Mon.May 21, 2018

3 Key Innovations that Will Change the Game for Sales Enablement Technology

Accent Technologies

Explore the top technologies coming out of Google’s I/O 2018 conference and what they mean for B2B sales organizations in the not-too-distant future. As anyone in the B2B sales space knows, sales technology is rapidly advancing. This month, tech innovation got a big boost. more…).

Sales Tips: Honest Customer Feedback is the Cure for Insanity

Customer Centric Selling

Guest post from Primary Intelligence, CCS® Partner. It’s been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

When Customers Engage Sellers (It’s not when you think)


Contrary to some current misconceptions, B2B buyers are not in fact conducting much of the buying cycle unaided by sellers, evaluating solutions on their own, and only reaching out to suppliers in the late stages of their process.

Buyer 52

How to perform Customer Base Triage and Why It Matters

Babette Ten Haken

Typically, customer base triage is conducted in reaction to a large number of customer casualties. These casualties are in the form of loss and/or defection to the competition. And this defection has been going on for quite a while.

The Showpad Sales Transformation Maturity Model

The Showpad Sales Transformation Maturity Model helps organizations understand where they are today in terms of meeting buyer expectations — and how key teams can drive transformation that impacts the bottom-line. Download the free eBook for a pragmatic approach to growing sales maturity.

How to Prevent Burnout in Salespeople: Seven Steps

Selling Power

Businesses need to have key measures in place to prevent their sales teams burning out. Sales Management

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How to use UX to design high-converting cold emails, calls, and product demos

As salespeople, we can be naturally selfish. When we write emails or make cold calls, we’re only concerned with what we want: a response, a demo, a sale. But we don’t think about what our prospect is experiencing. And this is a huge missed opportunity.

Fast Frame of the Week – Developing and Executing a Sales Strategy Through Channel Partners

Sales Benchmark Index

Welcome to the Revenue Growth Fast Frame of the Week. Joe Vitalone, the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Razberi Technologies provides insight into evaluating a potential partner — What are the 3 most important criteria to consider when assessing. Podcast Sales Strategy Video assessing partners channel partners CMO CSO fast frame Joe Vitalone Razberi Technologies sales strategy

How to Build a Strong Business Development Rep Commission Plan


There’s one role in sales that seems to face all of the sales compensation issues that keep the compensation plan design team awake at night–the business development rep (BDR).

Sales Follow-Up Emails the Pros Use [Free Email Templates]

Hubspot Sales

Much thought leadership is dedicated to the art of selling: pitching, presenting, closing, building trust, developing a relationship, and a myriad of other skills. But showing off these talents depends on getting on prospects’ calendars in the first place. That’s when active selling skills get put on ice and reps have to flex their follow-up email or phone call muscles instead. We asked five sales experts for their most effective follow-up email templates.

Humans and Bots: How to blend human skills and AI to build customer intimacy and drive growth

Join Genesys for this webinar to learn how leading companies are using blended AI to drive customer intimacy and revenue growth.

The Best Sales Pitch Isn’t a Pitch at All

The Center for Sales Strategy

This post was originally published on Hubspot. Despite its increasing irrelevance, the tired, old sales pitch still enjoys a large following. Unfortunately, that washed-up elevator pitch generally focuses solely on the seller -- the company, its capabilities, and its accomplishments -- and rarely highlights the prospect’s needs. Proposal Sales salespeople

Save Your Sales Quota!


What Can a Salesperson Really Do To Save Their Quota? Do you have a plan to achieve your sales quota? Probably! But unfortunately, the plan you have developed to meet your sales quota rarely plays out the way you intend. There are always unexpected events that happen, placing your quota in jeopardy. This 4-step action plan will help save your quota, even when you are staring failure directly in the eyes. Step 1: Prepare for the bad news and eliminate the surprise element.

Quota 71

Micro-Improvements, An Update

Partners in Excellence

About 6 months ago, I became obsessed with both the concept and power of making micro improvements. I’ve written about it several times, here are some articles you may find interesting: Plateauing , and Micro Improvements-A Progress Report.

‘Sales Knowledge Transfer’: The Achilles Heel of Enablement


At the SiriusDecisions Summit this year one of the best sessions I attended was the one on “Sales Knowledge Transfer Framework.” It laid out the case for changing how companies are transferring knowledge to their sales teams.

Moving the Sales Performance Bell Curve

A blueprint for turning average performers into top reps.

Silo-Busting, We Have To Look Outside Our Own Functions/Silos!

Partners in Excellence

The poet, John Donne, wrote, “No (wo)man is an island, entire of itself; every (wo)man is a piece of the continent.” ” Donne’s point is that none of us and what we do exists in isolation, we are part of a bigger thing–a family, a community, a nation.

Quota 63

Sales Leaders: Coach against the “Single-Threaded KISS of DEATH”


I was just at a customer’s office conducting Digital Sales Leadership training, and I heard yet another war story about job changes gone wrong. The only difference was that this deal accounted for 1.5% of total annual revenue—or one sales professional’s entire FY quota. POOF, GONE, overnight.

