3 Tips to Avoid Teaching Your Buyers to Expect a Q4 Discount

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Discounts become the primary weapon of sales reps. We all know the famous saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” This can be applied to the way many organizations have trained their Buyers to buy, particularly in Q4.

Prevent Your Revenue Desk From Becoming the Discount Approval Board

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If you follow our Sales Benchmark Index blog, you have read our take on enhancing your Deal Desk to a Revenue Desk in the recent post “What Do You Do When Your Deal Desk Is Failing – Set up a.

Avoid the Urge to Discount by Using Your Pipeline to Give You Confidence

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Confidence is a powerful sales tool, especially when used to help avoid giving a customer a lower price when it’s not necessary. Blog Closing a Sale Cold-Calling leadership Negotiation Professional Selling Skills Prospecting discount discounting pipeline prospect sales prospecting

Discounting – the Weak Link in Your Pricing Strategy for the Indirect Channel

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Article Pricing Strategy best practices clients comp compensation Doug Bartels GTM indicators indirect channel indirect sales influence key kpi margin packaging performance products reps resp RGM sale sales sales people tool total transactionsHow do you influence sales people when you don’t directly impact their compensation? This is an age-old struggle many firms have had with the indirect channel…. The key we have found is to understand two key factors important to indirect.

Ending Sales Team Resistance to Your Pricing Initiatives

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A sales rep’s mind can be their worst enemy when it comes to pricing initiatives. You have probably heard the comments in the hall-way and board rooms. “We don’t have good products/solutions to command those types of prices” “My customer.

Ways to Use Bundling to Drive up Your Average Sales Price (ASP) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

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“But wait…there’s more!” ” We’ve all heard the infomercials with the two for the price of one special. Or the five accessories we theoretically should never need since the first one is supposedly indestructible. All of this for only $19.99 plus shipping.

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Using Cash Flow as a Sales Prospecting Tool

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Everyone is looking for a discount. Far too many salespeople are willing to give in and give a new customer a discount thinking it’s what is needed to close a sale. Don’t get me going regarding what I think of discounting.

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End of Year Software Discounts: Savvy Cost Saving or Short-Sighted Business Move?

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As such, steep discounts are often on the table in a way that can feel as thrilling as a 50% off Apple Watch on Cyber Monday. For example, in the reference above, Apple doesn’t technically discount their technology on Cyber Monday.

6 Pricing KPI’s for Your Growth Strategy

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If you opened this blog post looking for the perfect answer to setting pricing KPIs… I hate to tell you that the perfect answer is: There is no answer.  However, I do have some guidance for you.  Let’s think of pricing.

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The High Cost of Discounting

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Discounting is unfortunately a way of life for many of our sales professionals today. As a result of the late invite and competitiveness of this stage, our sales professionals are often forced to discount as the only way to win the business. Discounting of a typical 10% per deal can add up, costing this organization $50M per year in lost sales. What if you could reduce the number of deals where discounting was needed, and improve deal size overall?

For Sale, Not On Sale - The True Cost of Discounting and What to Do About It

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By Mark Schlueter & Tom Pisello More sales execs are revealing that discount pressures are at an all time high, and as a result, they need more transactions than ever just to make the numbers. There are several reasons why prospects are demanding higher discounts and making it harder for you to achieve your goals: Buyers are more empowered, with on-line / social resources readily available to research your competition and obtain competitive pricing.

The Slippery Slope of Discounting | Sales Motivation and Sales.

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The Slippery Slope of Discounting. If you as a salesperson — or worse, if you as a sales manager — do not believe in the price of what you sell, then that is a bigger problem than whether you have a tendency to offer a discount. For sake of argument, let’s say that you do believe in your price, but offering a discount has become commonplace among your sales force. But quantity will never make up for the profits you did lose by selling at a discount.

How to Know When to Make the Tough Call and Sunset a Product

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How to Know When to Make the Tough Call and Sunset a Product.

Best Way to Reduce Discounting: Better Negotiating or Value Selling?

