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Make the "Business-to-People" Sale

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Most Sales Managers would agree that completing prospecting activities and hitting sales goals are critical to success. However, what happens when we focus too much on the numbers and not enough on being a resource for prospects, we impact (or lose) the human element of our business.

How Is Your Sales Commentary?

The Pipeline

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You Are the Brand

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Mark H. Kalan As a long-term practitioner of marketing, now over 40 years in duration, I have often been challenged by the concept of “The Brand,” what it communicates, what it means, what it stands for and how it is integral to an organization’s position and ultimate success in the market.

Partners Can Make – Or Break – Your Product Launch

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Although you may have a crackerjack in-house development team, can they provide all the knowledge and horsepower you need to launch breakthrough products on-time, on-spec and on-budget? Often there are some gaps – which frequently contribute to costly delays.

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The New Salesenomics

Understanding the Sales Force

Back in the 1960's it made sense for gasoline prices to be discounted down to the nearest 9/10 of a cent because gas prices ranged between 17.9 to 18.9 cents. But when gas prices are around $3.00 per gallon, how does 9/10 cent continue to make sense? Some habits die really hard.

This is How to Use Sales Strategy for Success

Alice Heiman

In May of 2018, Salesforce reported that 57% of sales reps didn’t hit their sales goals. Fortunately, by the end of 2018 things were looking up. Only 46% of sales reps didn’t hit their goals. If, like most companies, nearly 50% of your sales reps missed their quota, don’t despair. There is hope. .

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5 Biggest Interview Pitfalls—and How to Avoid Them

The Center for Sales Strategy

Interviewing salespeople is tough! Screening, uncovering, and selecting top talent takes a lot of practice and a reliable process. And it is essential to avoid the most common pitfalls along the way.

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Get Out the Map: Aligning Sales Processes to the Buyer’s Path

Miller Heiman Group

In 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail across the ocean blue with the goal of finding riches in the East Indies. However, though he had a clear goal, he didn’t have a map, so he fell well short of his intended destination, landing in the Caribbean islands instead. Despite what many believe, he didn’t discover continental North America or even set foot there.).

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Three Variables to Improve Your Prospecting Effectiveness

Anthony Iannarino

Regardless of the medium you choose to prospect, and I hope you start with the telephone, the outcome is a meeting. Many variables play into your results, but three tend to dominate your ability to secure a meeting. Trading Value.

The Best 10 Web Chat Tools in 2019

Hubspot Sales

Did you know this? HubSpot Research found that 82% of consumers rate an "immediate" response as important or very important when they have a marketing or sales question. And 90% of consumers rate an "immediate" response as important or very important when they have a customer service question.

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Effective Sales Negotiation Process to Increase Leverage

Sales Readiness Group

Before your next sales negotiation, ask yourself these questions to ensure a successful outcome. A great sales negotiation process to increase your leverage. Selling Skills Negotiating

Increase Sales by Closing the Gap, with Keenan on Gap Selling, Ep #114


Subscribe to Selling With Social. Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | Google Podcasts. We all want to increase sales, but many are still going about it the wrong way.

Our First WOTC West–2019


“Courage + dreams = success”. Marlee Matin. This past week at Women in The Channel West 2019 was inspiring and motivating. The two days in Palm Springs, CA included break out sessions, keynote speakers, workshops, building relationships and morning yoga! The event left me with 5 takeaways: 1.

The Definitive Guide to a Data-Driven PR Strategy


There’s no way around it, companies that have access to data and the means to analyze said data are often among the most successful.

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Micromanaging…a Good Thing?

Engage Selling

Micromanaging often gets a bad wrap in the professional world. But, could it actually be a good thing? Look, the term micromanage can have different meanings to different people. Often, it gets misinterpreted as “nagging” in many workplaces, but that’s … Read More » Observations from the real World client attraction Client Communication Colleen Francis micromanaging Prospecting sales leadership sales management sales quota sales success selling The Sales Leader

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Does Your Sales Organization Have What it Takes to Be Elite?

Force Management: The Command Center

An elite sales organization is one that drives higher win rates , larger deal sizes , higher margins , and predictable revenue. Can you confidently say you and your team excel in all of these areas?

Identify and Manage Leadership Blindspots


The Responsibility of Leadership. You don’t know what you don’t know, right?

8 Surefire Tactics Proven to Shorten the Enterprise Sales Cycle

Sales Hacker

Sales will always be a numbers game. But when you express those numbers as minutes in the day, they suddenly become a more visibly finite resource: Just 1,440 minutes in the day. Still, fewer minutes in a workday. Even with a 12-hour work schedule, there are just 720 minutes (or 43,200 seconds) in a given workday. The question is, how many of those minutes are spent managing the close? Is It Possible to Shorten the Enterprise Sales Cycle? How most sales reps spend their day may surprise you.

Nimble Earns Top Customer Satisfaction Scores for Small Business Sales Intelligence Tools

Nimble - Sales

We’ve been named the top Sales Intelligence Software Tool for Small Business Satisfaction and overall Market Leader for the eighth consecutive time by G2 Crowd (the world’s leading business software reviews platform)!

