Thu.Sep 23, 2021

How to Get Your Sales Leadership Questions Answered

Anthony Cole Training

When executives think about their sales teams, they often ask themselves if they have the right people in the seat and how they can become more effective.

When the Golden Rule Fails, Try the Platinum Rule

The Center for Sales Strategy

The idea that you should “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” dates back at least to Confucianism (551 BC) and has precedents in nearly every religion. It makes sense, doesn’t it?


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How To Sell Using LinkedIn

Predictable Revenue

Brynne Tillman joins us to talk about how to leverage LinkedIn for social selling, and figuring out a way to help your audience sell for you. The post How To Sell Using LinkedIn appeared first on Predictable Revenue. Blog Podcast Show Notes Sales & Marketing Strategies

Top 8 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business


When it comes to running a small, but successful business, you need all the help you can get. Between invoicing customers, acquiring new leads, and managing your staff members marketing your business is a challenge that requires time and energy. So, where do you find that extra push?

Top 10 Tactics for a Successful SKO!

The 2022 Sales Kick Off is your big opportunity to align your sales team and drive change. Make sure it's successful with Second Nature’s SKO Ebook! Find out: ? How to set the right goals and KPIs ? How to translate vision into tactics ? How to keep salespeople engaged.

Remote Selling Viewpoints: Easy Content Management & Virtual Presentations

Smart Selling Tools

Remote Selling has become an important focus for every sales organization. Digital sales technologies, by default, are what enables remote selling.

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Salesforce vs. Retail Execution Platform: Why Your Field Team Needs Both


What’s one of the most common barriers to success we hear when talking to CPG brands about their technology stack? Our field team is using Salesforce's CRM to stay organized in the field.”. Service Industry Tools & Tech Field Sales

This One Simple Step Will Help You Coach Your Team to be Self-Sufficient

Sandler Training

Sales leaders often tell us that they want salespeople to take a more proactive role. Fortunately, there is a simple fix for turning this dynamic around. The post This One Simple Step Will Help You Coach Your Team to be Self-Sufficient appeared first on Sandler Training.

Why Sales Enablement and Conversation Intelligence Make the Perfect Match


We’re witnessing the coming of age of Conversation Intelligence. Before the pandemic, reps used to benefit from being in the bullpen with sales managers, sitting alongside them, able to overhear their colleagues on calls and learn by osmosis.

Scaling Sales Coaching with Sandler and Highspot

Sandler Training

Sales coaching is the process of developing and mentoring a salesperson through one-on-one relationships with a manager or peer. The post Scaling Sales Coaching with Sandler and Highspot appeared first on Sandler Training. Blog Posts Professional Development sales coaching Sales Enablement training

This Coming Holiday Season is Shaping Up to Have the Most Spending in History

As for what shoppers want to buy most, you'll have to read the “2021 Holidays Unwrapped” report by Klarna to find out. Download it here!

How to Sell Effectively to Cities, Counties, and School Districts

Selling Energy

Cities, counties and school districts can be difficult when it comes to implementing energy efficiency projects. The only clear way to success is winning them over with concise, persuasive measures that appeal to their needs. So, how can you gain their attention?

How to Get Started With Channel Partnerships for SaaS Businesses

Sales Hacker

A channel partner is a company that sells products and services for a technology manufacturer or vendor. This technology may include hardware, traditional software, Software as a Service (SaaS), or cloud computing solutions. What is a channel partner?

What Is Conversational AI And How Does It Work?


Do you want to transform your customers’ buying experience and enhance sales using conversational AI? The technology will not only deliver personalized experience to your customers, but also enhance overall customer satisfaction.

New VP of Sales? | Resources to Get You Started | Force Management

Force Management

You’ve put in the work to achieve your new position and now you’re aiming to make an immediate impact on sales success. We’ve pulled together some of our most popular resources that apply to people in a new sales leadership role.

7 Keys to Creating Massive Value in Your Sales Meetings

Speaker: Marc Wayshak, Sales Strategist, Best-Selling Author & Founder, Sales Insights Lab

Engaging prospects in a strong two-way dialogue is something most reps struggle with. In this session with Marc Wayshak, you’ll discover a data-driven approach to sales meetings that yields significantly better results.

A Roadmap For Value Based Selling

Integrity Solutions

A value based selling approach is intended to help salespeople focus their client conversations around creating product value versus price. This helps to better differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market.

How Quotas Are Holding Your Sales Team Back


This article is part of the Crunchbase Community Contributor Series. The author is an expert in their field and a Crunchbase user. We are honored to feature and promote their contribution on the Crunchbase blog.

