Mon.Jul 26, 2021

Creating a Coachable Culture

Sales and Marketing Management

What is a coaching culture and why is it important? The Forbes Coaches Council states, “a coaching culture simply means supporting your employees so they learn new skills and become greater assets to the company.”.

Not Just Vacation, but a Place to Vacation

A Sales Guy

We have a saying here ASG, Complete flexibility, ruthless accountability.


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How to Manage Remote Sales Teams in 2021

Sales and Marketing Management

Remote work went mainstream in 2020, and the forced experiment showed us that working from home doesn’t have to derail productivity. In fact, a 2020 survey from FlexJobs shows that 51% of respondents said they feel more productive in their home office than at a traditional workplace. Because of distancing requirements, employee sentiment and the efficiency gains associated with well-managed remote work, I expect less than half of companies to shift entirely back to the office in 2021.

Survey 192

How to Help Sales Teams Hit Their Quota: Prioritize High and Low Activities

Sales Hacker

It’s no secret that technology’s evolution is changing the way sellers sell. Eighty percent of the prospecting sales force is under 25 years old. This generation of sellers is the first to be raised on mobile devices, applications, and tablets.

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A Recruiter’s Guide To Hiring In 2021

With vaccination rates rising, consumers spending more money, and people returning to offices, the job market is going through a period of unprecedented adjustment. As the New York Times observed, “It’s a weird moment for the American economy.” And recruiting professionals are caught in the middle. To make the most of this disruption, you need to understand the economic drivers, develop a strong strategy for unearthing valuable talent, and use the latest tech tools to get the job done. Read this guide to get your recruiting practice ready to thrive in the new normal.

Why Client Introductions Are a Sales Lead Strategy for These Times

Sales and Marketing Management

Cold calling in today's uncertain business climate should not be a priority. Instead, lean on your existing network for introductions. The post Why Client Introductions Are a Sales Lead Strategy for These Times appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management. News Featured

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How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Share Your Value With Others With Gretchen Keefner

Sales Hacker

“Gretchen, we know you’re good. But we don’t know why you’re good.”. A VP said those words to Gretchen Keefner, VP of Enterprise North America at Bullhorn, and it led to a career-defining aha moment.

Coaching for Stronger Virtual Teams

Sales and Marketing Management

COVID-19 has been a gamechanger in how and where we work. That is no less true for sales and marketing professionals as it is for most other workers. The post Coaching for Stronger Virtual Teams appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management. Special Report

Big Debt Crisis

Selling Energy

It’s a famous quote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” It has only been twelve years since the Great Recession and we are currently in the midst of another. How are these economic patterns created?

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Scale Your Coaching Capabilities With AI

Sales and Marketing Management

With research showing that B2B buyers are spending less and less time with sales reps while considering a purchase, every interaction becomes that much more important, says William Tyree, chief marketing officer at ringDNA. The post Scale Your Coaching Capabilities With AI appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management. Special Report

The Definitive B2B Sales Playbook: Proven Path to $ Multi-Million Revenues

Sales is at the forefront of revenue growth, and so organizations with highly streamlined sales operations consistently outperform competition. How do you create a path to success and fast-track your way to multi million dollar revenues? Read the eBook.

Leadership Development–Developing Managers Into Leaders

The Center for Sales Strategy

Promoting someone to a manager doesn't make them a leader. While managers have power, they too often lack the skills to use that power effectively. What you want is a strong sales leader, but how do you get there?

3 Steps to More Effective Virtual Coaching

Sales and Marketing Management

The COVID-19 pandemic was in its early stages when Scott Cassidy, vice president of marketing for ASLAN Training and Development, posted some tips for virtual coaching. Even back in May 2020, Cassidy realized that remote teams would likely outlast the pandemic. His recommendations: The post 3 Steps to More Effective Virtual Coaching appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management. Special Report

How to Set Objectives for a Sales Kickoff

Force Management

This blog contains content from our Ultimate Sales Kickoff Resource Guide. Check out all of our sales kickoff resources, best practices and tools here. Sales Kickoffs are meant to get the sales team motivated towards a common goal for the upcoming year.

Receiving Coaching Reinforces Its Importance

Sales and Marketing Management

One argument for bringing workers back into offices when it is safe to do so is the notion that an organization’s culture is established a great deal by in-person interactions. Companies strive for strong organizational cultures, but those can’t exist without a coaching culture being a constant component, says John Mattone, an executive coach. The post Receiving Coaching Reinforces Its Importance appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management. Special Report

It’s Time to Stop Obsessing Over Leads

If leads are no longer the main goal for your marketing and sales teams, what should you focus on instead to measure success? And how can you optimize your program to create more qualified sales opportunities, faster? Download the eBook today to find out how!

