3 Tips To Ensure You’re Selling To The Decision Maker

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No, but maybe they are claiming to have more power than they really have in the decision-making process. Here are three tips to ensure you are selling to the person who has that authority: 1) Ask ‘How are decisions made when you are making decisions like this?’.

Decision Makers Want To Deal With Decisive People

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The answer I get is “the decision maker”. Now I have used a lot of different directories and databases, and they all give a title, not role in decision. But let’s say they did, the real question is what happens when you speak to that decision maker.

Value Helps Sellers Reach Decision Makers

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The number of people at your prospect company who are involved in a decision to buy your products and services has increased and often can be 4-7 company representatives. Can’t all of this information reside together?

Think You Know Your Prospects? 3 Steps to Closing Business With the Right Decision-Maker

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Who’s the right decision-maker now? Sellers need clean, integrated, structured, real-time data and insights to inform the right conversations. While you should certainly be concerned about bad information in your database, you should also think about what’s missing.

How Can I Get Access to the Real Decision Makers?

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Selling in the information age can be challenging. Today buyers have the ability to access information on their own. 20 years ago buyers were dependent on sales representatives. The representative was the main source for providing product insights and education.

Why Business Decision Makers tune out Left Brain Thinkers

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That is why business decision makers turn off and tune out presentations and communications from the left brain thinkers in your organization. When business decision makers tune out these talented professionals, their actions negatively impact workforce productivity and profitability in your organization. Business decision makers tune out left brain thinkers because of their style and professional assumptions.

Why Technical Decision Makers remain Skeptical of You

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Technical decision makers are skeptical by nature. Technical decision makers are just as skeptical with each other as they are with the sales, marketing and non-technical types reading this article. Let’s chat, shall we?

4 Tips for Selling to Multiple Decision Makers

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Selling to multiple decision makers is a universal challenge for sales professionals. Often times, it isn’t just the number of decision makers, it’s the inability to get all decision makers in the same place at the same time to explore, discuss or to hear our sales presentation. As a result, we may have individuals involved in the purchase decision with whom we have had no direct contact. Effectively Selling to Multiple Decision Makers.

Identifying Sales Prospects: Gatekeepers, Influencers, and Decision Makers

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And, chances are, they’ll need to know someone other than the decision maker pretty well. In days of old, salespeople could call the C-suite, marketing could email them, and it was much easier to gain access to the decision maker. The Influencer vs. the Decision Maker.

Use a Prospect’s Salespeople to Introduce You to the Decision Maker

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Many times the best way to reach a decision maker is by leveraging a salesperson in the decision maker’s own company. The most logical is to use it anytime you encounter an obstacle or are merely looking for more information.

The Brain Is a Lazy Decision Maker

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Teaser: There's a good chance that your prospects need significantly less information to make a decision than you or they think they do. There's a good chance that your prospects need significantly less information to make a decision than you or they think they do. Issue Date: 2014-03-01. Author: Tim Riesterer. read more

More Information ? Better Informed

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Second, that there is a whole lot more information available to buyers than ever before; according to these oracles of sales, a customer can access some “20 times more data about you and your competitors than they could 5 years ago”.

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How to Identify Prospects: Decision Makers, Gate-keepers and Influencers


It is also about understanding the difference between decision makers, gate-keepers, and influencers. Decision Makers. Every organization has its fair share of people who promote themselves as having buying decisions, when in fact the final ratification comes further along the line. Getting intel on who genuinely makes the purchasing decisions in a company is the holy grail of prospecting, and sometimes means working with – or through – the other categories.

7 Sales Demo Tips for Selling Software

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Who are the relevant decision-makers at their company? Although you already have some information about the company, and hopefully your prospect, the initial discovery process should uncover your prospect’s motivation for getting on the phone with you in the first place.

