Sat.Nov 16, 2019

Why Success Rewards Persistence and Punishes Quitting

Anthony Iannarino

Success is an auditor. It measures the precursors to success to determine who gets to obtain it—and for how long. It is quite often that people misunderstand what success is measuring, mistaking luck and circumstances, things outside of their control with the things that are within their control.

This is What a High Performance Sales Culture Looks Like


First of all, it’s not about sales at all. It’s not about selling, it’s about buying. A high-performance sales culture is extremely adept and successful at convincing people to buy; it’s not focussed on creating the behaviors necessary to push (sell) products at people.

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What Are You Drinking?

Selling Energy

self improvement


?? Sales Stay Relevant In the Digital Age


Technological advances in the sales world have been mostly positive thus far, but many salespeople fear their ability to stay relevant in the digital age. The dystopian fears of technology replacing salespeople are far from accurate, though.

How to Leverage Podcast Interviews to Boost your Sales


Jessica Rhodes is the founder and equal co-owner of Interview Connections. She has scaled the business quickly to high multiple six figures, with nearly no direct marketing or ads, and will break through the 7-figure mark in 2018.

?? Sales Process & Strategies


Sales processes and sales strategies are important parts of selling. A sales process follows from sales strategy. A successful operation does not just come about naturally; it is something that requires planning and intense consideration from both customers and companies. And yet, many companies don’t put sufficient work into creating their strategies, leaving their processes weak and unsuccessful.