Where Politics & Business Collide: Political Donations of B2B Decision Makers

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We’ve taken DiscoverOrg’s available data on political donations and matched it to the prospect’s job and seniority level for a unique way of looking at political affiliation among B2B decision-makers: Based on donations, do political affiliations vary by role and/or seniority level?

Decision Makers Want To Deal With Decisive People

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The answer I get is “the decision maker”. Now I have used a lot of different directories and databases, and they all give a title, not role in decision. But let’s say they did, the real question is what happens when you speak to that decision maker.

Why Technical Decision Makers remain Skeptical of You

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Technical decision makers are skeptical by nature. Technical decision makers are just as skeptical with each other as they are with the sales, marketing and non-technical types reading this article. Let’s chat, shall we?

Are You Qualifying Hard Enough? 3 Powerful Tips On Qualifying The Decision Maker Over The Telephone

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If you are still having problems with unqualified DMs (Decision Makers) when you show up, then perhaps you are not qualifying for the true DM on the telephone as strong as you think you are.

BEYOND IT: The Breadth of DiscoverOrg’s Sales & Marketing Intelligence

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Back when DiscoverOrg was founded in 2007, our goal was to provide sales and marketing professionals with accurate intelligence on IT decision-makers. According to Gartner, in 2007, spending on software rose 13% and overall IT spending grew 11% worldwide.

3 Notable Women CIOs Transforming their IT Departments

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IT Sales Strategies Top IT Leadership Changes B2B Insights B2B Sales Insights CIO Decision Makers IT Decision Maker IT Industry

[TEMPLATE] How to Start a Conversation Using the “Foot-in-the-Door” Email

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Problem was, the trip was a last-minute decision, which explains why we only had 2 weeks to book our meetings. A few examples of CTA’s you can use: If you sell b2b software…. “Hi Hi {{FirstName}}, I noticed that you’re using {{competing software tool}}. Email Marketing Outbound Selling Sales Strategies B2B Sales B2B Sales Insights cold email Decision Makers Outbound Sales Prospecting Sales Effectiveness sales strategies Sales Success Sales Tips

A CEO Mind-shift for Scaling Growth: An Interview with Henry Schuck

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Henry : Coupa software filed to go public this year. Charity: That’s sounds like a theme for DiscoverOrg: Data driving decisions. Data should drive decisions: It’s common sense, but not common practice. As a business grows, the role of the CEO changes.

Benefits of Territory Mapping Software


Sales territory mapping software offers more benefits than sales managers may realize. The perspective you get from territory mapping software gives way to previously unseen patterns and insights that just don’t populate through spreadsheets alone.

The Evolving Risks and Roles of CISOs in 2016

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Cloud security software. Some even report to higher-level executives and do not possess absolute decision-making discretion. For insight on CISO decision makers and their priorities, download DiscoverOrg’s CISO Contacts at Fortune 500 Companies.

PowerViews with Craig Rosenberg: Growth Hacks & Consumerized B2B Software


That’s a good start…that the VP of sales cares about what marketing’s doing and makes that part of their decision on whether they want to join a company.”. Concluding Thoughts: Consumerized B2B Software & the Resurgence of Field Sales.

The 8 Buying Considerations CRM Vendors Don’t Want You to Know About

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Like most ad-numbed and ‘spin’-undated consumers, when considering a CRM solution, sales software buyers focus on the usual eye popping standards like price and features, while leaving the most important element a distant third – the one that will keep the system in the ‘go-to’ category long after price and features have faded from memory – and that is use-ability. Tweet Customer Relationship Management.

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS.

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IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS & Hardware Sales. Martin: The Real Story of Informix Software and Phil White: Lessons in Business and Leadership for the Executive Team. IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS & Hardware Sales. Heavy Hitter Sales Blog. Recent Posts.

Why Your Professional Expiration Date is Out of Sync and What to Do

Babette Ten Haken

For starters, these decision makers live in various departments, across the organization. A software engineer has a fleeting professional expiration date, lasting 2 years, if that long. Everyone has a professional expiration date.

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Using Leverage in Sales: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

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DiscoverOrg produces insights and contact data on more than 300,000 IT decision makers at more than 16,000 companies. Who makes the decision? Who are all the players involved in influencing a decision?

Helping to Overcome the IT Innovation Dilemma

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IT wants to dedicate more resources and budget to support innovation, but struggles to do so, this according to to survey results from 650 IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) working at organizations with 1,000+ employees.

The importance of having allies: How Jenzabar complements Leads360’s offering for schools with continuing education programs


I thought it would be an ideal time to take a closer look at how some of our education industry partnerships work and the role alliances play in the enrollment management software ecosystem. By Martin Lind.

Is There a Sales Enablement Bubble and Will it Burst?

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How fast should we ramp-up our work-force; how much should we re-invest; what do we need to do to dominate the market; if Vendors don’t make these decisions based on reality or probability it can all lead to an implosion. All decision makers ask, “What’s on fire at this moment.”

Mixing Phone Conversations With Social Listening for B2B Sales Success

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In order to reach, pitch and ultimately close a deal, sales professionals need to be engaging with prospective decision-makers (6.8 per B2B buying decision) across social media platforms. Here are the top four ways to integrate traditional and modern-day sales approaches to effectively and efficiently reach decision-makers and drive more sales: Use a combination of activities.

