January, 2012

Trust: It matters (more than you think) ? Value Creator.

Brian Vellmure

[link] Daryl Choy. Trust: It matters (more than you think) [link] via @bsdalton @BrianVellmure. Elke Schmitt. Thank you for this great insights! I totally agree with

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Sellers: Ask, don’t tell

Smart Selling Tools

It’s hard to get an appointment with qualified prospects. And when you do get a hard earned appointment, you don’t want to waste the opportunity. I get that.

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In 2012 the New Normal in Sales Is.

Sales and Management Blog

As with the beginning of almost every year we have a number of commentators and pundits proclaiming what the “new normal” is. We’re told that the old normal was the government strove to keep unemployment below 5% and that the “new normal” is going to be to try to keep unemployment below 7%.

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Techy Tuesday – Be In The Know With Google Alerts

MTD Sales Training

When the Google.com domain first went online in 1997, few could have guessed it would soon become the massive online entity that it is today.

Accelerate Your Sales Performance

While most business is digital, and business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions - and the work that supports them -- are almost entirely digitized, most organizations still rely on paper for the “last foot” of the process - the sign-off.

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Is CRM out-dated?

Smart Selling Tools

Packaged SFA and CRM systems have been around for nearly 30 years. Though they have changed in some ways (SaaS offerings, added functionality), they haven’t changed in FUNDAMENTAL ways. They are essentially still an interface to a database.

Having a Tough Time Getting Started? You Need a Ritual

Sales and Management Blog

Do you, like many others, have a difficult time getting yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared to begin certain tasks? Some have a hard time getting “in the mood” to make cold calls while others have trouble getting themselves geared up for a face-to-face meeting.

The 3 Biggest Listening Mistakes Sales People Make And How to Avoid Them

MTD Sales Training

Listening skills… Every sales manager and director tells you how important they are but do they actually tell you how to improve them!

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? How To Measure Your ?Social Value?

Jonathan Farrington

How To Measure Your Social Value. Published by Jonathan Farrington at 3:30 am under General. In days gone by  in fact, not so very long ago  people in my position were judged by the number of books they had written

The Playbook for Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-Based Marketing is a Strategy, Not a Solution | Get this step-by-step playbook to implement an ABM strategy that fits your company’s objectives and resources.

“Let’s Do Lunch” Has Never Been Easier

Fill the Funnel

Just in time for the new year, the answer to who is available to meet for lunch is just an App away.

How to Increase Sales Tips & Snippets #19 – Three Filters for Social Media

Increase Sales

Years ago one of my now dearest friends and colleagues, Laura Novakowski , shared with me something she learned from one of her mentors who had shared Socrates’ three filters.

Want the Sale? Watch What You Say…

No More Cold Calling

Act like a professional, speak like a professional. Your words make all the difference. Connect with people, and you have the sale. Connect with the business issue only, and forget it.” I wrote something like that in my book, and it still rings true.

Are You Too Fat and Happy to be Successful?

Sales and Management Blog

It may surprise you to learn that I speak to a number of sellers and sales leaders every month who although they mouth the right words, their actions say they’re fat and happy and way too contented to become successful.

Sales Training Playbook by Lessonl

A step-by-step guide for building a comprehensive training playbook for your sales team.

“You Had Me At Hello” – 3 Effective Ways To Eliminate Your Competition During Your First Contact With A Prospect

MTD Sales Training

Every sales person knows that to set yourself apart from your competition is a vital component of your sales process. Although you may get many chances to do this during the sales process, the best time to differentiate yourself is in the very beginning.

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? Empathy In Selling Has Nothing to do.

Jonathan Farrington

Empathy In Selling Has Nothing to do with Being Nice! Published by Jonathan Farrington at 2:14 am under General. If If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him you are his sincere friend. Abraham Lincoln

Build the Front of Your Sales Pipeline ? Score More Sales

Score More Sales

In conversations about managing sales opportunities you need to reference either a pipeline or a funnel to really understand that it takes many more potential deals than what will come to actual closure. All of the things you

Yesterday I Sold My Plane. So, Here Is What I Learned From Flying.

