Sun.Jun 06, 2021

Podcast 201: Simon Mulcahy and Karen Semone On The Art, Science, and Magic of Selling

John Barrows

Our guests this week are Simon Mulcahy, Chief Innovation Officer @ Salesforce, and Karen Semone, Senior Director of Innovation at Salesforce. This conversation between John and these two dynamic, free-thinking leaders is filled with invention, thought leadership, innovation, and content.

The future of B2B selling is collaborative


I recently participated in a fascinating panel discussion facilitated by Jonathan Farrington of Top Sales World on “Identifying the New Post-Covid Frontline Sales Professional” with Dave Mattson of Sandler Training and Lisa Leitch of Teneo Results.

B2B 73

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Podcast 200: Mark Roberge On Looking Ahead and Adapting to The Future of Sales Copy

John Barrows

Our guest this week is Mark Roberge, Managing Director at Stage 2 Capital and Professor at Harvard Business School. John and Mark discuss the future of sales, best practices, and how one size and strategy does not fit all companies. They emphasize how agility, disruption and innovation have moved to the forefront of careers and business. Mark delivers wise advice to up and coming sales professionals. Follow the podcast: Subscribe on iTunes. Subscribe on Spotify.

Weekly Recap, June 6, 2021

Selling Energy

Here are our favorite sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs. sales tips sales performance sales success

Developing Your Training Content So That It Actually Moves the Needle

Speaker: Bryan Naas, VP of Sales Productivity at Braze

Getting reps & marketers to engage in your content is half the battle of providing value that can ultimately impact the bottom line. How do we break through the noise? In this session, Bryan Naas will detail what it takes to build training and content resources that reps will actually take the time to engage with so you can help them reach their goals.