Sat.Jun 08, 2019

Salespeople Still Need to Provide Information

Anthony Iannarino

There isn’t a day that passes without someone on LinkedIn or some other social platform publishing something about how much sales has changed, often citing the fact that salespeople are no longer useful to their clients (or necessary), since their clients can learn about products and services on their own (thank you, internet). To believe this is true is to misunderstand what has changed in sales and the implications for salespeople.

7 Sales Prospecting Tips You Wished Your Sales Team Knew Earlier


Believe it or not, generating highly-qualified leads is a challenging task for nearly every business. Though, the marketing department plays a key role in generating good leads for the sales department. It doesn’t mean that the sales team should not invest their efforts to find high-value prospects. Salespersons are always looking for some innovative ways for sales prospecting.

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