Tue.Apr 18, 2017

8 Activities Outstanding Sales Managers Prioritize

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I Have Seen the Future of Sales and it is Bright

The Sales Hunter

Never before have I been more proud of the sales profession and more passionate about its impact on the global economy. In this era of consolidation and trends that move at the speed of a tweet, sales is a profession that doesn’t just stay the course, but sets the course.

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How Top Sales Leaders Work with Sales Operations

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Today we are going to demonstrate how the relationship between the head of sales and the head of sales operations should work. Joining us for today’s show is a sales leadership team who know a thing or two about revenue.

Don't Forget Your Business Cards When You Innovate

Increase Sales

Business cards are prime marketing space. Yet how often are they forgotten when it comes to time to innovate. If innovation is all about change, the question is: “Does your business card reflects your own innovation?” ” Has your tagline changed? Have your sales prospects changed (think ideal customers )? I s the marketplace the same today as it was when you first started? Business cards are inexpensive compared to other forms of paid marketing.

An Inside Look Into Sales Development Practices in 2018

A peek into the experience and learning of a sales development representative for a first-hand understanding. An organization can benefit from these insights and improvise the working of the sales team accordingly for the new market.

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Sales Tips: Before You Negotiate, Ask This Important Question

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Never Negotiate Unless You Are the Selected Vendor. By Gary Walker, EVP of Channel Sales & Operations, CustomerCentric Selling®.

The Diminishing Salesforce

Quota Factory

There is turnover in sales, it’s no surprise to any sales management team that they will likely lose all of their sales reps, and more likely at the peaks of their careers within an organization.

Selling Would Be So Easy If It Weren’t For Those Damn Customers!

Partners in Excellence

For some weeks, I’ve been on the war path about emerging trends in sales. We see the same issues and trends in too many blog posts/books, at every conference, and in the social channels. The focus in much of our discussions on selling is about us–sales people. We see discussions focused on increasing specialization in sales–actually adaptations of the Toyota Production System.

Price Management Software Always Has the Right Answer

Cincom Smart Selling

Price Management software lets you confidently answer that most common question in a sales transaction: how much does it cost ? It doesn’t matter what you are selling—nails or aircraft carriers. At some point, the prospect is going to ask the price question. It may be early or late in the cycle; it may be a formal request or a casual inquiry. Regardless, the question will come. There are only two possible answers to the question: the right answer or the wrong answer.

What Is Sales Enablement and Why Should I Care?

Sales enablement is not really a new concept; it has been around for over 10 years. However, understanding the full application of sales enablement is a very different thing.

“The Best Way To Sell Something…….”

Partners in Excellence

Recently, I read a quote, “The best way to sell something, don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who might buy.” ” I suppose I get the idea, but somehow I think there is much more to selling, and our customers deserve more from us. Awareness, respect, trust are critical, but they are insufficient to drive customers to change or to buy. I understand what the person is trying to say.