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Coaching sales reps to shelve their poor practices

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Successful sales peopleSales coaching. Recently we published a blog framed around the idea that if you wanted to get coaching right, three fundamental questions need to be answered – what to coach, how to coach, and who to coach. In that blog we focused on the “who to coach” question.

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Monday Malady Captain Wing It Sales Behavior – Sowing of Business Cards

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The Captain Wing It sales behavior that begins the Monday malady is the sowing of business cards like grains of wheat with the expectations that business, new sales leads or increase sales will actually be the results of these efforts. Credit How many times do sales people attend a business to business networking event and there is at least one person there who passes out his or her business cards to every single person?

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Listen, Excellent Customer Service is going to become THE Differentiator

Jonathan Farrington

Customer care is set to become one of the most important issues facing businesses in every market – fact! Customer care programs come under a number of titles – customer services; customer satisfaction; customer focus; customer orientated etc.

How to Qualify Prospects at a Networking Event: On Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio

The Sales Heretic

Whether you’re attending an international conference or your local Chamber of Commerce after-hours mixer, you have an opportunity to prospect. But how do qualify potential prospects quickly? And without turning people off? Listen to my appearance on Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio with Michele Price. In this twelve-minute segment, I discuss what you should say and do [.]. Sales business Chamber of Commerce conference mixer networking prospect qualify

Battle of the Sales Strategies: ABM vs Traditional Sales

Understanding the following 5 core differences between traditional sales and ABM goes a long way in motivating, inspiring, and informing the often necessary shift to ABM.

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Influencing the Decision to Win the Sale (Part I)

Sales and Marketing

How does a done deal come undone? Your rep had a good relationship with a great contact, the right solution to meet the customer’s needs, and strong buying signals right up to the last. Then came the dreaded call: “Thank you for the proposal, but we’ve decided to go with someone else.” ” So, what happened? Could this loss have been prevented?

Stupid Business Decisions

Sell More and Work Less

Today we received a box from Dell. Chris ordered a new lap top and I assumed by it’s size that it had been delivered but the box was light so I was confused…… Dell Shipped this box. With this amount of air filled bubble wrap. For this neoprene lap top sleeve.

Social Media Has Changed YOUR World

Jeffrey Gitomer

Tweet. Social media has changed the world. Let me clarify that statement. Social media has changed YOUR world.

Use Client Testimonials To Close More Sales

MTD Sales Training

You face some objections so regularly, you know well in advance you will get them and you know how to answer them. You also have customers whom you have closed by overcoming those same objections. Here is a way to leverage those clients to overcome objections and close more sales. To Start, Make an Investment

12 Must-Ask Questions for Sales Managers

If you want to improve your sales team's results, you need to start by asking the right questions.

Sales Progress Requires Change

Anthony Cole Training

When I was 42, my eyesight began to change. I was coming back from Manchester, New Hampshire where I had just spent 2.5 days working with a sales team to help them improve their cross selling process. It had been a long trip as I actually started in New York City on Monday and today was Friday.

Selling to experienced vs. new physicians – it’s not just more of the same

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Selling to new physiciansLike many others, we've written about how physicians increasingly are becoming cost conscious - especially as more and more doctors find themselves hospital employees - either through purchasing practices or assuming hospitalists positions.

Sales Pro-gress requires change

Anthony Cole Training

When I was 42 my eyesight began to change. I was coming back from Manchester New Hampshire where I had just spent 2.5 days working with a sales team to help them improve their cross selling process. It had been a long trip as I actually started in New York City on Monday and today was Friday.

Should You Restage Your Sales Pipeline?

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan As part of its sales force evaluation process, Objective Management Group (OMG) conducts a pipeline analysis and determines both the quality of the pipeline and the quantity of the pipeline.

30 Ways to Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Buyer

Trust, support, and transparency: that's what your target buyer really wants. These 30 findings show the path from respect, to relationship, to business win.

The Belief Hunter, Ideas Visionary and Performance Driver

Bernadette McClelland

The Belief Hunter, Ideas Visionary and Performance Driver.

Market Research - Time Spent and Sales Success

Anthony Cole Training

Thank you in advance. Over the last several years our team at Anthony Cole Training Group has worked closely with David Kurlan in our attempt to help sales companies build and execute more successful sales team. We work with Dave because his company, Objective Management Group, provides the best analytics to determine the root cause of performance for sales team.

Sales Leadership: Work Out Time

Your Sales Management Guru

Your Sales Leadership Workout. May 9 & 10, 2012. Atlanta, GA. A Proven Regimen for Getting. Your Sales Organization in Shape . Build a proactive approach to sales management that creates predictive revenue and a self-managed sales team. . Learn how top performing sales leaders muscle up their teams to pump up predictable revenues. Here’s what they have to say: “ Great content, energetic delivery, high value”. Informative, educational, spot-on”.

Stupid Business Decisions

Sell More and Work Less

Are there areas in your business that are wasteful? Observations from the real World


Successful Social Selling Best Practices Guide

This best practices guide focuses on helping you organize, harness and capitalize on the information, buying signals and qualified prospects identifying themselves to you online every single day.