Demand Generation Advice for the CEO

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This post is written for CEO’s who need to increase demand for their products. Demand generation is the science of stimulating latent demand. A definition of latent demand is a prospect is unaware of a problem. There is only so much active demand in a given market.

Social Media Demand Generation: A Q&A


B2B marketers have long since understood the benefits of social media—yet many still struggle to leverage its full potential as a demand generation tool. In fact, 49% of B2B marketers rank social media marketing as the most difficult lead generation tactic to execute ( source ).

Stop Selling and Start Teaching to Improve Demand Generation

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But that brings us back to the perennial question: how do we fuel demand generation and make that first positive selling experience happen? But they may willingly sign up to become your student when there are no strings attached, allowing you to boost demand generation in several ways: Trust – Because you’re offering this education with no stipulations, prospects will realize you have their best interests at heart.

Benchmark Your Demand Generation Content in 4 Quick Steps

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It offers a basic 4 step process to benchmark your demand generation content. Demand generation content refers to web pages, blogs, eBooks, white papers, webinars, newsletters, and many others. Its role is to generate leads. An example: Step #3.

How one company’s disciplined, targeted approach to demand generation delivered big results


The previous 18 months had seen investments in lead generation stop, all existing leads dry up and revenue drop by $200M. Through what we labeled the “Revenue Delivery System,” JD Edwards sales and marketing leadership invested in a strategic approach to drive demand generation and equip the sales team to effectively sell to targeted markets. Market Segmentation and Past Sales Success Laid a Framework for Demand Generation.

How Science Can Save the Lost Art of Direct Response Copywriting

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Anyway, the other thing I remember about olden times was that demand generation and marketing campaign professionals used to be experts at direct response copywriting! Help your demand generation team improve their results with these copywriting tips.

What Kind of B2B Marketing Personalization Gets Results?

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Get our latest eBook to see examples of the four emails we sent. Get our latest eBook , It’s Not Business… it’s Personal: Putting Personalization to the (Field) Test, to see the full results and example emails from the study.

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Are You Maximizing the Yield of All Leads that Enter Your Funnel?


Whether your sales and marketing teams are crushing their numbers or they are struggling to generate sufficient pipeline, there is always a desire for more leads at the top of the proverbial funnel. Example of Disqualified Reasons.

Old Fashioned Sales Tactics that Your Small Business Can Utilize

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For example, a new, online kids clothing boutique could partner with a photography studio and offer a special for a free photo shoot with purchase, or a coupon for a discount on clothing with every photography session purchased. Guest Post – Megan Totka.

Why Are You Ignoring The Biggest Part of Your Target Market? – Sales eXchange 191

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Attitude Business Acumen Buying Process Change Management Demand Generation execution Gap Selling Interactive Selling Leadership Sales 2.0 By Tibor Shanto –

Case Study: QuickMobile By Cvent Uses Reply Email Mining To Update 75%+ Of Their Database And Add More Than 48,000 New Leads


QuickMobile by Cvent is a perfect example of this. Blog Case Studies Database Integrity Demand GenerationI love it when an organization transitions from the painful, manual process of reviewing email replies to the streamlined, automated process using LeadGnome.

The Secret To Getting Better Results From Your Events


For example, a hot lead you want to schedule a meeting with at the show requires a different message than a brand-new prospect you need to follow-up with back home. But success at these events is a demand generation dream come true. Blog Demand Generation Lead Generation

Building an Effective Lead Management Process for High-Growth Sales


Demand generation marketers are focused on supporting sales teams, and a large part of their role is ensuring that carefully curated leads are moving through the funnel effectively.

Optimize Content Marketing by Facilitating the Buyer’s Journey

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Later during the buyer’s journey, economic focused executives demand that every investment deliver a bottom-line impact, positive return on investment, and quick payback. These buyers are demanding marketers to create content that is more concise, relevant and personalized.

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How does Alinean decide which customer profile data points to use in order to personalize the Interactive White Paper?

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Sometimes that content might not exist, for example, you might want to personalize the white paper based on industry / size and location, but not have enough case studies to match all of those dimensions. interactive smart content interactive white paper Demand Generation Pisello Alinean

What is the Value of a Lead?

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However, we aren’t looking for the absolute contribution, just a conservative method to determine if the value of each lead the marketing program generates, so we can be sure it will be worth investing in, and a so we can begin assigning some value to the program once its up and running. Worth more or less than this example? interactive smart content interactive white paper Demand Generation Value Marketing Pisello Alinean Lead Generation

Can different call to actions in the Interactive White Paper be recommended based on the customer profile information?

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For example, early in the buying lifecycle, executive decision makers could be guided towards a diagnostic assessment, to help pinpoint opportunities and provide prioritization advice / build urgency. interactive smart content interactive white paper Demand Generation Pisello AlineanOften, based on the user’s role and stage in the buying lifecycle, the call to action within the Interactive White Paper can be custom configured to provide proper / better guidance.

The End of Marketing as We Know It: Overcoming Buyer Challenges with Interactive Smart Content

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For example, the typical B2B prospect receives an average of 20.3 According to IDC research, 62% of B2B vendors now need more leads in order to generate the same amount of sales, and 72% indicate an increase in sales cycle time over the past 6 months.

Does Alinean usually require registration to get the Interactive White Paper download?

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As an option, if the user is already registered on the portal / website, this registration information can be fed into the Interactive White Paper, to save on any data entry (for example on Company Name or Industry), and to bypass registration prior to download. interactive smart content interactive white paper Demand Generation Pisello Alinean

CMO: Is Your 2014 Marketing Plan Obsolete?

