Fri.Mar 23, 2012

Sales Manager Coaching Blunders Revisited

Steven Rosen

Sales coaching is the management No. 1 activity that drives sales performance. The only problem is that managers have not been taught how to effectively coach. Coaching is a skill that takes time to perfect and unless effectively coached or trained managers can make all types of blunders.

The One Way Street of Relationship Selling – Friday’s Editorial

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Relationship selling is a great sales strategy when combined with this element – gratitude or what my colleague Dan Waldschmidt calls a giving mindset.

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Saturday’s Guest Post

Jonathan Farrington

Many of you reading this blog today are business owners, but how many of you undertake risk assessments on a regular basis? Just like that annual health-check, if we miss them, we are exposing ourselves to potential problems at a later date.

Training New Medical Device Sales Reps – Getting it Right

Sales Training Connection

If you did not catch this article in the Winter 2012 issue of FOCUS Magazine , we thought we’d re-post it here to provide our readers with easier access. Training new medical device sales rep.

Battle of the Sales Strategies: ABM vs Traditional Sales

Understanding the following 5 core differences between traditional sales and ABM goes a long way in motivating, inspiring, and informing the often necessary shift to ABM.

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A Powerful Answer To The, “I Want To Think About It” Objection

MTD Sales Training

“I want to think about…” may be the most popular objection in the world, and still causes many sales people a lot of grief and substantial income. The reason behind the objection is usually that the sales interaction did not successfully inspire a sense of urgency in the prospect. As I have said before, you

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Customer Retention, Customer Service, Customer Experience The Rant Goes On

Partners in Excellence

A couple of days ago, I ranted, in part, about my experience with my past computer supplier. We had depended on their computers for many years. Over the past several weeks, I have had power supply, battery problems and related issues. I’ve spent hours on the phone with customer service representatives. Each one of them has been very polite and reassuring, “We will get your problem solved!

The Sales Quiz

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12 Must-Ask Questions for Sales Managers

If you want to improve your sales team's results, you need to start by asking the right questions.

Sales Success: Your Company's Growth is Your Responsibility


Sales is a dynamic occupation that engages a dynamic world. Salespeople depend on your support to help realize their efforts. In order to achieve reliable growth, your operation must be designed to evolve from the collection, assessment and wise appl