Sun.Mar 29, 2020

How a Sales Leader Manages a Remote Workforce

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Today Scott Santucci, CEO of Growth Enablement Ecosystems, joins us to discuss digital transformation and how it impacts revenue growth. Digital is transforming the market as companies like Apple and Amazon reign supreme.

What is Missing from Our Leadership Now

Anthony Iannarino

It is a difficult time to be a leader. As the Coronavirus pandemic has unfolded, all of us have witnessed our national, state, and business leaders respond. Let’s set aside any political leanings for the time being, as it is not useful to the lessons here.

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SalesTech Video Review: StitchView

Smart Selling Tools

SalesTech Video Review: StitchView. With StitchView, you create specific views that automatically open relevant records from any app – giving reps all the information they need in one view. No more switching windows and having to navigate to the right records in different apps.

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Why You Will Finally Pay the Price of Not Selling Value


Given the current circumstances - a Global Pandemic and an economy where so many industries have been shut down or compromised - selling value will be more important than ever. Research

ABCs of Data Normalization for B2B Marketers

Data normalization. It’s not a far stretch to suggest that the topic isn’t exactly what gets marketers excited in their day-to-day workflow. However, if lead generation, reporting, and measuring ROI is important to your marketing team, then data normalization matters - a lot. In this eBook, we’ll break down the ins and outs of data normalization and review why it’s so critical for your marketing strategies and goals!

Emotional Intelligence In The Business World


Engaging With Real Authenticity. In any dynamic, emotions are what creates action, whether it’s within the context of a personal relationship or a sales relationship.

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How To Be Resilient


Stacey Copas became a quadriplegic at age 12 and had to reverse engineer her story from one of feeling like her life was over, to be able to turn it around with positivity and motivated optimism. It’s easy to feel completely defeated by things that happen in life.

Top Tips and Resources for Remote Sales Team Management

Score More Sales

You suddenly have an all-remote, WFH sales team(s). Now what? Learn from others who have been selling remotely already. Success leaves clues, remember? Sales Productivity sales leadership Inside Sales

1 Minute Remote Working Tips – #5 Your Workspace


Welcome to SalesPOP “ 1-minute remote working tips ” video series. This is the 7th video in the series. #5 5 Your Workspace. If you missed the other 6 videos in the series you can find them below. Introductions. #1 1 Expectations. #2 2 Sales Manager as Role Model #1. #2

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