GDPR – Why Ignoring This Might Be The Worst Decision In Your Business This Year

Fill the Funnel

Ignoring This Might Be The Worst Decision In Your Business This Year Now that I’ve Got Your Attention, it’s Time to Talk About the Problem… EVERY WEBSITE, INCLUDING YOURS, NEEDS TO BE GDPR COMPLIANT ?ON ON OR BEFORE MAY 25TH, 2018! GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a law passed by the EU (European Union) that mandates every website to follow certain […].

How to Stay Productive on the Road

Janek Performance Group

Life on the road as an outside sales rep can be an exciting, fun lifestyle - perfectly suited to nomadic, wandering personalities. But staying productive while away can be difficult – it’s a lot of time by yourself, and it’s easy to feel disconnected from everyone, including the home office. Fortunately in today’s blog, we’ve got some advice on how you can achieve maximum productivity while on the road. Sales Culture Sales Enablement

In the Race to Win More Customers, Sales Needs Digital Transformation

Salesforce users were surveyed about the forces shaping today's workplace. Discover the results and why investments in digital transformation and automation are pushing sales teams ahead.

Trade Show Torture

Braveheart Sales

A few weeks back, I was at a trade show (ISC West), and I’m still haunted by a sales interaction I witnessed. Maybe you’ve had the same thing happen to you at a similar event. A Tortuous Attack.

Stop Riding a Dead Horse


How frequently, in business including small business owners, entrepreneurs to C Suite executives, do we continue to ride dead horses? Years ago I stumbled upon a story about a man riding a dead horse. After the rider tried numerous solutions a

Don’t Network, Be a Superconnector

Selling Energy

When it comes to networking you often hear the same thing: “It’s a jungle out there.” For many sales professionals that’s the case, and if you’ve ever been to a networking event it might seem like a lot of work with no guarantee of satisfaction! It doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. I have been asked for networking tips on several occasions, and I always maintain that you should start with yourself.

Effective Leadership: Boost Accountability in Your Team


When you own it 100%, your whole life begins to change. If there's a magic bullet in a salesperson's world, that's it. Here are two sure-fire systems to boost accountability in your team. Make your people accountable for their own progress

Successful Social Selling Best Practices Guide

This best practices guide focuses on helping you organize, harness and capitalize on the information, buying signals and qualified prospects identifying themselves to you online every single day.

How to Get 6 Promotions in 2 Years: BDR Model for In-Role Progression


No one wants to work for me, at least not for long. And that’s exactly what I want. If they do, either I’m doing something wrong or they are. I’ll explain. For more than 10 years, I have managed inside sales teams of all kinds. In that time, I’ve had the unique privilege of managing hundreds of aspiring sales people. Almost every one of them had ambitions beyond the role they were hired into. They wanted to grow in the organization and be in field sales, alliances, ops or enablement.

CPQ: A Vehicle for Your Digital Transformation Journey

Cincom Smart Selling

CPQ offers a useful and effective vehicle for achieving digital transformation within the sales transaction process and exploits virtually every aspect of BI, IoT, Cloud and AI. CPQ uses these technologies to obtain and process the data required to specify, design, price and configure effective solutions to perfectly match the complex requirements, pains and needs specified by the customer.

Data 48

GDPR for Outbound Marketing (Cold Email Marketing)


Written By. Rahul Thakur. Share. Get a Free Quote. contact-form-7]. Coming on May 25th, 2018, EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is one of the greatest change in data security in last 2 decades. Ruling the headlines, this new regulation states that any company that processes, stores or uses data related to an EU citizen will be subject to citations and accompanies fines for noncompliance – even with just one customer.

Cold Calling–Chapter 19 from “Selling Fearlessly: A Master Salesman’s Secrets For the One-Call-Close Salesperson”

Selling Fearlessly

Actor John Wayne said, “Courage is being scared to death—but saddling up anyway.” If you’re a one-call-close salesperson, this post is for you. If you’re not a one-call-close salesperson, I suggest you read Sam Richter’s Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling. If you’ve ever perused sales-job ads, you’ve probably noticed many promising “leads, leads, leads—no […]. Selling

Supercharge Your Sales Training ROI with eLearning

Speaker: Ray Makela, CEO, Sales Readiness Group, and David Jacoby, President, Sales Readiness Group

Companies spend about $20 billion a year on various forms of sales training, but many sales leaders report a low ROI from their sales training initiatives. Join us, along with Ray Makela and David Jacoby from Sales Readiness Group, as they break down the five essential factors to achieve sustainable success from your sales training investment, and how to leverage eLearning to maximize results.

Do Better Work: Empower Performance


At Lessonly, it’s our mission to help people do better work so they can live better lives. Our Better Work Method (and the accompanying Better Work Assessment ) examines the six essential steps of building a high-performing training program.

Do I Need to Hire a Full Time Administrator for SugarCRM?


(Editor’s note: The following is a guest post from Kaleb Dague, an account executive at partner Faye Business Systems Group. It originally appeared on Faye BSG’s blog ). . Once you’ve decided you need a new CRM system, migrating to a new CRM or installing one for the first time will likely be overwhelming for your organization. One of the key success factors, in implementing a CRM that responds well to your business, is hiring the right people to man your team.