Selling medical devices that are evolutionary not revolutionary

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This combination of trends is especially true in those portions of the medical device market that generate the largest profits: CRM devices, cardiology, spine-related devices, and orthopedics devices. Selling medical devices.

Medical device sales – the sales process is changing

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being the largest market. . However, all isn’t rosy; the medical device industry faces several issues – pricing concerns, health care reform, reimbursement pressures, and increasingly regulations. Health care reforms in the U.S. Medical device sales.

Medical device sales – translating clinical value into economic value

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The first question is whether Ishrak’s comments would resonate with most VP of Sales in the medical sales market? This means that people, other than physicians, increasingly are become pivotal players in the decision-making process.

Seven fundamentals for selling to physicians

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On the other hand, there are some basic best practices for selling in the medical device market that have been and will continue to be important. Patient care is still the first priority. There are multiple decision makers in the practice. Medical device sales.

Drive sales innovation by bottom up entrepreneurialism

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Many markets are undergoing a transformational change where the customer is demanding salespeople bring innovative thinking and new insights. In markets like this one, the higher up in the organization, the truer this proposition. Drive sales innovation.

Inside Sales Power Tip 100 – Personalize

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You know the type of call: “Hello, Lori, I was looking for the person who makes decisions on annual sales off-sites and other company-wide meetings” True call. Do you get cold calls, e-mails, tweets, and LinkedIn messages from people trying to sell you things?