Sales Tips: 4 Qualifications for Earning Senior Decision Maker Face Time

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Sales Tips: 4 Qualifications for Earning Senior Decision Maker Face Time. Here’s a question: Is the value proposition we want to deliver to our customer’s Senior Decision Makers (SDMs), e.g., buyers at the C-level, different than the one we would deliver to other lower-level managers?

3 Ways NOT to Sell B2B [NEW REPORT]

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With technology taking on the role of Information Provider , the role of the B2B salesperson must become a Customizer of Experience. Buyers don’t just seek information to aid a strategic decision; they amass information that helps them justify their preconceived ideas of strategic value. Spoiler alert: The statistics you’re about to read are not very encouraging.

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Why Technical Decision Makers tune out Right Brain Professionals

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Any right brain professionals who have conversations with technical decision makers know one thing. These decision makers are skeptical: of everyone and about every presentation and conversation.

Direct Dials: More than Meets the Eye

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And I’m here to tell you, there’s a lot more to this piece of contact information than meets the eye. A lot of people don’t dig very deep into the possibilities of direct contact information – but in today’s whiteboard session, you’ll see the real impact on your sales team.

How to Build a Prospect Insight Report Your Entire Team Can Use for ABM and Sales Engagement

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An account-based approach to sales requires that the message, positioning, and all engagement activity have a shared understanding of what’s in the customer decision-makers’ minds. In essence, it’s taking the universe, or mountain of available information and packaging it into a concise, comprehensible summary that will unite your entire team toward a focused, effective sales campaign. And what information should make the final cut?

Pitch Perfect: Selling into Human Resources (HR)

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How can a salesperson get the attention of decision-makers in the HR department? What’s the scope of responsibility for an HR decision-maker? PRO TIP : Remember, HR leaders view purchase decisions through the lens of their customers – the employee.

[STUDY] What Do B2B Buyers Want?

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Ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores spend millions of dollars influencing B2C buying behavior: indirect lighting, relaxing music, mirrors, and a host of other factors all affect a customer’s purchase decision. B2B buyers are not immune to such influence, either – but much less research has been conducted on the influence on B2B buyers and purchase decisions. learn how different company departments and vertical industries make buying decisions.

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Gender in Senior Management: F1000 Diversity Creeps Up From 2016 to 2019

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Chief Information Officer. Losses in female representation in the c-suite include Chief Technology Officer (-62%), Chief Information Officer (-38%), Chief Marketing Officer (-19%), and Chief Revenue Officer (-15%). Information Technology.

3 Notable Women CIOs Transforming their IT Departments

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Interim Chief Information Officer – Los Angeles World Airports. Some Projects Aura and her team have been working on: Working with Ross & Baruzzini on several IT, communications, and information security projects. Chief Information Officer – Fulton County Schools.

How to Use Executive Leadership Changes to Time Sales Outreach

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A DiscoverOrg study revealed that 71% of newly-hired or recently promoted decision-makers lead 3+ initiatives within their first 3 months in a new position. And very few salespeople take advantage of this information!

BEYOND IT: The Breadth of DiscoverOrg’s Sales & Marketing Intelligence

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Back when DiscoverOrg was founded in 2007, our goal was to provide sales and marketing professionals with accurate intelligence on IT decision-makers. Why did our co-founders Henry and Kirk pick Information Technology? More Than Just Information Technology Contact Data.

[STUDY] Bridging the Great B2B Vendor-Buyer Divide

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Mastering the soft skills – building rapport with skeptics, understanding how people process and interpret information, and framing your ideas within a buyer’s personal desires – is what ultimately makes someone influential. Therefore, when salespeople meet with buyers, it’s best to provide a wealth of information, while being very judicious with time. In a perfect world , the B2B buyer-vendor relationship is mutually beneficial – and most of the time, it is.

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The Evolving Risks and Roles of CISOs in 2016

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Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are charged with more responsibility than ever before: Maintaining the enterprise vision, while ensuring technology assets are protected. Many issues that Chief Information Security Officers faced in 2015 will carry into 2016.

