Sat.Apr 20, 2019

The Hustler’s Playbook: What Got You Here

Anthony Iannarino

What got you here is discipline , an iron discipline. It was your work ethic, the fact that you did the work without hesitation, procrastination, and without fail. While others put off doing what is necessary, you took action, doing what is vital to the future you were pulling forward.

What The Sales Industry Can Learn From Authors


Salespeople are masters when it comes to words and so are authors. Though the two might seem miles apart in their industries, there’s plenty that sales reps can learn from authors – from saying more with less to being able to edit their work to achieve the best end result. Say more with less to make your pitch more powerful. Some salespeople like to wrap their customers in knots with their words, overloading them with information in order to remove any barriers to a sale.

Turn Uphappy Customers Happy

Selling Energy

No sales professional wants his or her customers to be unhappy. It’s bad for business. However, I believe you should expect and pay very close attention to customer complaints and feedback in order to earn their trust and build rapport. Selling Performance