Does Your Sales Team Know How to Follow-Up on a Lead?


Today we will discuss why it’s vital for marketing to develop a training guide for sales so all are on the same page as far as understanding what constitutes a lead in your organization, and what’s the best way to follow up on one. Starts the clock on follow-up.

Stop Treating Distribution Channels Like They Don't Matter

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To overcome this challenge, I’m sharing five ways treating distribution channels like second-class citizens can hurt B2B companies -- and what you can do about it. 5 Reasons to Stop Ignoring Distribution Channels.

Lead Distribution Showdown: Chili Piper’s Routing vs LeanData vs Distribution Engine

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We often get asked how this routing functionality compares versus other platforms that companies are using to route and distribute their leads. Calls are distributed evenly among team members via round robin. Lead/Contact Distribution and Routing. Distribution Weights.

Why sales reps are always “Just touching-base”!

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In sales, we must continue to touch-base or follow-up as it’s also known to stay in the game of sales. When your rep loses a real opportunity, it’s because of a poor follow up. You sales rep couldn’t touch base either in the right manner or failed to follow-up enough. .

Distributed Mentoring: How to Get Help and Advice from Your Network

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Distribute Your Mentorship Search. Instead of one main mentor, the goal is to distribute the mentoring responsibility between a variety of mentors that you can follow and model for specific skills and experiences. Follow up. Do you want a mentor?

“You Had Me At Hello” – 3 Effective Ways To Eliminate Your Competition During Your First Contact With A Prospect

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Hire a dedicated person to respond or to distribute enquiries to the appropriate sales person if needed. Every sales person knows that to set yourself apart from your competition is a vital component of your sales process.

Four Tips to Tune Your Sales Process in 2013


The Ultimate Contact Strategy provides a ready-to-use road map to rev up your sales process in 2013. For many, December means finalizing plans and forecasts for the New Year.

Non-business hour sales leads are more valuable


Leads360 recently published a new study, the Ultimate Contact Strategy, highlighting the importance of sales lead follow-up including prompt response, appropriate persistence, and optimal timing between attempts for both phone and email communication.

Winning contact strategies used by high-performing inside sales teams


But how quickly should sales follow-up? New Leads360 study analyzes the contact practices of more than 400 inside sales teams, identifying the methods and actions that drive best-in-class sales performance.

Olympic level sales achieved with aged leads


LSI Mortgage digs into aged leads and comes up with gold. In addition to freeing up Marshall for more strategic activities, LSI Mortgage attributes their sky high ROI to Leads360’s proprietary, automated lead distribution algorithms.

Moving mortgage sales from chaos to cohesion


A dozen or so balls roll around a ring, and your job is to hit a lever that opens your hippo’s mouth and try to gobble up as much of the “hippo food” as quickly as possible.

3 Keys to Collaboration for Sales and Marketing


Identifying the peak-interest point and then following up with a high-level of discipline can make all the difference in effectively converting more leads into new customers. At Sales & Marketing 2.0

The Ultimate Guide to Prospecting: How Many Touchpoints, When, and What Type

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This means following up … and following up on your follow-ups. The "how," "when," and "what" of following up is important to get right if a rep hopes to snag the buyer's attention and make a sale. So, how should you distribute your touchpoints?

How to Fix Your Lead Problem

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What distribution channels will be used? 2: Execution – this is the actual production and distribution of content. If so, the Content Marketing Manager should be paying attention and following-up. Follow @cdieckmeyer. Follow @MakingTheNumber.

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How to Create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to Target the Right Customers

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Once you have come up with your criteria, repeat the exercise above. Good Fit : North American companies, with over 200 employees, who distribute software security.

Three Proven Ways to Increase the Value of Your Sales Content

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Create automatic distribution to increase content adoption. The study found that one key way is through the automatic distribution of sales content through a CRM and a sales asset management platform.

Time for Enablement or Training? Three Metrics Your Company Should be Tracking Today


And now, because they’re so busy, your rep, Kelly, doesn’t get around to following up, and then pretty soon the deal, which was in Stage 2, is sitting there, collecting cobwebs. Now Kelly has set up another meeting with the prospect and can further qualify the opportunity.

What is the Minimum Acceptable Close Rate on Leads?


More than likely you will find a normal distribution across your sales team. Just don't beat yourself up because you have a low close rate if you knowingly go after low probability business.". "I I would say over a 24-month period the close rate on such leads (across a large number of reps of varying capabilities AND a even distribution of leads across project cycles) would be 1.25-1.75

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Top Ways to Maximize Trade Show Opportunities

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Maybe you did everything right, but your marketing colleagues dropped the ball and follow-up happened months later. 2) An industry event like a trade show is a great way to be “many-to-one” in meeting up with buyers and existing customers.

How to Fix Your Lead Problem

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What distribution channels will be used? 2: Execution – this is the actual production and distribution of content. If so, the Content Marketing Manager should be paying attention and following-up. Follow @cdieckmeyer. Follow @MakingTheNumber.

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The ABM Cookbook for Sales Teams: 5 recipes to keep Sales 100% focused on target accounts

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Sprinkle of follow-up meetings. At the end, when you are ready with consistent lists of target accounts, set 1:1 meetings with AEs for final distribution. If you want to distribute 30 key accounts to each, provide a list of 40 candidate companies. At ABM Orkestra, we love setting up such testimonial sessions for our clients, in the form of a series of “Before and After ABM” debates.

