Thu.Jul 22, 2021

Improving Sales Performance — IMPACT Your Sales Performance: Pipeline Management

The Center for Sales Strategy

As a sales manager, how much better would your life be if you had access to better forecast accuracy and improved sales performance?

Build With Us: Automate Workflows With Guru’s Zapier & Workato Apps


If this last year taught us anything, it’s that we have a lot of SaaS apps. And, that we need them. At Guru, we hate context switching. And we love knowledge. So as your tech stack continues to grow, how will aaaaaall of those apps work together with Guru?


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The Art of Selling in 11 Words

Marc Wayshak

For as long as sales has been around, a fierce debate has always raged about whether selling is a science or an art… I think the answer is somewhere in the middle. Sales is part science and part art. Finding that intersection is really important for every salesperson.

How to Succeed at Hacking the Fear Response [PODCAST]

Sandler Training

Mike Montague interviews John Davis on How to Succeed at Hacking the Fear Response. The post How to Succeed at Hacking the Fear Response [PODCAST] appeared first on Sandler Training. Podcasts] Blog Posts How To Succeed Professional Development how to succeed sales podcast sales success

A Recruiter’s Guide To Hiring In 2021

With vaccination rates rising, consumers spending more money, and people returning to offices, the job market is going through a period of unprecedented adjustment. As the New York Times observed, “It’s a weird moment for the American economy.” And recruiting professionals are caught in the middle. To make the most of this disruption, you need to understand the economic drivers, develop a strong strategy for unearthing valuable talent, and use the latest tech tools to get the job done. Read this guide to get your recruiting practice ready to thrive in the new normal.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Forming a Marketing and Sales SLA That Works

Sales Hacker

Marketing and sales team alignment is the mythical holy grail for most companies. Good cooperation between these two can skyrocket your growth, while the opposite might turn out to be a dead-end for further scaling. The truth is that most companies fail to get it right.

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The Power of Savings-To-Investment Ratio

Selling Energy

When teaching I almost always reserve a section of the presentation for financial metrics. One of the most overlooked metrics is my favorite one to use: savings-to-investment ratio or SIR. It’s also one of the most effective to use if you frame it the right way.

Sales 83

How Sales Enablement will Boost Your Bottom Line | LevelJump


Did you know that sales enablement programs help companies increase sales by 75

Podcast 209: Alexine Mudawar and Gabrielle Blackwell on Empowering Women in Sales


Our guests this week are Alexine Mudawar, Major Account Executive at Displayr, and Gabrielle Blackwell, SDR at Gong.

Why Coaching? The Business and Personal Cases

Integrity Solutions

When your people feel understood and appreciated, they will be intensely loyal to the manager who has demonstrated care and interest in their development. When you hear the word “coach”, what comes to mind? We often associate “coach” with a sports analogy.

The Definitive B2B Sales Playbook: Proven Path to $ Multi-Million Revenues

Sales is at the forefront of revenue growth, and so organizations with highly streamlined sales operations consistently outperform competition. How do you create a path to success and fast-track your way to multi million dollar revenues? Read the eBook.

Sellers and Buyers Out of Sync: What the CEO Should Do

Alice Heiman

The way people buy has changed drastically over the last 18 months. Today I want to talk about what the CEO needs to do in the organization when sellers and buyers are out of sync.

Buyer 72

WEBINAR: John Barrows hosts “How to Create a Competitive Advantage Before, During, and After Sales Calls” Sponsored by Zoominfo


The post WEBINAR: John Barrows hosts “How to Create a Competitive Advantage Before, During, and After Sales Calls” Sponsored by Zoominfo appeared first on JB Sales

The 3 P’s to run a great meeting

Trinity Perspectives

How do you run a great meeting? It feels like a blindingly obvious question, but it’s actually not. When you start to analyse all the different factors that influence a great meeting, it can make your head spin. I know … I did it not so long ago and here’s what I realised.

The Ultimate Guide to Operations Productivity: What It Is and How to Measure It


When it comes to sales, productivity is of utmost importance. What and how much the team is inputting can directly translate to outputs of goods and services, meaning better productivity can lead to more sales.

ROI 54

It’s Time to Stop Obsessing Over Leads

If leads are no longer the main goal for your marketing and sales teams, what should you focus on instead to measure success? And how can you optimize your program to create more qualified sales opportunities, faster? Download the eBook today to find out how!

Components of a Successful Sales Technology Ecosystem

Vendor Neutral

The 5 E’s of a Sales Technology Ecosystem. Building a Successful, Sustainable Sales Technology Stack. Your sales technology stack can either be your greatest asset or your biggest source of agitation. It all depends on how you approach the selection, adoption, and integration of your solutions.

How to Build a Successful Sales Team: 4 Methods

criteria for success

Everyone wants to succeed in sales. If sales are up, salespeople likely feel good about their work, meaning morale is up. By the same token, profits are probably up as well, so it’s a win-win situation. But how do you build a successful sales team?

Pandemics, Playbooks and Priorities

Sales Pop!

As roadmaps for best practices, sales playbooks matter. But now, as we emerge from the maelstrom of the pandemic, they matter more than ever. To start this playbook conversation, let’s build our understanding through one of our favorite methods – the sports analogy.

Agile workforce planning is as much about managing relationships as it is managing processes


Every business function depends acutely on its workforce. Workforce planning is no longer regarded as simply “an HR task,” but rather a collaborative effort across the organization, with HR playing a central role. Human Resources

7 Keys to Creating Massive Value in Your Sales Meetings

Speaker: Marc Wayshak, Sales Strategist, Best-Selling Author & Founder, Sales Insights Lab

Engaging prospects in a strong two-way dialogue is something most reps struggle with. In this session with Marc Wayshak, you’ll discover a data-driven approach to sales meetings that yields significantly better results.

Comment on An Antidote to Corruption: Human-centred Business & Sales by Sue Barrett

Sue Barrett

Thanks John. We need to keep raising awareness about better ways to live, vote, do politics and business. Cheers Sue

Sales 52

Tony Solano, Sr. Joins Cincom® as Director of North American Sales


Cincinnati, OH (July 22, 2021) – Cincom Systems, Inc., a global supplier of enterprise software solutions, announced today that the company has appointed Tony Solano as Director of North American Sales.

Eating a (Presentation) Elephant

Eyeful Presentations

We live, breathe and eat presentations and visual communication, and we’re not afraid to admit it.

A crash course in Sales + CS Alignment for Your Business


When you think of a revenue department, what’s the first department that comes to mind? The obvious answer is sales, it’s literally in the definition… “ the amount of money a business generates during a specific period of time aka sales.”. But what about Customer Success?

Reaching Unreachable Candidates

Speaker: Patrick Dempsey and Andrew Erpelding of ZoomInfo

What is ZoomInfo for Recruiters? Find and connect with the right talent to fill roles fast with more data, basic search, advanced search, candidate and company profiles, and export results. Watch this On-Demand Webinar today to see how ZoomInfo for Recruiters can work to get your talented candidates results.

Why You Need a Customer Experience Strategy


Customer experience isn’t optional, even if you don’t follow market trends, your customers are leading the way into this new reality. It’s not enough to just focus on customer experience within your organization, you need more.

Comment on An Antidote to Corruption: Human-centred Business & Sales by John White

Sue Barrett

This is the best summation on our nations current appalling attitude towards, and acceptance of, the greed and exploitation you highlight. This article should be widely published, most notably in a certain media corporation that either ignores, or worse, encourages and celebrates the ‘profit before people’ mantra in both their newspapers and nighttime opinionated television programs

Media 40