Sun.Aug 18, 2019

Are CEOs Focusing on the Right Sales Opportunities?

Sales Benchmark Index

Most CEO’s have good visibility into the top deals in your sales pipeline and are reviewing with their CRO and CFO at least weekly. And often, CEO’s will review top deals with their Chairman or a board member in a.

Monday Motivation Video: What Will You Google Today?

The Sales Hunter

What are you most likely to Google today? What question do you want Google to answer for you? If you’re a parent, ask your kids these questions. Successful people are always trying to quench their thirst for knowledge.

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Goals: You Reach Your Goals When You Adhere To Disciplines

Anthony Iannarino

The note-taking application Evernote has a way to create an area where you can keep things that you want to share with others. The function is called Spaces, and it sort of like a crude project space and file manager. One of my Spaces is called Goals.

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SalesTech Video Review: Conversica

Smart Selling Tools

SalesTech Video Review: Conversica. Conversica is a virtual sales assistant that pursues every-single-lead to identify which are conversation-ready. It eliminates the hard work of contacting, engaging, nurturing and qualifying every lead to find the good ones.

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Sales Enablement: What It Is, What It Isn't, and Where It's Going

Speaker: Roderick Jefferson, Chief Executive Officer

The biggest problem with Sales Enablement is that there is no one universal definition. If you were to ask 10 different people “What is Sales Enablement?” you would get 10 different answers, none of which would show the whole picture. Roderick Jefferson, CEO and top sales enablement consultant, is here to provide some much-needed clarity on the what, why, and how of Sales Enablement.

How likely is your customer to take action?


One of the most significant mistakes any sales person can make is to assume that their prospective customer is inevitably going to buy something, and that the only remaining questions are what, when, and who from. Sales Management Sales Strategy