7 Most Common Mistakes In Sales Process Mapping And How To Avoid Them

Sales process mapping is a great tool businesses can utilize to strengthen their sales force and work on an effective marketing strategy. Here are some of the most common mistakes businesses make and how you can avoid each of them.

Simplifying ASC 606 Compliance: Hear from Real Companies at Xactly Unleashed


ASC 606 compliance has proved more challenging than expected for companies. Learn how real businesses are tackling implementation and simplifying compliance. Revenue Recognition (ASC 606) Sales Performance Management

Being the Best Isn’t Enough Anymore

Leading Results Rambings

Imagine you’re in the restaurant business. Whether it’s been years or you’re new to the game, you know you’re the best at what you do. Your food is the best. Your service is the best. Your presentation is the best. Your atmosphere is the best. And your customers love you.

11 Tips for Asking Effective Sales Questions

Selling Energy

To get the proper takeaways from a meeting, you need to prepare yourself before going in. Here are some tips concerning which questions you should ask as well as a couple that you absolutely shouldn’t: sales tips

Why You Shouldn’t Lose Sight of Lead Generation

Closer's Coffee

Being at the helm of your own company has many challenges. One of the main ones is balancing client acquisition with work execution. With only twenty-four hours available to you every day, it’s always tempting to lean towards the task you find easier or more enjoyable.

Funnel Radio Line-up May 23

Sales Lead Management Association

Starting at 9 am our hosts' guests include: Matt Hayman, Jane Freeman, Chazz Clevinger, Michael Fox, Colleen Stanley, Phil Harrel, Theresa Kushner, Rachel Neasham, and Hiten Shah. Asher Sales Sense CRM Radio DataDump Radio Funnel Radio Channel Sales Pipeline Radio SLMA Radio

Is Your Business Getting Enough Nourishment?

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Just like we need food and nourishment for our physical self, so does our business. However, while our body tells us we are hungry and it is time to eat, our business doesn’t necessarily do the same. Therefore, it is critical that we put plans in to place to make time to ‘feed’ our business. .


Why Open-ended Questions Drive Effective Coaching


Effective sales coaching is collaborative, and to be collaborative, you must ask questions. However, too often, people misunderstand this critical component of coaching. They ask questions designed to elicit a specific response. These kinds of questions feel like an interrogation.

Plan, Implement & Measure Your Sales Enablement Initiatives with Chorus’ Coaching Programs

Here’s a familiar scene from a fast-growing company near you: The sales managers tell Bob, the Sales Enablement Manager, that they feel their reps aren’t really handling pricing discussions well.

Sales trend 5 – Using sales enablement technology to build trust

Sue Barrett

Guest author: Steve Hall Sales Trend 5 from the Barrett 12 Sales Trends Report for 2019 is about why ‘more’ isn’t ‘better’ when it comes to sales enablement technology. Sales enablement technology is becoming more and more sophisticated. Artificial intelligence, Account Based Marketing (ABM) platforms, email tracking, autodiallers and so on are enabling more salespeople […]. The post Sales trend 5 – Using sales enablement technology to build trust appeared first on Barrett Sales Blog.

Plan, Implement & Measure Your Sales Enablement Programs with Chorus’ Coaching Initiatives

Here’s a familiar scene from a fast-growing company near you: The sales managers tell Bob, the Sales Enablement Manager, that they feel their reps aren’t really handling pricing discussions well.

The Prospecting Objective is Not to JUST Set the Appointment

Smart Calling

One myth that has been around for a long time, is that the first prospecting call should be to just set the appointment. Nothing more. And, that causes salespeople to miss opportunities, and waste time.

“Forwarding This Marketing Email Is Strictly Prohibited By Law….”

Partners in Excellence

It’s been a while since I’ve whined about the stupid prospecting emails I get. I could literally post every day–even if I set the criteria “I’ll only post unsolicited marketing emails from ‘Global 1000’ corporations.” ” Today, I received an intriguing email from a Fortune 50 corporation. I’ll overlook: The fact that our company is already a customer, using some of the services they are trying to get me to buy.

How LeadQuizzes’ Jeremy Ellens took his company from 0 to $1,000,000 (and beyond!) in annual revenue

Predictable Revenue

On this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, co-host Collin Stewart welcomes Travis Henry, Director of Inside Sales Operations at renowned Bay Area sales consultancy SalesSource. The post How LeadQuizzes’ Jeremy Ellens took his company from 0 to $1,000,000 (and beyond!) in annual revenue appeared first on Predictable Revenue. B2B Blog Customer Success Interview Lead Generation Sales Process

Rebalancing Tech’s Gender Gap


In the past 100 years, the face of tech has undergone a radical transformation. Long before the industry became synonymous with men in hoodies, women like Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper were inventing the machines and programs that made the tech-driven world we live in today possible. But by the 1970s, women had become all but invisible in the fields they helped pioneer.