Tue.Aug 09, 2022

5 Ways CEOs Can Lead Sales Through a Recession

Alice Heiman

Is a recession looming? I remain optimistic that the economy will continue to do well, but others feel the economic uncertainty. I see it in several sectors. CEOs are getting nervous and laying people off. . Traditional wisdom says you must hunker down during a recession and weather the storm.

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How to Recruit and Retain a World-Class Writing Team

Sales and Marketing Management

There's a better way to assemble a top-notch freelance marketing and PR content team than resorting to the online platforms where anyone can call themselves a writer. The post How to Recruit and Retain a World-Class Writing Team appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management


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Flockjay Has the Cheat Code For a Successful Team with Shaan Hathiramani

Sales Hacker

In this episode, we’ve got Shaan Hathiramani with us. Shaan is the Founder and CEO of Flockjay. Shaan started Flockjay as a way to train people from non technical backgrounds and usher them into the tech ecosystem primarily through sales.

Channel Partnerships by the Numbers

Sales and Marketing Management

A survey or more than 100 B2B marketing managers revealed some telling statistics on the importance of their channel partnership strategies. The post Channel Partnerships by the Numbers appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management. Special Report

6 Proven B2B Marketing Strategies and How to Use Them

Bold tactics. Innovative ideas. Thriving revenue growth. Behind every great B2B marketing campaign is an amazing story. Learn the strategies behind six winning B2B marketing campaigns — directly from the marketers that made them. Read the stories now!

The Adapter’s Advantage: Ryan Thompson on Driving Diversity & Fueling Growth


Welcome to The Adapter’s Advantage : Breakthrough Moments that Lead to Success.

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Focus on the Why

Selling Energy

If you’ve attended one of my sales trainings or are a regular reader of my blogs, you’ve likely heard me talk about focusing on the “why” and watched Simon Sinek’s TED talk on “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”.

Go and Grow

Sales and Marketing Management

Forming channel partnerships is distinctly different than growing them. Here are 9 steps for each effort. The post Go and Grow appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management. Special Report

Increase Sales Success with the “One More Meeting” Prospecting Strategy

Sales Readiness Group

Most sales leaders are hyper-focused on increasing the sales team performance and try anything to improve prospecting activities. They look to create more opportunities by adding new tools to the sales stack, retraining the team, automating processes, and even outsourcing meeting acquisition.

What Channel Strategy Is Right for You?

Sales and Marketing Management

Not all channel partnerships are alike. Some aren't even designed with increasing sales as the top priority. Knowing the different types of channel partnerships will help you get it right. The post What Channel Strategy Is Right for You? appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management. Special Report

Best Practices for Pay Transparency Around Your Sales Reps

Speaker: Grayson Morris, CEO, Performio & Lisa Wallace, Co-Founder, Assemble

It's no secret that employees are leaving their jobs for greener pastures. Many are frustrated with their compensation and indicate this as a major driver of attrition. Learn how pay transparency around quota-bearing roles can help you retain and motivate your reps in this webinar!

How to Succeed at Advanced Questioning Strategies [PODCAST]

Sandler Training

Mike Montague interviews Erik Meier on How to Succeed at Advanced Questioning Strategies. The post How to Succeed at Advanced Questioning Strategies [PODCAST] appeared first on Sandler Training. Podcasts] Blog Posts How To Succeed Sales Process how to succeed sales strategies sales success

Channel Travel Incentive Program Reaps 8:1 ROI

Sales and Marketing Management

An electrical products distributor that offered mid-tier channel partners a group travel program realized a 23% increase in projected sales growth. The post Channel Travel Incentive Program Reaps 8:1 ROI appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management. Special Report

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Is Permission Necessary to Achieve Success?

Smooth Sale

Photo by darksouls1 via Pixabay. Attract the Right Job Or Clientele: Is Permission Necessary to Achieve Success? Most of us are taught in childhood that to proceed, we need permission, but is permission necessary to achieve success?

7 Valuable Sales Training Techniques, According to Real Sales Leaders


Most salespeople aren't born ready to take on the field — with no need for guidance or insight. That's why leaders need to leverage effective sales training techniques to set reps on the right course and facilitate their professional growth.

The Truth About Sales Agility: Separating Fact From Fiction

Speaker: Michelle Vazzana

In this rich, research-based session, Dr. Michelle Vazzana will explain both the powerful research findings on high-performing agile sellers and sales managers, and the interim steps organizations can take to ultimately transform their salesforce.

Why organizing sales enablement content can feel like pushing a boulder up a hill


It’s a phrase we’ve all heard a thousand times: Content is king. And when you have the right content, you start conversations, demonstrate value, and address pain points with buyers in ways no sales deck can. . So it stands to reason that the more content you have, the better. Right? Well … no.

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How to Personalize Email with Marketing Automation


There is more to email marketing than email blasts and trigger emails. Creating relevant messages means being able to place your product in front of the people who are already looking. How do you find them, and how to deliver relevant content?

Cold Emails That Work

Janek Performance Group

Cold emailing prospects is a highly underrated sales skill. For it to be effective, we need to change our perspective on the purpose of cold emailing. For professional sales reps, cold emails should be viewed as a relationship-building tool, instead of a sales tool or promotional tool.