IT Staffing Approved Vendor Lists: 4 Things to Remember

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What’s going to convince decision makers to award you a spot on the preferred vendor list is the relationship you have with your contact or contacts. Make Connections with the Right Decision Makers.

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Stitching Intent Data into Your Sales Strategy

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Couple that with SiriusDecisions’ finding that 67% of a purchase decision is made digitally – not by engaging with a salesperson, but by actually doing research on their own time. She’s a stakeholder, and she certainly has the power to influence my purchase decision.

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What Tech Spending Trends in 2017 Predict for 2018

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Note the difference between data security and information security.). Information security. In 2016, on average, 56% of companies across industries were investing in general information security, while the 2017 that average dropped to 46%. In addition, the percent of companies investing in information security dropped significantly year over year. While we don’t have a crystal ball to see what changes the new year will bring, we have something just as good: Data.

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Why Sales Is Like a Taco

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The taco eventually gets mushy on the bottom and falls apart — much like a potential deal that spends too much time waiting to reach the decision-maker and gets by-passed by some other solution. I’m not sure where this metaphor came from.

Which of Your CIO Prospects Makes the Most Money?

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Unfortunately, while CEOs’ and CFOs’ salaries are almost always disclosed by Fortune 500 companies, a majority do not share this information for their CIOs. Our research experts maintain the most reliably accurate database of IT intelligence available – including CIO information.

Matt, Kyle, and the Less-Traveled Road to Customer Retention

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The CSM introduces the CDR at the beginning of the relationship, so the customer knows they have more than one point of contact with the same information. Some know this time of year as holiday season. Sales professionals know it better as renewal season.

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Inside Scoop: Learning from Equifax – How Sales Can Act on (and Anticipate) a Data Breach

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Having such sensitive information in the hands of hackers is a terrifying thought, but what makes it worse is that it could have easily been prevented. With the right information in-hand, savvy sales pros and marketers might have seen it coming. But keen sales and marketers can use Scoops to spot patterns that inform the timing of their pitch. Each Scoop contains an important piece of information, including: Decision-maker moves.

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A Winning Game Plan for Writing Cold Prospecting Emails That Sell

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With this accurate data, your team can get in front of the the decision makers who drive open reqs, before they post on job boards. Opportunity data helps inform the timing for sales outreach. In this case, I cross-checked Salesforce to see that my prospect, Matt, was involved with the purchasing decisions at his previous companies. Your former sales teams used our data to get ahold of the decision makers in their target accounts.

A 10-Step Plan for Global Account-Based Sales Development

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Perhaps the hardest decision in a global account campaign is to determine the scope. Find and manage information. For the Novartis case, the dataset for TEDD (Technology, Engineering, Design, and Development) would get you org charts as well as names, titles, bios, and verified, direct contact information. Data integrity and managing information.

The Power of Sales Intelligence #2: Creating an Ideal Customer Profile

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In this the step, decision makers that fit the ICP are identified. With little data available for meaningful targeting, inaccurate contact information, and lacking insight into needs or signals that might indicate propensity to buy. The decision maker and associated influencers.

Fast Track Your Sales with New Tools

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Information in the CXO Dataset allows organizations to identify overlapping responsibilities and connect with multiple high-level stakeholders to close an opportunity. The idea of supercharging your sales is nothing new.

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2 Serious Mistakes To Avoid In Prospecting

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Thing 2 – Decision Maker. It’s not about the maker, it’s about the decision. Hard for many Judeo-Christian sellers to just let go of the Maker. The answer is overwhelmingly “the decision maker”. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca .

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Selling to CIOs

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When DiscoverOrg hosted a Meet-Up event, “Overcoming Roadblocks When Selling Enterprise IT,” we expected insights into how successful sales people identify and access key decision makers at targeted accounts. If you are already working from DiscoverOrg’s powerful organizational charts and company profiles, you have the names and contact information of the CIOs and their direct reports. But how do you use this data to make an informed, relevant sales pitch?