chief Product Officer at Tradeshift.

Solving the CRM Problem

Understanding the Sales Force

CRM is too difficult to customize. OK, so that wasn't just a few but you get the idea.Yesterday I spent 90 minutes on a conference call with a client (the president, IT guy, and 2 sales leaders) and their CRM provider (salesperson, regional sales manager and technical specialist) as they attempted to customize the application so that it would follow the sales process I developed for them, and provide an accurate forecast.

CRM 184

Top 10 Best Enterprise CRM solutions for 2021

Sales Hacker

Here are just a few features that are specific to enterprise-level CRMs: Custom objects. You shouldn’t need constant support or admin work to figure out how to use the platform or make simple customizations. Use custom objects to create complex reports. Oracle NetSuite CRM.

The Not-So-Fab Four

Sales and Marketing Management

Each requires a sales process, marketing and excellent customer service. Virtual reality, along with mass customization and 3D printing (weren’t we all supposed to be 3D printing our own shoes at home by now?) Galloway: At the core of every successful firm is a great product/service. The most successful B2B companies, whether its Microsoft or Oracle, have made big investments in the way they connect with consumers and vice versa.

The Evolution of CRM (And Where it’s Going) in the Future

Sales Hacker

Here’s a closer a look at the evolution of customer relationship management and where it’s headed. It’s not a bad thing, but you won’t see hundreds of customers lining up outside at 4:00 am to wait for the next big product release from some IT cloud storage company. That is why keeping track of customers could spell the difference between a closed sale and a lost opportunity. Neglecting your customers and ignoring their journey could easily sink your brand.

CRM 72

The 25 Sales Leaders You Should Get to Know in 2020


Abel’s wealth of knowledge in the software as a service space is demonstrated by not only his success at G2, but his previous work; he founded and led BigMachines, a leading SaaS CPQ company, to its acquisition by Oracle in 2013 for over $400 million.

What is Customer Success — A Smart & Actionable Guide

Sales Hacker

What is Customer Success and why do you need it? Gain a new customer, you increase revenue. What happens when you lose more customers than you gain? It may happen sooner or later, but failure is the only prospect a business faces when customer loyalty plunges. It was in this context that the field of Customer Success (CS) emerged in the final years of the 20th century. Guide overview: What is Customer Success? Why do you need Customer Success?

Churn 57

A Comprehensive Overview of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)


If you want to create a quality product and provide an outstanding customer experience, your business processes should be fine-tuned so every step, from manufacturing to delivery, is well-executed. Streamlined processes that improve the overall customer experience.

Appointment Setting Companies


Appointment Setting Services. Location: Austin, TX Website: [link] Company Overview: Based out of Austin, TX, EBQ offers appointment setting and lead generation services. In addition to appointment setting, EBQ provides full service sales and marketing outsourcing. You can outsource your entire sales, marketing, or customer service department to EBQ. They offer many different appointment setting services and have four locations throughout the US.

The 54 Sales Leaders You Should Get to Know in 2020


Why Meka should be on your radar: Meka Asonye is vice president of sales at Mixpanel, where he leads the company’s global sales and professional services teams. VP of Customer Success at Platterz. Kustomer is an omnichannel SaaS platform specializing in customer service.

The Networking Season is Back Again


This event offers expert insights and networking opportunities for increasing brand awareness, improving customer service and trending digital tools and technologies. This is a great event to do some hands-on networking with over 5000 customer success professionals. The presenters include sales and marketing professionals, chief customer officers, consultants, CEOs and VPs of companies such as MindTouch, VMware, Microsoft, Work-Bench and more.

32 Omnichannel Technology Tools to Sell Anywhere, All the Time

Sales Hacker

Three-fourths of customers report using multiple channels throughout their shopping journey. With these solutions in place, you’ll be able to seamlessly take customers from the research phase to final purchase. Before you get started on your search, it’s important to understand how customers shop. As a shopper, you’re at the familiarity stage as you seek to learn more about the technology you need to win customers. Customer Interactions. Self-Service.

