Sun.Jul 07, 2019

Monday Motivation Video: Setting Your 2nd Half Sales Goals

The Sales Hunter

What do you need to do over the next six months to close out 2019 strong? Look at last week’s success as well as your upcoming goals and up your game. You need to aggressively prospect and sell now through October so that November and December are bigger than ever.

Sales & Operations Planning: The C-Suite Dilemma

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Alfred Baumbusch Over the past four decades, manufacturing, distribution and some service companies have invested management time and attention, consulting dollars and technology expense to properly balance supply commitments and realized demand. At the same time, they have been seeking effective ways to optimize tradeoffs between working capital (inventory), operating expense and providing consistent quality customer service. The results have been spotty at best.

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The Books That Taught Me How to Sell

Anthony Iannarino

I had brain surgery 90 days before I went back to working in my family’s business. At the time, I was not allowed to drive, a difficult obstacle to overcome when you have to book sales meetings—or if you need a few things from the grocery store.

How To 113

Sales enablement technology - good or bad?


Technology is great when it’s used effectively for the right reasons. But far too often sales enablement technology simply allows us to do harmful and ineffective things quicker and in greater volume. Sales Management Sales Enablement

A Step-by-Step Strategic Account Plan Template for Shared-Value

Hubspot Sales

Are you a B2B account manager or sales executive who is serious about account-based sales or account-based marketing (ABM)? If the answer is “Yes,” chances are you understand your customers want partners, not vendors.

Prospecting Existing Accounts


In today’s world, every business owners are looking for ways to attracting new customers and to develop more business opportunities. But the sad truth many of those don’t have any prospect list of potential customers which is quite unbelievable.

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How to Avoid a Bad Actor - Choosing an Outbound Company that Delivers 20% - Mari Anne Vanella

Sales Lead Management Association

In this interview with Mari Anne Vanella, CEO, and Founder of the Vanella Group, she explores how to find and screen a "calling" company that meets B2B standards of excellence. . Telemarketing

Why Not Plan Your Sales Calls Like You Do Your Weekends?

Smart Calling

We plan the things that are important to us. Like what we’ll do on the weekend. Do you put that much prep, or more into your sales and prospecting calls? Here are some specific tips for the parts of your calls that need to be planned to get optimal success. Listen Here.