Medical device sales – the sales process is changing

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However, all isn’t rosy; the medical device industry faces several issues – pricing concerns, health care reform, reimbursement pressures, and increasingly regulations. Changing decision-makers – Although once often the sole decision-maker, the power of physicians is eroding.

Medical device sales – translating clinical value into economic value

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This means that people, other than physicians, increasingly are become pivotal players in the decision-making process. So medical device sales people are calling on new decision-makers and influencers who have different purchasing criteria.

Seven fundamentals for selling to physicians

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Patient care is still the first priority. There are multiple decision makers in the practice. As a result, even if a key decision maker has a strong preference, their colleagues will likely be strong influencers in any decision. Medical device sales.

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Shifting decision-makers, rising number of new influencers, pricing pressures, increasing consolidation, and consumerizing healthcare will require MedTech salespeople to redefine their sales strategies to continue growing the business.

Inside Sales Power Tip 100 – Personalize

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You know the type of call: “Hello, Lori, I was looking for the person who makes decisions on annual sales off-sites and other company-wide meetings” True call. Do you get cold calls, e-mails, tweets, and LinkedIn messages from people trying to sell you things?

Five best practices for networking in b2b sales – A STC Classic

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In major accounts many players are involved in the decision. A few are key decision makers. Others are influencers. The buying processes in many companies are going through significant changes – and in some industries, like health care, the changes are transformational.