3 Tips To Ensure You’re Selling To The Decision Maker

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No, but maybe they are claiming to have more power than they really have in the decision-making process. Here are three tips to ensure you are selling to the person who has that authority: 1) Ask ‘How are decisions made when you are making decisions like this?’.

What to do When You Can’t Get a Meeting With the Decision Maker

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Everyone wants a piece of the "big cheese"… the "head-honcho," the "main man" or "main woman," or otherwise known as the decision maker. What makes it even more challenging, is that everyone else is trying to get face time with the same decision maker as you.

Identifying Sales Prospects: Gatekeepers, Influencers, and Decision Makers

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And, chances are, they’ll need to know someone other than the decision maker pretty well. In days of old, salespeople could call the C-suite, marketing could email them, and it was much easier to gain access to the decision maker. 1) The Gatekeeper.

Gatekeeper Best Practices

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Last week I was contacted by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals and asked if I would share my best practices for dealing with the gatekeeper. Do pass this on to others in your company who also may have problems navigating past the gatekeeper.

How To Get Past the Gatekeeper

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You make the call and boom, you’re blocked by the gatekeeper. First off, remember that the gatekeeper is only doing their joy by guarding the gate. This is why I don’t view them as a gatekeeper but rather as a door opener. We’ve all been there.

Gatekeepers : Six Things NOT to Do

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If you’re getting screened out by gatekeepers , then chances are you’re probably causing that screening. First, not all gatekeepers are the same. About 30% of the gatekeepers you get are closer to being assistants, or office managers, or influencers. 3: Pitching the gatekeeper.

Always Thank The Gatekeeper

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When I ask sales people what their biggest challenge is in getting to speak directly with decision makers they are targeting, and voice mail or gatekeepers are at the top of the list, (while call reluctance should be right there with the other two, they don’t usually volunteer that fact).

Gatekeepers are Not Decision Makers - Don't Pitch to Them

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Your job, believe it or not, is to get past the gatekeeper with as little interrogation as possible (and with as little pitching as possible), and connect with the decision maker. So, what to do? That is the person you want to give your brief pitch t

How to Identify Prospects: Decision Makers, Gate-keepers and Influencers


It is also about understanding the difference between decision makers, gate-keepers, and influencers. Decision Makers. Every organization has its fair share of people who promote themselves as having buying decisions, when in fact the final ratification comes further along the line. Getting intel on who genuinely makes the purchasing decisions in a company is the holy grail of prospecting, and sometimes means working with – or through – the other categories.

Pitching the Gatekeeper Won’t Get You to the DM

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One of the biggest mistakes I still hear sales reps making is pitching the gatekeeper or receptionist in hopes of them being so impressed that they will put them through to the Decision Maker (DM). Here’s what you need to know: The gatekeeper’s job is to route calls.

Learn How to Get the Gatekeeper on Your Side

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Getting past the gatekeeper shouldn’t be so daunting. Why is getting past the gatekeeper and finding qualified leads so challenging for salespeople? The dreaded gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper Is Not the Enemy. Are You Always Successful at Getting Past the Gatekeeper?

To Get Past More Gatekeepers, Just Get In The Gate

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The Gatekeeper; that secretary, receptionist or otherwise, frontline person whose job, it seems, is to make your life as a professional sales person, miserable. Yes, a good gatekeeper (GK) can indeed cause havoc and prevent you from getting to the decision maker (DM).

Dealing Successfully With Gatekeepers

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Every month, I get emails from my readers asking me how to deal with gatekeepers. They tell me the most frustrating part of prospecting is actually getting through to the decision maker. Don’t pitch the gatekeeper!

2 Serious Mistakes To Avoid In Prospecting

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Thing 1 – “Gatekeeper”. No one knows those players better than what many mistakenly call the ‘Gatekeeper’. Thing 2 – Decision Maker. It’s not about the maker, it’s about the decision. Hard for many Judeo-Christian sellers to just let go of the Maker.

3 Critical Things You Need To Know About Today’s Gatekeeper

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If you still view gatekeepers as annoying, low-level, annoying pawns whose mission in life is to do nothing but waste your time, cost you money and make your life miserable, then I have news for you. Telesales dealing with gatekeepers Gatekeeper screens getting past the gatekeeper

Avoid these 3 Mistakes when Dealing with the Gatekeeper

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Are you still getting screened out by the gatekeeper ? So, let’s dive in: 1) When the gatekeeper asks who is calling, don’t just give your name, and especially don’t just give your first name (hoping that the gatekeeper will think the decision maker knows you!).

One Great Tip For Getting Past A Tough Gatekeeper Screen

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If you are going to be successful in business-to-business sales, you must first learn to recognise a clever and sophisticated gatekeeper screen. Then you must learn how to negotiate the screen successfully to get through to the decision maker. The gatekeeper’s job is to block unwanted or unnecessary calls from reaching the decision maker (DM). To get pass more gatekeeper screens, sound like the opposite of the professional sales person.

Cold Calling: Stop Pitching the Gatekeeper

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He told me that some of them are struggling to get through to decision makers, and he thought it was because they were “pitching the gatekeeper.” Let’s recap the role of the receptionist/gatekeeper: The receptionist’s job is to answer calls and route them to the right person.

10 Ways to Get Past the Gatekeeper When Prospecting

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The number of roadblocks seems to grow more each day, and yet the task remains the same — to reach the decision maker. There are 10 ways to get past the gatekeeper that I highly recommend. One of the toughest prospecting challenges is simply getting connected to the right person. Plan to also join me […]. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting high-profit prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospecting

Why Sales Is Like a Taco

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The taco eventually gets mushy on the bottom and falls apart — much like a potential deal that spends too much time waiting to reach the decision-maker and gets by-passed by some other solution. I’m not sure where this metaphor came from.