How to Succeed at High Achievement [PODCAST]

Sandler Training

Mike Montague interviews Ruth Gotian on How to Succeed at High Achievement. The post How to Succeed at High Achievement [PODCAST] appeared first on Sandler Training. Podcasts] Blog Posts How To Succeed Professional Development mentorship performance success

CFS Roundtable: Leadership for Organizational Growth

criteria for success

Happy Monday, Let's Talk Sales listeners! For this week's podcast, we're switching up our regular programming to do a roundtable with the CFS leaders, Charles Bernard and Elizabeth Frederick! Charles is our founder and CEO here at CFS, and Elizabeth is our CFS Operations Officer and Senior Advisor.

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Your Next SKO: Steps Sales Leaders Execute Early On

Force Management

This blog contains content from our Ultimate Sales Kickoff Resource Guide. Check out all of our sales kickoff resources, best practices and tools here.

7 Things From LinkedIn State of Sales Report to Increase Revenue | Sean Callahan - 1474

Sales Evangelist

The tactics, strategies, and practices of sales are constantly changing, and understanding how and where to adopt those changes into your sales strategy is critical to see success. So, on today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, Donald is joined by LinkedIn Senior Content Manager Sean Callahan to go over the seven sales trends identified in the 2021 LinkedIn Sales Report.

7 Keys to Creating Massive Value in Your Sales Meetings

Speaker: Marc Wayshak, Sales Strategist, Best-Selling Author & Founder, Sales Insights Lab

Engaging prospects in a strong two-way dialogue is something most reps struggle with. In this session with Marc Wayshak, you’ll discover a data-driven approach to sales meetings that yields significantly better results.

Portable Staging Equipment: When Should You Consider an Upgrade?

Sales Pop!

Portability is a major factor for most equipment when you are running an event management company. After all, the equipment’s mobility and reusability are essential factors for the business model to be profitable.

How to Break Through to Your Potential Customers (video)


In this Expert Insight Interview, Lee Caraher discusses getting on the map and how to break through to your potential customers and clients. Lee Caraher is CEO and Founder of Double Forte, a successful public relations, content marketing and social media firm.

What You Need to Know to Effectively Use Video Marketing to Increase Sales

Sales Pop!

Communicating your company’s message effectively sits at the core of any marketing campaign. It’s the key to making certain your project or products can resonate with your consumers to the extent that they’re enthusiastic to engage with you.

PandaDoc competitors: Is there a better proposal solution?


The contract and proposal software field is so competitive that we see new tools developed almost every year.

Reaching Unreachable Candidates

Speaker: Patrick Dempsey and Andrew Erpelding of ZoomInfo

What is ZoomInfo for Recruiters? Find and connect with the right talent to fill roles fast with more data, basic search, advanced search, candidate and company profiles, and export results. Watch this On-Demand Webinar today to see how ZoomInfo for Recruiters can work to get your talented candidates results.

Learn in 8 Steps how to make an effective sales call


Every sales call gets you closer to convert your prospect into a customer. So, before making any sales call, it will be great if you have prepared a checklist that helps you stay to the point and perform the sales call without any hassle.

?? Creating Sales Results Without Selling


If you lead with yourself, you leave with yourself. In this Expert Insight Interview, we welcome Larry Kaufman, best-selling author of The NCG Factor , and global keynote speaker on LinkedIn networking and sales leadership. Visit us on Apple Podcast You can also find SalesPOP!

The 4Cs for Sustainable Senior Care


We are facing a new social challenge, as aging population density steadily grows: offering them and their families appropriate care and auxiliary services. .

?? Why Customers Need Leadership Instead of Management


Thinking of yourself as a customer leader rather than a customer manager can give you the mindset shift you need to succeed. In this Expert Insight Interview, we welcome Jermain Edwards, who helps customer leaders establish relationship growth and customer retention.

Going to Market Smarter in the New Economy

In 2021, as companies continue to move more functions online, employees will take a more virtual -- and flexible -- mindset and lifestyle in parallel to the digitization of businesses. To succeed, you must change the way you conceive and build new products as a digital business. Download the report today to discover more!

Designing a Training Program Like a Pro


Tick tock, tick tock. You can feel the seconds passing by as you stare at your screen and think to yourself, “ How do you design a training program for adult learning? How can I possibly create something that’s engaging, helpful, and truly impactful for my organization?”.