The Economic Collision of Customer Service and Social Media

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The customer has evolved from being King or Queen to being an Internet socially connected King or Queen. No longer must he or she hang on for minutes to speak to your customer service department.

Customer Service Makes Sales Amazing


Exceptional salespeople recognize that they have dependencies and that their success depends on the performance of others in the delivery chain, particularly customer service. But in my experience engaging the frontline service team as a regular source of customer and market information doesn’t occur often enough and is not seen as a particularly high sales priority. Customer communications. Are customer’s tweets paid attention to?

How To Boost Client Retention – Without Customer Service or Account Reps

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Author: Ajay Gupta It’s well-known that keeping customers is much more cost-effective and profitable than securing new clients. Harvard Business Review estimated that customer acquisition is 5 to 25 times as expensive as customer retention. What’s more, a Bain & Company study found that increasing customer retention rates by a mere 5% boosts profits by 25% to 95%. Put your whole team in a customer-facing role.

9 Can’t-Miss Customer Service Conferences in 2019


Instead of just reading the next best-selling book or checking out another “latest trends” report, customer service conferences provide an unparalleled opportunity to learn exclusive and valuable knowledge. We want to help your team deliver the best customer service possible—so to help you plan out your year, we put together a list of conferences that we’re looking forward to attending. SOCAP Customer Care Summit. Smart Customer Service.

In the Race to Win More Customers, Sales Needs Digital Transformation

to do more, customers demand that you know more, and. personalized customer engagement and methods to utilize the. were HR, sales, customer service, finance/accounting, IT, and. In a recent study by 451 Research, 31% of. Administrative tasks, service.

5 Ways to Build a Healthy Customer Service Team


With more than 500,000 members, it’s important that everything Thrive Market does is curated with care, and customer service is no exception. We sat down with some Thrive Market teammates to find out how they’ve built a healthy customer service that is designed to win.

2019 Selling Challenges Study


Richardson’s 2019 Selling Challenges Study research reveals a panoramic view of the changes confronting sales professionals today. With hundreds of responses, we’ve captured timely insights into how 2019 will unfold and how to address emerging challenges.

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Think Like a Sales Rep. Act Like a Marketer. React Like Customer Service.

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They do their own research via Google, blog posts, and customer reviews. The new breed of salesperson will think like a rep, act like a marketer, and react like customer service. In a personality study of 1,000 salespeople, a few traits stood out as being predictive of who would be the the most successful at the job. Where marketers have their act down in comparison to lagging sales teams is with the human side of turning a prospect into a customer.

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20.5 Attitude Gems For You To Read And Study | Jeffrey Gitomer.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Attitude Gems For You To Read And Study. Customer Loyalty. Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless. Store. Online Training. See Jeffrey Live! Hire Jeffrey. Who is Jeffrey? Contact. Gitomer | November 15, 2011 | Leave a Comment.

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Viva Customer Service! 3 Takeaways from ICMI’s CC Demo


Instead of leaving customer service success up to the roll of a dice, contact center leaders from across the country met for three days to discuss industry trends, consider upcoming challenges, and learn about the latest technology solutions. While it may be tempting to skimp on new-hire training altogether, studies show that training programs can decrease time to productivity by 50% and increase confidence by as much as 80%. The post Viva Customer Service!

Customer Service Training: How Teams Assess their Efforts


So, how do high-performing customer service teams listen to their people, identify successes and challenges, and accurately assess their team’s training needs? The post Customer Service Training: How Teams Assess their Efforts appeared first on Lessonly.

Research: Align Your Customer Service, Marketing, and Sales Teams to Drive Revenue

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Today, customer experience dictates how successful a company will be in the long-term. That’s why it’s key that your salespeople use a customer-focused, consultative selling process with every prospect and customer they interact with.

Listen, Excellent Customer Service is going to become THE Differentiator

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Customer care is set to become one of the most important issues facing businesses in every market – fact! Customer care programs come under a number of titles – customer services; customer satisfaction; customer focus; customer orientated etc.