Finding The Decisionmaker

Partners in Excellence

We want to focus our sales strategies on the Decision-maker. Sales trainers tell us to call high, in the quest for finding the decision-maker. Finding the decision-maker is tough! Part of the problem, in complex B2B sales, there is seldom a decision-maker.

31+ Flavors of CRM – Got B2C Sales CRM?


Number of decision makers – there are usually one or two decision makers in a B2C sale; there may be a dozen or more involved in a B2B sale. By Alyssa Trenkamp.

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The 7 B2B Sales Books To Read in 2015

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Sales Strategy: Competitive Insights from Interviews with 1,000+ Key Information Technology Decision Makers and Top Technology Salespeople was at the top of their list.      "If you want to learn how top salespeople sell software, this book is the place to start.

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5 Video Meeting Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

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More and more companies are going down this route especially those that sell software, SAAS products and online services (such as online sales training ). You just lose momentum and it always seems to be the decision maker! One company was pitching me some software and we had screen share on – his screen. Are you using video meetings in your sales process?

How to Leverage Competitive Intelligence to Win Deals

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You’ve probably heard the term “tech stack”: The combination of software products that comprise a company’s installed technologies. Invite decision makers and influencers to an event.

Using Leverage in Sales: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

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DiscoverOrg produces insights and contact data on more than 300,000 IT decision makers at more than 16,000 companies. Who makes the decision? Who are all the players involved in influencing a decision?

20M Companies To Sell To, In Your CRM: Introducing Reach

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The spotty data restricts leadership’s ability to make smart investment decisions in marketing. Today’s sales process is becoming a race to the decision maker, and the tools available to reps haven’t caught up to meet these needs. Find Decision Makers By Account.

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Surf’s Up! Riding the Pipeline to the Shores of Success

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You’ve also probably encountered those who want to make a decision now, and don’t require a lot of handholding. The quick decision-maker shouldn’t get the same automated emails as the questioning customer, because his lead time will be virtually nil.

The Complexities of Selling Technology to Business

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This is no more true when selling technology to business – software, hardware, telecommunications, infrastructure, etc. We’ll use enterprise software as an example to make our points. It can be a long process, but none tend to be as long a process as software sales.

5 steps to sales prospecting (for higher quality leads) in 2019


Identify the key decision-maker. Identify the key decision-maker. It seems obvious that you don’t want to waste your valuable sales prospecting time on conversations with low-level managers that won’t be able to make an ultimate purchasing decision on your product.

Best Books for Salespeople - Inc.com

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Nick is the president and CEO of Velocify ( www.velocify.com ) and a 15 year veteran of the Internet and software as a service (SaaS) industry. Sales Strategy:Competitive Insights from Interviews with 1,000+ Key Information Technology Decision Makers and Top Technology Salespeople.

Show me the money

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Two software firms approached me with a product in the same space. As a buyer, I knew that my decision maker (in my case our CEO) was not going to buy anything in this space unless there was a clear ROI. In fact it was an easy decision. “So “Show me the money, Jerry”.

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Guided Selling for Industrial Distributors

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The critical point in the selling opportunity is to drive the product information and purchase information as close to the purchase decision-maker as possible. Smart Selling Configure Price Quote Guided Selling manufacturing software

Successful Lead Generation - One Size Does Not Fit All


According to the research study, “Connecting the Dots between Content and Sales”, by IDG Enterprise Research, content quality and integrity is very important to decision-makers. They discovered that 42% of IT Decision-Makers found it extremely or very challenging to find trusted information. Your “qualified” inbound marketing lead may actually be an administrative assistant or lower level executive with only limited decision-making or influencing ability.

5 Habits of the Best Salespeople

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That decision by Irene, and her staff, was fortunate for me because it allowed me to tag along on sales calls with our best sellers, and executives who were known to be great with customers. From that experience, I noticed the five abilities that these top performers used: Vis-ability – The best salespeople know how to create such a curiosity about their product or service that decision-makers and influencers are compelled to know more.

[VIDEO] Real People, Real Sales Intelligence

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Show me contacts in the marketing department at software companies with fewer than 5000 employees!”. The crowd thins out as the marketer gets increasingly specific. “…and I want to see decision makers only.”.

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The Mighty Weak Link – Sales eXchange 162

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Most of the time in sale we focus on ensuring we connect with and sell to the key decision makers, influencers, those driving the strategy, in order to build a solid understanding of the buying organization’s objectives and capabilities to realize those objective.

10 Reasons Why Inside Sales Will Displace Field Sales Teams by 2015


The increased sophistication of translation software will enable computers to quickly translate languages, reducing the need to hire reps who speak the native language. Scheduling an on-site meeting with the committee of decision-makers will be almost impossible—especially because the committee of decision-makers now has up to 21 people in it, and most of them telecommute.

Why Being Stuck In the Office Over the Holidays Is a Lucky Break

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This is actually an optimal time of year to reach decision-makers. With less formal meetings and big decisions put on hold til the New Year, key players will catch up on their inboxes, spend more time scrolling social media posts and take time to review comments. people – the typical number of execs who weigh in on a B2B purchasing decision – will be in the office during these holiday weeks.

This may hit your Sweetspot

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My prospecting framework has 3 elements: Define your prospects and get their basic data : for example what industry are they in, how big they are and then data like decision-makers’ emails and direct dial phone numbers.

9 Tips for Settling into Your New Sales Job


Get to know the key decision-makers within the sales department and company. Your first few months on the job is a prime opportunity to introduce yourself to critical decision-makers. Become familiar with software and tools used at the company.