Tue.Nov 21, 2017

The SaaS Metrics Blueprint: How to Define, Measure and Display What Actually Matters

Sales Hacker

This is part of the Winning By Design Blueprint Series in which we analyze and provide practical advice for SaaS sales organizations. In this blueprint, we’ll breakdown how to structure your SaaS metrics, and measure the right data for your business.

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Sales Travel Lessons – November 2017

Sell More and Work Less

This year has been the year of international travel for me. As I write this I’m on my last overseas trip for the year, kicking off a new project in France.

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Power-Probing Techniques for Discovering Customer Commitment

Paul Cherry's Top Sales Techniques

If you love ice cream, you’re probably familiar with the Cold Stone Creamery premium ice cream chain. Customers have a choice among three serving sizes: “Like It!” is the smallest, “Love It!” is medium-sized, and “Gotta Have It!” is the largest portion.

Making the Business Case to Eliminate Lead Gen Forms in Your ABS/ABM Strategy

Sales Hacker

There’s no denying how influential account based sales and marketing have become over the past few years. Today, more than 70% of companies are doing some form of ABM or account-based selling.

12 Must-Ask Questions for Sales Managers

If you want to improve your sales team's results, you need to start by asking the right questions.

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Wash, Fold, and Digital Marketing

The Center for Sales Strategy

Everyone is selling digital marketing today. Everyone says they are an expert in digital advertising. From pure digital agencies to traditional media, from digital publishers to full-service advertising agencies, everyone is pushing digital marketing. I'm honestly shocked that when I drop off my laundry that my dry cleaner doesn't offer me an awesome new digital marketing package. So, not everyone is selling digital, but it does feel that way.

27 Top Books for CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Hubspot Sales

Being a CEO or entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. You’ve got to have a firm handle on the market and your product -- while inspiring employees and influencing stakeholders. Sound like a tall order? It is.

Thanksgiving Dinner is the Key to Your 2018 Sales Plan

Sales Result

Thanksgiving shares several parallels to sales planning. Behind the scenes, many moving parts lead up to the big moment when family and friends sit down to enjoy the meal of the year. The key elements that streamline an enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner also provide valuable lessons that you can apply to your 2018 sales planning. Sales Planning

3 Mental Secrets to Performing Like an Olympian [Podcast + Transcript]

Hubspot Sales

On The 1-3-20 Podcast , our host Daniel Pink chooses one business book that really impressed him, asks its author three key questions, and delivers you valuable insights in twenty minutes or less.

30 Ways to Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Buyer

Trust, support, and transparency: that's what your target buyer really wants. These 30 findings show the path from respect, to relationship, to business win.

The Power of Agile Merchandising to Grow Your Emerging Brand


Launching and growing an emerging beverage or food brand is one part art and one part science. But it always starts with passion. Especially as the retail sector continues to undergo massive transformation - powered by changing consumer tastes, cost pressures, and the growth of online channels, plus the resurgence of both retailers (and restaurants) that strive to offer greater convenience and healthier options. Merchandising CPG Team Management

Turn Sales Teams into CPQ Sales Teams

Cincom Smart Selling

There are many tools on the market that promise to boost your sales team’s performance. They offer a variety of approaches to “helping” Sales do a better job. In fact, the whole notion of sales performance management software has a long and not always positive history. Some sales tools promise to boost sales team motivation while others measure sales productivity and provide a selection of sales enablement tools to deliver individualized sales team support.