Content is King – But Only the Right Content | Sales Strategies

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Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me that a recent study from Curata shows that 71% of companies are investing in content for their marketing and sales … Read More » Sales Tips Colleen Francis content Content Creation customer driven content Customer Service customers Engage Selling Solutions optimizing sales sales sales content Sales Goals Sales Lessons sales success??????????You know and I know that content is king when it comes to B2B selling.

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Your Passion Helps Decide Your Success

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If you want to be successful, your customer needs to see, feel and hear your passion when it comes to assisting them. I have yet to see a study that accurately shows how much passion can impact sales, but what I’ve found is salespeople who are passionate simply close more sales.

How Facebook Ads Can Boost Your Sales

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It is an incredible venue to tap an insane number of potential customers. A well-placed and well-executed ad can boost your traffic and turn targeted visitors into potential customers.

4 Ways Personalization Affects B2B Lead Generation

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With the rise of inbound marketing, the marketing landscape has shifted from product or service-centric style to a customer-centric perspective. The goal is for them to become loyal customers. One way to ensure a good working relationship is to study your buyer persona.

Do You Pause to Consider Unique Ideas?

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Studying the wisdom of thought leaders in the field opened my eyes wide. Business Development Sales brand business development career client communication customer service elinor stutz employee entrepreneur job leadership marketing-communication mindset motivation prospect Relationship Selling sales Smooth Sale Smooth Sale blog smoothsale blog smoothsaleblog

Don’t Care What Happens After the Sale? That’s Your First Mistake

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They don’t care about your vision or data, they want to hear what your customers have to say. They’re not waiting for you to share carefully crafted case studies. The same respondents were also more likely to make additional purchases if the company provided excellent customer service.

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How to Increase Customer Retention, Lifetime Value and Reduce Your Cost Per Sale

Keith Rosen

If delivering exemplary customer service is a cornerstone to building your business, revenue, referrals and client retention, then why do most companies invest more time on customer acquisition instead of retention, fail at meeting customer expectations and ultimately lose business to competitors?

Do You Use Ordinary Measures For Extraordinary Results?

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Many studies show that money is not the primary factor that makes employees show up to work. Some days show great results with more customers and numbers going higher while the other days yield no sign of progress. Upfront establish your goal for the day such as: New customers.

Sales rep for a day: Aligning sales, marketing, and support

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Marketing and customer support are specific departments that benefit the most from understanding the sales process. Both act as the “face” of your company and are important touch points for the customer. Thus, vital customer communication falls through the cracks and creates a disconnect in the customer journey. It allows the marketers and customer service reps to hear prospects’ questions and concerns. Stronger understanding of the customer.

Do You Want to Know How a Movie Changed the History of CRM?

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This dissatisfaction stemmed from the product he was working with – Customer Relationship Management (CRM). And studies show that CRM is an important investment. In fact, when our customers use Spiro, they see: They were able to speak with 47% more prospects per week.

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How to Use LevelEleven for Customer Success & Support Teams


Q & A with LevelEleven Director of Customer Success, Ashley Ball. LevelEleven Director of Customer Success, Ashley Ball , has been in customer service for twelve years, four of which have been with LevelEleven. Is it providing a value study?

Do You Know How A Sales Funnel Will Build Your E-commerce Business?

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Physical products, consulting services, even trips to faraway places are ready for purchase. For a seller, and in particular, a first-timer who’s trying to get a business up and running, this massive amount of competing goods and services can be daunting lto navigate. Get customers.

Are You Forecasting Year-End Business?

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Study up on the nuances of what you sell. Abodo Riani, Serial Entrepreneur, Offers Discounted Services Empowering Entrepreneurs. Attract the Right Job or Clientele: While we want to enjoy summer thoroughly, year-end business is quickly approaching.