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There is more pressure than ever on suppliers to lower their prices and offer steep discounts. Recent studies indicate that the average discount levels has risen to 20% per deal (IDC), but we find that many solution providers would be happy if that were the level of discount they were providing. And Procurement is getting way more involved in every transaction, with specific incentives to extract discounts from every vendor proposal.

Time To Upgrade Your Webinar Tools?

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Is it time to upgrade your online meeting tools and capabilities? Do you have any other technology tools ten years old? I have been buying most every tool that has come out in the “webinar” category for several years now.

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Getting to Street Price, the Hardest Task in Pricing

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You’re Blind and You Have a Problem. When you sell entirely through indirect channels you are blind to the street price and how your products or service is valued by the end customer. The gap between the price you sell to.

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Stop the Discounting Madness. You’re Capable of Higher Profits by Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter”

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Salespeople are quick to defend their need to discount with the belief that this is the only way they can close the sale. I wanted to provide salespeople with proven solutions to avoid the discounting madness.

Gartner: Create Buyer Enablement Tools to Win More

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And this is having a significant and tangible impact, leading to more stalled deals, elongated sales cycles and steep discounting. These self-service tools need to replicate the discovery, engagement and intelligent advice of the best sales reps and specialist.

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Measuring ROI / TCO Sales Tool Success

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You’ve launched your interactive ROI / TCO Tool to your sales team. Here are three successive steps you can take to measure and prove your program’s success: Step #1: Validating Awareness First, you have to measure if you’ve successfully gotten the word out about the Tool, and your getting the sign-ups you anticipated. Checkout Tool activity reports to see how many analyses are being created for prospects, and more importantly, the number of analysis reports being generated.

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Boosting Margin with Sales Tools

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Even with the most advanced sales tools available, it’s expensive to sell stuff. It doesn’t matter if you are a hobbyist selling hand-tooled belt buckles on eBay or if you are a multinational corporation moving million-dollar earthmoving machines, the cost of selling is significant. Sales Tools Are Efficiency Tools. Let’s look at several sales tools and see how they impact the profit margin for a given sale. Smart Selling Guided Selling Sales Tools

5 Free Online Sales Tools to Empower Your Sales Team

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Author: Jessica Thiefels Your sales team is a digital workforce, 81 percent of which use tools to identify new leads. Empower them by providing your team with tools that they can use and customize for their own workflow and preferences. Organization is critical in sales and Trello is a great tool for empowering your sales team to own their own processes. The cool part is, Trello is all about giving people interesting and valuable ways to use their tool.

Innovative New Web Tool Combines Video and Powerpoint

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Traditional online presentation and video tools lack something very important to a successful delivery – You! An innovative new web tool that adds you and your wonderful presence to your story is now out of beta and ready for you to explore. There is at least one Fortune 500 company already deploying 9Slides and I anticipate you will be seeing more innovative companies and individuals sharing their information with this tool.

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Sales Skill-Sets vs Sales Tool-Sets

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Of course, my retort is that you won’t increase sales if you don’t have the right tools to compete more efficiently and effectively. They would ask, “What good is a prospect research tool if reps don’t know how to get a decision maker to engage?”

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How to Use Twitter as an Effective Sales Tool

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When registering, use priority code 15800 and discount code F2716129 for a 20% discount. Sales people are finding it increasingly difficult to decide which social tools to use for effectively identifying and engaging with their customers and prospects. Complimentary Tools.

Increasing Sales Tool Adoption – A Proven Customer Perspective

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We recently asked the developer of a very successful ROI/TCO tool what it took to get the tool to have such a big impact on driving incremental business, increasing competitive win rates and reduced discounting.

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Top Ten Ways to Immediately Improve Sales Tool Adoption

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You’ve worked hard to produce new value-focused tools, empowering your sales team to meet the growing challenges of today’s more empowered, skeptical and frugal buyer. So how do you achieve sales tool adoption in 2013? The sales tools need to be integrated into sales’ daily world.

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Product Configurator System: Tool, Solution or Integrated System?