#1 Way Account-Based Sales Reps Resolve the Gatekeeper Problem

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Stop trying to get around the gatekeeper. If account-based sales reps want to reach C-suite prospects, the secret is calling at night or on weekends, when their gatekeepers are off duty. Trying to get past the gatekeeper is a waste of time. Want to land and expand?

Stop Pitching the Gatekeeper – and What to Do Instead

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One of the biggest mistakes many inside sales reps make is pitching the gatekeeper. To start with, the gatekeeper is just that – someone whose job it is to screen salespeople from getting through to the decision maker. Again, they are gatekeepers – not decision makers.

10 Ways to Outmaneuver Gatekeepers

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You show your value by engaging with them in the exact same way as you would the decision maker. Several very good voicemails can go a long way to having the decision maker see it might be in their interest to not have the gatekeeper keep y

Tips for Getting In Touch With a Decision-Maker

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The first individual that a representative speaks to as part of a sales call may be one of the most difficult individuals to sell, as this person controls whether the salesperson will be able to get in touch with someone who is able to make a purchasing decision. Although I hesitate to call this person a gatekeeper, as it slightly dehumanizes them, it is still important to bypass this Learn More.

Getting Past the Gatekeeper: An Advanced Study

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One of our earliest blogs looked at dealing with gatekeepers, and there have been requests for more details and tips for how to handle the barrier to decision-makers, so we thought now would be the perfect time to revisit the topic. Here are some advanced strategies to consider. Keep in mind, however, there’s no absolute, by the numbers tactics – every situation is different. This is about tipping the percentages in your favor as much as possible.

The B2B Sales Rep’s Guide to Getting Past Gatekeepers


Sales reps often refer to receptionists, assistants, and phone operators as gatekeepers—and for good reason. These professionals have the job of screening calls, deciding what’s important, and ultimately, who gets through to their boss—the decision maker.

Confessions of a Gatekeeper

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As a call screener, my job is to protect the time of the decision maker that I work for – so I need to make sure I’m not passing through calls that are going to waste our executive’s time. Getting past the gatekeepers to talk with decision makers can

Taking ATS to New Levels: A Bullhorn & DiscoverOrg Partnership

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What this means for your staffing salespeople is no more dead end phone calls from run-ins with gatekeepers and no more “this number is no longer in service” messages because old contacts have moved on without your knowledge.

Don’t Do This in Getting Past the Gatekeeper


It read, “How to handle gatekeepers and reach decision-makers.”. Some of the very questionable advice offered was: Get around a gatekeeper by calling the company’s sales department or accounts department (or another location or division) and asking them to transfer you directly to your prospect. Tell the gatekeeper that your prospect is expecting your call when they aren’t. When talking to the gatekeeper, leave out your company name.

The Art Of How Not To Get To Any Decision Maker By Dan Adams

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For this reason I was very disappointed to read a newsletter written by a major international sales training firm entitled: “The Art Of How To Get To Any Decision Maker” I thought I would write about it this month in a newsletter that I will call: “The Art Of How Not To Get To Any Decision Maker” The author, president of a major international sales training company, offered claims and advice to get past any gatekeeper/assistant.

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Include decision-makers in email for better response rates. When we’re reaching out to an organization, we probably don’t know all the different buyers who will be influencing the decision regarding our sale. Find the decision-makers that affect your sale.

This Is Why Your Lead Generation Process Isn’t Working

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Yet, nearly 80 percent say they don’t always get past the gatekeeper. Why can’t they get past the gatekeeper? Breeze Past the Gatekeeper with Referral Sales. Of course, reaching the right person at the right level typically means there’s a gatekeeper looming.

People Love To Buy, But Hate To Be Sold

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You maintained an excellent prospecting track and qualified the decision maker. You got through a tough gatekeeper screen, set a good appointment and sealed it with cement. [[ This is a content summary only. You did everything right. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. uncategorized

Put Your Mind To It and Breeze Past the Gatekeeper

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Does it sometimes feel like you could get through to your congressman, a movie star, or even President Obama, more easily than you could speak to your target decision maker? To effectively get through to the people with whom you wish to speak, you mu

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Do you want to be confident when speaking with gatekeepers and decision makers? Want to get your team excited about selling again? Would you like to be motivated to pick up the phone instead of sending yet another email?

Reps Not Closing? Pay Attention to Your Sales Pipeline

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Salespeople say meeting with decision-makers is important, but the OMG research shows that only 10 percent of salespeople are actually reaching decision-makers. I jumped on this research, because I know how reps reach decision-makers.

10 Ways To Prepare For Your First Cold Call

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Is it an appointment for yourself or someone else in your team with a decision-maker ? 7) Plan for what to say if you meet a gatekeeper. A gatekeeper’s role is to ensure the decision-maker’s time isn’t wasted on calls of little or no value.

Why Customers Hate Small Talk

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So, how do you sell what you offer to a decision-maker? First, make sure the person you are trying to sell is the decision-maker. Second, you need to find out what makes the decision-maker tick. You like people and enjoy sales.

Top Ten Characteristics of Top Sales Producers (Part Eight)

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In Top Characteristic Part Eight, we’re going back to cold calling and qualifying to reveal an important skill all top producers possess: Top Characteristic Part Eight: Treat all gatekeepers with courtesy and respect. Gatekeeper: “Can I tell him who’s calling?”. Gatekeeper: “Bob who?”.

3 Words to Ditch To Improve Your Sales – Sales eXecution 304

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So here we go: Gatekeeper – Talk about starting off on the wrong foot. Sadly, many of the people that sellers refer to as gatekeepers, can actually be helpful in moving your agenda forward. Decision makers want to deal with decisive people, hoping is not an attitude that conveys that.