Do You Avoid the Grand Vision?

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Roger Davies is founder of McLuhan& Davies, a boutique communication-skills training company that sells its services in over 30 countries. The service: teaching people how to write more effectively. Services for En trepreneurs.

Humans vs Bots: the Battle Royal


In fact, one of our customers asked me just that yesterday. Do people (and, most importantly, customers) expect to find a Chatbot on the other side of the screen instead of a real human? Unfortunately, Chatbots cannot fake human-based customer service (yet).

Social Learning—Scaling a Blended Learning Management Software


Studied most famously by Albert Bandura, social learning is the idea that we learn most effectively watching the behavior that is being modeled by those around us. Articles Customer Service Do Better Work L & D sales

This is What Learning Solutions Look Like for Modern eLearning Software


Responsive design allows for a learner who thrives in the comfort of their own home to curl up on the couch with an iPad and get some studying done—if that’s the environment best fit for them to learn. Articles Customer Service L & D sales

Book Review: The Challenger Sale | Sales Motivation and Sales.

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I recently read The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson. In the book, the authors reveal the findings from their extensive studies regarding the sales process. We’ve all been led to believe the way you develop sales is by developing strong relationships with your customers. Their study breaks salespeople into 5 distinct categories and one of them is “the challenger.” customer. About.

3 Ways Your Online Courses and eLearning Software Can be More Interactive


If certain key online courses are consistently getting lower test scores than you’d like, maybe another lesson is needed before that quiz to help employees study-up. Articles Customer Service L & D salesThis three-part series is all about maximizing your business’ elearning software. In Part 1 , we’ll chat about online courses, in Part 2 we’ll discuss the downfalls of powerpoints, and then we’ll conclude in Part 3 by talking more holistically about learning solutions.

EmployAbility Galway increases new hires by 87% since using OnePageCRM


Like many other recruitment services, the team at EmployAbility Galway knew they needed a better way to coordinate and build a process around employer interactions. EmployAbility Galway is an offshoot of mainstream recruitment services. Case study Featured Inside Sales SMB / SME

Hard for you to say you’re sorry?

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Author: Tim Riesterer Have you ever had a service problem with a customer and worried about the damage it could do to your relationship and long-term revenue prospects? On the flipside, have you ever put a recovery plan in place and ended up improving customer loyalty after the failure?

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Why Telemarketing Remains the Unsung Hero of Lead Generation

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She is the former Vice President of Telesales & Customer Service at Lotus Development, a subsidiary of IBM. In this position, her organization delivered $151 million in sales from corporate customers in addition to managing one million plus Customer Service inquiries.

How Sales Specialists Help Reach Your Customers

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Nowadays, however, there are so many touchpoints in the customer’s buying journey that a standard hunter/farmer sales approach simply isn’t going to cut it. Just consider the following: Customers are actively avoiding salespeople. Customers are harder to reach.

Your #1 Competitive Differentiator

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Most answers focus on specific features, functions, the company history, people, customer service, etc. It’s our customers and the results we drive for them. What our customers say is gold.

The Best Way to Apologize to Customers, Backed by Science

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The post The Best Way to Apologize to Customers, Backed by Science by Corporate Visions appeared first on Corporate Visions. No matter how you phrase it, apologizing to your customers for a service failure is never easy.

Change Your Sales Teams Bad Habits Before 2013

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42% is the average amount of time a sales person spends engaging with a customer. And what is the value I should receive by actually improving a sales person’s selling time in front of a customer? Complete a Time Study. This is critical to the success of the study. The study told us this customer needed to reprioritize time in several different areas: Internal Email. Customer Issue Resolution. 2 - Shift and Lift Non Customer Related Activities.

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Why Your Sales Teams Can’t Cross-sell


A CEB Gartner study completely contradicts what has been conventional wisdom in SaaS, that strong customer service is a critical part of a sales team’s ability to not just retain clients but grow and accelerate account revenue.