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For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to toss them all into one of three bags: tools, solutions and systems. Depending on your application and your level of complexity in terms of product, market, price or organization, you may be best served by a simple, free-standing tool, or you may require a more elaborate, full-function integrated system. Pricing Tools. Pricing can be updated automatically in real time to assure that the tools are always using current prices.

Is there a Way to Improve Sales Tool Adoption?

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I n 2011 you worked hard to produce new value-focused tools, empowering your sales team to meet the growing challenges of today’s more empowered, skeptical and frugal buyer. And you are not alone, as SiriusDecisions reports that the average company now spends a whopping $43K on marketing content and sales tools per salesperson per year. So how do you get the much needed sales tool adoption to occur in 20012.

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New Video: ValueStory – a Better Customer Conversation Tool

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As a result, you are likely facing more stalled deals, longer sales cycles and higher discounting.

Simple Is Often Better Than Complex

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Simple solutions are frequently discounted due to the perception that something must be missing. I share this observation today after several conversations about yesterdays post that described a tool that increases views and leads to your website with one […].

What key financial metrics are used in typical Alinean ROI / TCO Calculators / Sales Tools?

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In an ROI / TCO Tool, various metrics can be used to summarize the business case and economic justification. TCO Calculator TCO Tools ROI Calculation ROI ROI tools TCO Pisello Alinean ROI Calculator

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How do the Alinean ROI / TCO Calculators / Sales Tools handle hard and soft benefits?

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Hard cost savings are typically not risk adjusted / discounted as part of the business case, because they are likely to be realized post deployment. TCO Calculator TCO Tools ROI TCO Pisello Alinean ROI Analysis ROI Calculator

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How Not to Close End of Quarter Deals

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That has nothing to do with my need for more licenses of this tool. Discounts right away. It’s easy for me to say never discount, but I understand the reality of discounting and how sometimes it’s necessary to get the deal over the finish line.

Demand-Gen Report Interview on Need for New Sales Enablement Tools

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A Demand-Gen Report interview with Thomas Pisello, The ROI Guy, Chairman & Founder of diagnostic / ROI sales tool provider Alinean Inc. In order to “fight” Frugalnomics and maintain sales effectiveness, sales needs to be armed with a new value-oriented, consultative methodology, training and tools. We help sales teams advance their value selling skills, with a library of value-focused diagnostic tools, value selling training and buyer facilitation methodologies.

Sales 2.0 Conference Registration Open

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Fill the Funnel readers are able to receive a $250 discount when registering to attend the biggest Sales 2.0 To receive the Fill the Funnel discount, enter the following discount code after entering your email address on the registration page : s2cftf.

What is an ROI Calculator / Analysis Sales Tool?

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ROI Tools help to make this process easier, by providing all the key questions, calculations, research and reports needed to calculate and present the proof points and justification. The ROI Tools seek to automate the calculation of the ROI formula and several other key metrics.

Value of Assessment ROI & TCO Tools for Demand-Gen and Sales Enablement Campaigns

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Used to evolve direct and channel sales professionals from antiquated features / function / price selling, to modern solution selling techniques, Alinean value-based interactive sales tools have been proven to reduce the time it takes to develop credible assessments and business cases from days to an hour or less, reduce discounting and increase deal size by 20%, reduce sales cycles by 30-40%, drive channel partner loyalty, and increase the competitive success rate of proposals by over 60%.

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Social Selling – This Could Take a While

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In addition, there seems to be a large amount of discounting going on even for the company’s core products. tools? And putting those tools in place will change behavior? Tools Sales Management

Why Profitability Matters When Creating, Maintaining, and Renewing Customer Prices

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In creating customer-specific agreements, sales teams often override existing pricing structures and guidance, in many cases over-discounting. Customer-Specific Prices: The Silent Source of Margin Leakage.

Book Launch: The Frugalnomics Survival Guide

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Here''s what you can expect: Today’s B2B buyer is more in-control, cautious and economic-focused, choosing more often than not to “Do Nothing” versus saying “Yes”, delaying purchase decisions and demanding steep discounts when they do decide to buy.