Dave Stein's Blog

Yesterday I sold my plane. It is a 1978 Cessna 182Q. Seats 4. Cruises at 160 MPH. What a wonderful plane it is. I bought the plane in 1995 after Datalogix International, a company where I was a principal, went public.

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Got a Business Coach?

Increase Sales

Yesterday, Sherpa Coaching released its 7th Annual Executive Coaching Survey to address this part if not all of this question of “Got a Coach?” ” As always this survey brings to light some good data and now is able to start looking through predictive analysis future trends.

Dealing with Uncomfortable Questions from Prospects and Clients

Sales and Management Blog

Once again we are in the middle of the presidential political season. For the next few months the Republicans will have center stage as candidates wrestle with one another to gain the Republican nomination to run for President. Once that contest has been decided the focus will shift to a tussle between the Republican nominee and President Obama. Whether we tend to be politically active or not, we will all have opinions about the candidates and issues involved in political combat this year.

How To L.E.A.D By Example For Successful Sales Management

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Most people in sales management or with a title that is responsible for leading a sales team, speak about leading by example. However, exactly what does that mean? Many think that to lead your team by example, is to sell as much or as more as each member of the sales team.

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? Schhh! Can You Hear the Silence?

Jonathan Farrington

Yes, me too. Nobody  well hardly anybody  is talking about Sales 2.0? anymore, and yet less than twelve months ago, you couldn't hear yourself speak above the incredibly loud din that rose to a deafening crescendo

Secrets to Successful Inside Sales Management

Learn a variety of best practices, techniques and ideas to both tactically and strategically increase the efficacy, success and impact of your inside sales organization.

Building Your Sales Pipeline Is Not a One Step Process ? Score.

Score More Sales

For many years, the sales explanation industry has worked with and discussed a Funnel or a Pipeline model to explain how you need many more leads to eventually turn into prospects, and then ultimately a smaller subset

Yesterday I Sold My Plane. So, Here Is What I Learned From Flying.

Dave Stein's Blog

Yesterday I sold my plane. It is a 1978 Cessna 182Q. Seats 4. Cruises at 160 MPH. What a wonderful plane it is. I bought the plane in 1995 after Datalogix International, a company where I was a principal, went public.

The Least Effective Way to Open a Sales Call by Kelley Robertson

Increase Sales

After weeks of trying you have finally landed that all-important first meeting with a new prospect; a prospect with lots of potential. A prospect that could help you reach your annual sales quota in one fell swoop! How will you open that first meeting?

Guest Article: Recovery: The Conflict Resolution System, by Dr. Tony Alessandra

Sales and Management Blog

Recovery: The Conflict Resolution System. by Dr. Tony Alessandra. No matter how good the relationship is, people are going to run into problems. Consequently there should be a system in place to make it easy for customers to tell you when they have a problem as early as possible. The earlier you find out about a Moment of Misery (when you fall short of the customer’s expectations), the easier, faster, and less expensive it is to solve.

Successful Selling

Matt Heinz explains how to attract, manage, close and keep more business in a buyer-centric world.

A Simple Way To Refocus On Your Selling When You’ve Been Distracted By Events

MTD Sales Training

It’s only normal and human for family problems, health concerns, financial issues and even the state of the ozone layer to sometimes flood your brain and distract you from optimum performance.

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? The Nature of Dynamic Leadership

Jonathan Farrington

People have been debating the nature of leadership for as long as records have been kept  certainly as far back as Homer and his peers: The topic continues to fascinate and enthral us today, but the way in which we assess

11 Social Media Trends for 2012 | Social Media Podcast and Sales.

Social Media and Sales Strategy

Today's podcast is on 11 Social Media Trends for 2012. Here's the outline for my podcast - I would love your feedback and thoughts: Key trends How not

Your Prospect: He’s Just Not That Into You!

Smart Selling Tools

Earlier, last decade, a book was published that shook the dating world called, “He’s Just Not That Into You ” (Harper Collins).