Quota 56

Busting the myth! Using sales scripts make you sound like a robot


There are various ways of engaging with prospects and leads, one of them being sales calling scripts. . Some sales reps prefer to reach out to their prospects without any preparation; however, this practice does not work on everyone and might backfire.

This is the Competitor You Most Often Lose To – Episode 011

Customer Centric Selling

Customer Centric Selling Podcast – Show Notes – Episode 11. The biggest loss is a loss to no decision incorporated in the sales process.” – Frank Visgatis. Welcome to the Customer Centric Selling podcast!

Increase Revenue with Faster Sales Onboarding

Quotas need to be hit. Revenue goals need to be met. This reality makes shortening sales onboarding time a top priority. This exclusive eBook, Increase Revenue with Faster Sales Onboarding, provides details on how to: • Achieve your sales organization's goals • Increase revenue • Avoid turnover • Give reps a path to success Download the eBook today!

Video Is the Channel of the Future—Are You Ready?


At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we began contacting all of our customers. We wanted to learn how they were coping. Were their marketers still generating demand? Were sales development reps securing meetings? Were account executives landing deals? What we heard wasn’t good.

How to Set Your Reps Up for Success in Their First 4 Weeks

Sales Hacker

Onboarding an SDR team doesn’t have to be stressful. Pair the right frameworks with proper coaching and you’ll always set your team up for success. Join us to get your hands and tried and true methods that are backed up by real SDR managers. The post How to Set Your Reps Up for Success in Their First 4 Weeks appeared first on Sales Hacker. Training & Coaching Community Events

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Small Business Grants: What They Are & How to Get Them


Sourcing capital is one of the most pressing, frustrating challenges any small business owner has to face. Finding investors can be imposing, and qualifying for loans isn't always viable while you're still getting your feet set in your market.

Updating Your Go To Market Systems Just Got a Lot Faster With Troops’s Latest Release: Grid


If you’re like most people who work in Sales, Customer Success, Sales Development or Revenue Operations roles, then you spend way too much time entering data into Salesforce , Gainsight , Outreach , HubSpot , and other Go To Market systems.

The Blueprint for Better Sales Onboarding

Onboarding – every company does it, but a shockingly few do it really well. So the question is – how do you break the cycle and onboard salespeople in a way that actually works? This exclusive eBook provides 6 steps to better sales onboarding. Download the eBook today!

The Building Blocks of Sales Enablement – Mike Kunkle

Tibor Shanto

By Tibor Shanto. There has been no shortage of new sales related books during COVID, the usual mixed bag, with scale. But one stands out, The Building Blocks of Sales Enablement , by Mike Kunkle.

Raising Prices When Costs are Rising

Braveheart Sales

Costs are rising on everything! Your raw material costs are rising. Your labor costs are rising. Your recruiting costs are rising. Your energy costs are rising Your freight costs are rising. You are incurring higher costs to overcome supply chain bottlenecks in areas such as overtime, expediting fees, and substituting more expensive materials. But Are Margins Rising? These crushing cost increases create significant pressure on your margins.

Managing Irregular Buyer Budgets in a Fluid Selling Environment


Early this month I touched on the irregularities organizations are navigating internally and externally in terms of hybrid virtual and in-person interactions. Now I want to shed some light on another anomaly as the result of this fluid selling environment: buyer budgets and prolonged sales cycles.

Buyer 38

Ethical & Exceptional Email: How to Rank Top for Both


Ethical marketing is a hot topic right now, especially with the introduction of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) functionality. MPP strengthens subscriber privacy by restricting the use of tracking pixels and IP addresses to identify factors like email opens, device utilisation, and location.

Buyer's Guide: Best-of-Breed Sales Enablement

The results are in—companies who have sales enablement consistently report higher win rates than companies who don’t. This guide will help you understand: • The subcategories of sales enablement. • The best-of-breed and single-vendor approaches. • How to set up your best-of-breed sales enablement ecosystem Download the guide today!

?? The Art of Getting What You Want


Everything in life is a sale. In this Expert Insight Interview, we welcome Alison Edgar MBE, author of an Amazon Best Seller — Secret of Successful Sales, and a new book entitled Smash It! The Art of Getting What YOU Want. Visit us on Apple Podcast You can also find SalesPOP!

Sales 52

Major Pursuits – People, Patience and Pandemics

Sales Pop!

In this post-COVID time, the sales hunger to win big deals is intense. But the irony is that in selling to large accounts , sales cycles are typically long and drawn out. Alas, no easy solution to recovering from eighteen months of pandemic paralysis.

What Is Tacit Knowledge and How Can Businesses Capture It?


Sharing knowledge in the workplace. It seems straightforward, right? Well, you may be surprised to learn that it’s actually one of the biggest hurdles businesses face today. This is because not all the knowledge we have inside our heads is easy to put into words and pass on to others.