Tools 56

Top sales blogs all sales managers need to follow


Adaptive Business Services focuses on B2B selling, primarily outbound, and that includes weaving social selling strategies and techniques into traditional selling methodologies.

5 Ways a Time-Aware CX Platform Can Save You Time [and Money!]


The time-aware CX platform is an innovative approach to tracking, analyzing, and engineering great customer experiences. Accurately assess team performance and compliance with customer needs. Be responsive to, and genuinely knowledgeable about, customer issues as fast as possible.

Who Is The Customer?

Partners in Excellence

Aren’t customers the people that buy our stuff? But clearly identifying the customer is critical in focusing our sales and marketing where we have the greatest insights, where we have the greatest impact, and where we get the greatest return on our investment in time and resources. Doing this focuses us on the customer where we create the greatest value. We become sought after by those customers, we become partners to those customers.

Getting Started with Salesforce? Avoid These 8 Common Misconceptions

Contact Monkey

It gives you a better understanding of your customers — and that understanding allows you to tell the story of your business in a more compelling way. Salesforce was the very first SaaS CRM option when it was founded back in 1999 by a former executive from Oracle. Over time, Salesforce has expanded its services dramatically, adding a ton of brand new features. But it’s expanded dramatically to include everything from sales to marketing and customer support.

40+ of the World’s Best Sales Training Programs to Get Your Team Into Shape

Sales Hacker

The company’s products and services align with these audiences. For sales reps, Advantage provides learning experiences for every role — on diverse topics such as sales negotiation, customer empathy, task prioritization, emotional intelligence , and B2B sales acceleration. With customers gaining control of the sales process, salespeople need to adapt and grow opportunities through empathy and authenticity. Building Customer Equity. Customer Success Teams.

11 Insanely Effective SaaS Sales Secrets Right From The Salesforce Playbook

Obsess over Customer Service. Partner Data with a Solid Customer Relationship. Bonus SaaS Sales Tips: Improve Customer Interactions with the LVI Process. SaaS sales, or “Software as a Service” sales, is the process of offering cloud-based services through a system monitored and updated by an external provider to customers. Obsess over Customer Service. Customers should never be taken for granted.

How Much Does Salesforce Actually Cost in 2018? A Behind-the-Scenes Breakdown

Contact Monkey

For those who’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, Salesforce markets itself as a leading “business command centre in the form of a customer relationship platform.” Salesforce is universally lauded for its customization.

170+ Women in Sales Share Their Career-Defining Aha Moment

Sales Hacker

The best products, services, and ideas are nothing without a way to turn them into currency, and sellers are a big part of making commerce happen. I realized, though, that if I couldn’t be who I am and do what I KNEW was right by my customer, I had to go.

Oracle 109

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Tips for Each Generation

Hubspot Sales

A study by Oracle NetSuite, Wakefield Research, and The Retail Doctor found that just 27% of Boomers found the current brick and mortar retail environment inviting. While Visa estimates that roughly 40% of credit spending for its customers aged 60-69 is conducted online — only 0.3%

Best Sales Blogs: The Ultimate List of 55+ (Recently Updated!)

Lead Fuze

The Gist: WoodPecker has a “ mission is to enable all B2B companies to connect with their ideal customers. This huge blog site yields contributions on a massive list of topics including Sales, Marketing, Customer service, IT and Small Business. Adaptive Business Services.

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Is there real business value behind the hype of SOA?

The ROI Guy

Introduce Service Oriented Architecture, or SOA, with promises to change the way that IT and business work together, creating a services-centric application and IT infrastructure. At the core of SOA is an understanding by all stakeholders of specific business process steps in order that the services be aligned and applied to automate these steps, and providing an infrastructure that is virtualized – assembled flexibly to support changing business demands, growth and innovation.

ROI 40