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Which Salespeople are Easier to Train - Millennials or Veteran Salespeople?

Understanding the Sales Force

We brought home a puppy and we had him completely housebroken in 4 days. He's really smart and we've done this before, a combination that makes it nearly impossible to screw up.

Product Launch: Ready to Shake Up the Status Quo?

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The lost art of call planning

Sales Training Connection

After many years of sitting in on sales calls and even more providing feedback to salespeople in sales simulations, we’ve noticed there definitely is variability in the amount and quality of pre-call planning.

Ghostbusters I Predicted the End of the Sales Professional

Anthony Cole Training

THE DIGITAL AGE SIGNALS AN END TO TRADITIONAL SELLING. closing more sales buying process effective sales management

An Inside Look Into Sales Development Practices in 2018

A peek into the experience and learning of a sales development representative for a first-hand understanding. An organization can benefit from these insights and improvise the working of the sales team accordingly for the new market.

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Making B2B More Like B2C Sales???

Partners in Excellence

I read a terrific article by Tiffani Bova, “6 Tips For Selling In The Age Of The Connected Consumer.” ” There’s a lot I agree with, but one point stood out, Make B2B More Like B2C.

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Are You a Positive Sales Influencer?

Platinum Rules for Success

Earning trust and building relationships with customers can often be overlooked by sales people. Focusing only on the opportunity, or just closing the sale can be detrimental. By being a positive sales influencer, you can build rapport and credibility with your relationships.

The 1-2-3 Rule for Mobile Presentations

Performance Sales and Training

Using iPads, tablets, or even smartphones to engage customers in conversations and presentations is a smart move today.

Why You Suck at Prospecting and How To Fix It Video


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What Is Sales Enablement and Why Should I Care?

Sales enablement is not really a new concept; it has been around for over 10 years. However, understanding the full application of sales enablement is a very different thing.