Maslow’s Hierarchy for SDR Teams

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One quick look at the definition of Physiology makes the connection to People & Hiring as the base of our team-building hierarchy absolute and for Maslow, the concept was summed up as meeting basic needs for survival. Description: Purpose: Inbound Leads: Distribution Engine.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Productivity

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Efficiency pertains to the distribution and use of resources. Suppose two competing teams are equally efficient and split up their time the same way. Two weeks go by, and tradeshow prospects have still not been followed up with. Art or Science?

The Six Secrets to Superior Sales Kickoffs

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Be sure to sandwich these kickoff elements with meeting pre-work and follow-up activities. Have presenters rehearse using a video-coaching tool, recording their presentations and distributing them to the appropriate people for feedback. Finally, get real-time feedback during the event using push notifications and other tools, as well as the usual follow-up surveys. You can follow Jim on Twitter at @JNinivaggi

The Ultimate Relationship-Building Email Template [96% Success Rate]

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Bottom line: Business professionals enjoy sharing knowledge, particularly when someone is willing to be a sponge and soak it all up. My name is Jane Smith, and I run Acme Organic Pet Food, a new company that produces and distributes right here in Cleveland.

How to Convert & Close Sales Demo Requests [Data]

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A demo request is a preview or trial version of a software solution, distributed free of charge by companies once prospects hand over their contact information. It's important that sales reps promptly follow up to new leads, but this is especially the case when it comes to demo requests.

Data 82

Social Selling - I'm a Proponent, Not a Detractor - Look at The Stats

Understanding the Sales Force

If we isolate the leads that were either call-ins or emails generated from Blog Posts or videos, the closing rate shot up to 29%. One question this leaves me with is who would have been better at following up on the quality social selling leads? That last statement is different from traditional lead distribution at most companies. Aren''t you sick and tired of giving leads to salespeople who don''t follow up on a timely basis?

What is a discovery call in sales? (PLUS a six-step discovery process)

Discovery calls require work before you even pick up the phone. After you thoroughly follow the steps of our Sales Call Prep Checklist, you’re ready to kick off discovery. What is a discovery call in sales? It’s the most important conversation in the sales process.

Buyer 101

Your Ultimate Guide to Prospecting

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This necessitates following up … and following up on your follow ups. The “how,” “when,” and “what” of following up is important to get right if a rep hopes to snag the buyer’s attention and make a sale.

Your Ultimate Guide to Prospecting

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This necessitates following up … and following up on your follow ups. The “how,” “when,” and “what” of following up is important to get right if a rep hopes to snag the buyer’s attention and make a sale.

5 Reasons for Sales Trainers To Adopt Modern Learning Systems


Whether it takes the form of videos, audio recordings, slides, or text, the learning content must be easy for the training or sales enablement team to continuously create and distribute. For example: using the Allego platform, reps can set up personalized “subscriptions” to select “channels.”

6 Do’s and Don’ts for More Effective Sales Coaching


The following is a post by Scott Van Almen, Life Sciences Sales Director at Allego. will bring each rep up to speed the fastest. For new information to sink in, people need learning reinforcement , as well as follow-up from their coaches.

How Significant is the Migration to Inside Sales?

Understanding the Sales Force

When I looked at the recent accounts represented by newer and younger OMG Partners, 75% of them were for inside sales roles - much more consistent with what I found when I looked at the distribution of Kurlan clients. No names, no emails, no follow up.

Leads are Hard 


One analysis documented the following: “The average cost per lead across all the companies surveyed is almost $200 ($198.44). Back during the bingo card days marketers were thrilled to get a list of “leads” and distribute them to sales. How many leads do you think a sales rep will follow-up on to get 3 – 5 real opportunities? A Story From Yesteryear About Reader Service (aka Bingo) Cards.

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3 Tips for Embarking on an Account-Based Selling Program

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If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you might have seen the TOPO case study about Cloudera’s Account-Based Selling (ABS) approach. It led to double-digit improvements in email performance, call follow-ups, and pipeline growth. Stay Up To Date.

8 Easy Ways to Repurpose Webinar Content


And, plenty of your followers who aren’t able to attend a live webinar will likely have similar questions. From there, you can distribute this post as part of your webinar follow-up emails. Then, be sure to include it as part of any follow-up campaigns you run.

Sales Intelligence: What to Expect When You’re Prospecting

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You rely on it to pull lists, look up contacts, track opportunities, and more. If your intel isn’t up to par, it will sabotage your processes and results – and you’re paying for it anyway. It’s a vicious cycle that never moves beyond cleaning up bad data.

9 marketing trends that will dominate 2019


Marketing teams will create and distribute more video content. But many businesses STILL haven’t devoted serious resources to the creation and distribution of video content, and this represents a significant opportunity in 2019. 2019 is officially upon us.

How To Approach Sales Coaching Like a Pro {Part 2 of 5} — the Right Use of Sales Data

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Great sales coaches use the distribution curve ( introduced in part 1 of this series ) as a starting point to ensure their 1:1 meetings result in moments of commitment for each rep on their team. 4: The Right Follow-Up Approach.

How to Blow $100,000 on a Lead Generation Campaign


The CMO of a Fortune 500 company offered the CRO the following options regarding spending $100,000 on a marketing campaign. 100,000 companies with up to three executive contacts in the right companies (no email addresses). The CMO came up with these options because he was fed up.