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What are we doing to adjust to the market demands? In this post we’ll focus on the B2B Demand Generation (DG) plan. Download the 2014 B2B Demand Generation Planning template here to get started. B2B Demand Generation – Building a Base Plan.

Why Sales Rejects Quality Leads?

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Without a comprehensive lead generation strategy, sales rejection of leads sticks around like a bad rash. Download the Sales & Marketing 10-Point Checklist to Lead Generation Alignment to evaluate with your peer in sales. It’s easy to pad demand generation numbers with bulk buys.

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Poor 'Quality' Marketing Leads for the Dumpster?

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Without a comprehensive lead generation strategy, sales rejection of leads sticks around like a bad rash. Download the Sales & Marketing 10-Point Checklist to Lead Generation Alignment to evaluate with your peer in sales. It’s easy to pad demand generation numbers with bulk buys.

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The Traps of ‘optimizing’ by Lead Source

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View the generation of leads in context of their conversion to qualified Opportunities for the sales force. That''s where SBI''s demand generation programs benefit from ProForma Lead Source assessment tools. The following is an example scenario to demonstrate the trap involved.

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Excellence Accelerator – Unlock the Potential of Your Marketing Team

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Strong demand generation effort is required throughout the year to maintain a steady flow of leads to the sales field. SBI lead generation clients leverage the Implementation Matrix to guide plan structure and cadence. Impact’ is determined by evaluating the potential affect the idea will have on generating the expected outcome. For example, Google Adwords is a proven tactic in all SBI demand generation programs.

Surviving the Late Release of Your New Quota

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For example, you are still recovering from the slow first quarter start this year. Do you have to increase your demand generation efforts to get new leads? How will you stimulate demand? What/How do I train my sales people to generate more demand?

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Campaign Offers

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In this example, the downloadable tool includes valuable intellectual property. Here is just one example of the questions and why they are important to assess; Competition Lens: Do you know what offers your competitors are providing?

CMO’s ProForma – The Silver Bullet for Marketing Return on Investment

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A more robust framework for the ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) calculation is required at the campaign level to provide a reliable picture of Lead Generation efforts. That's where SBI's demand generation programs benefit from ProForma campaign measurement tools.

What Are My Competitors Doing That I Am Not?

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For example, narrowing down a short list of vendors is a key buyer action. For example, “How do I get my team behind the initiative?” The benefits to using BPMs to produce Contextual Content are twofold: Demand Generation – Relevant content attracts visitors to your site.

Direct Content Marketing is Born – Prepare for 2013

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B2B Marketing teams are seeing fruit from their investment in content marketing to fuel Lead Generation efforts; 2-3x increase in the quantity of inbound leads. Demand Generation - Comprehensive View of Content Marketing. Below is an example of an integrated campaign.

Marketing Needs to Put Skin in the Game


The mix should consist mostly of sales enablement, then demand generation, with less focus on awareness. Demand generation is typically the primary activity in the marketing mix, followed by enablement and then awareness. Whereas enablement and demand generation are marketing’s primary tasks for Tier 1 and 2 accounts, the main focus for SMB/channel accounts tends to be driving awareness, followed by demand generation and then enablement.

How to Anticipate the Next Compelling Event of the Buyer Process

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The generator got louder as I approached. Only two other businesses had generators. For new customers, build it into the Demand Generation phase. Expected: The upcoming Presidential Election is an example.

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Why Optimizing Your Website for Mobile isn’t Enough

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If you don’t, lead generation efforts will hit road blocks. The following examples point to best practices in leveraging mobile interaction. Example 1: Oreo Whisper Fight. Example 2: GoDaddy’s Perfect Match: When sexy meets smart your small business scores.

The Data Will Bring Us Together: Relationship Therapy with Sales and Marketing

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A 2019 Demand Gen Report asked: What are your biggest challenges to maintaining data quality in your contact database? According to the same Demand Gen Report , 68% of Marketers have the goal of targeting more specific segments for better engagement in 2019.

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6 Ways To Make Sure Your Customers Get The Message

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The CMO world of multiple channels, social media, content marketing, demand generation, and lead development extends the importance of messaging to a much broader scale. For example, is the primary purpose to educate and inform? I’ll send an SOS to the world.

[VIDEO] Whiteboard Wednesday: Sales Emotional Intelligence (Dave Sill)

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Before we get started with some practical examples that you can apply in your selling efforts immediately, I want to talk about a tendency when emotions come up in a selling context. This is one example of how you could intend a better outcome by controlling your emotions.

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How to Assess and Sequence Your Sales Initiatives

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For example, you may recognize that you have a massive demand generation problem. Dan cites the example of a sales VP facing a decline in revenue. A few weeks ago, I was talking to an SVP of sales. The topic was his number. The company’s revenue is in the $700M range.

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5 Sales Management Myths Debunked

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Find a different way to generate high quality leads. The office telephone is a dying demand generation tool. You can download an example here. If you''re a Sales VP, you probably recognize yourself in at least one example.

The #1 Killer of 2013 Product Launches (and how to beat it)

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The launch involves significant content to generate awareness and interest. Demand Generation campaigns. Below is an example of how product benefits differ from Buyer Process Map questions: Product Benefit Examples. Buyer Process Map Examples.

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3 SEO Metrics CMO's Can Use to Drive More Leads in the Funnel

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What channel of Demand Generation can yield the highest return and sustained success? Below is an example report reflecting the ideal B2B mix of branded vs. non-branded keywords. At this event, you can see the 2013 Lead Generation Strategies of World-Class CMO’s.

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My Secret Weapon For Increased Database Health


The combination of traditional marketing (demand generation) and lead development (LDR/SDR) have so much more potential when we close the loop on email outreach. One LeadGnome customer recently requested a CPL (Cost Per Lead) analysis, which is a standard metric for demand generation.