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How to Accelerate Sales Performance in Q4

Janek Performance Group

In football, winning the fourth quarter is pivotal. Of course, the first three quarters count, but in many ways, they are setup for the final fifteen minutes. With time running down, teams with leads may play it safe and engineer long, slow drives that eat clock.

Bumping Up Sales at Dunder Mifflin

Sales and Marketing Management

Michael Scott got some things right as he bumbled through sales management. His sales team could have reached new heights with technology like sales gamification. The post Bumping Up Sales at Dunder Mifflin appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management.


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What Is Sales Enablement? Goals, KPIs, And Tools

Have mercy, it’s your everything. For a long time, sales leaders thought that the way to give sales teams a leg up was to help them target the right buyers in the right ways. Tons of software came along to do that quite effectively in recent years. And yes, it’s been helpful.

Tools 96

When Your Sales Opportunity Stalls, Do You Call Roadside Assistance?

Understanding the Sales Force

We were driving on the highway when the dashboard indicated low pressure in the left rear tire. That can't be good! As we exited the highway eight miles later, the tire was flat and we were able to drive another mile to a safe location and call roadside assistance.

How Zoom Uses AI to Ramp up Sales Certification and Proficiency

Zoom were struggling to ensure that sales reps around the world - with different levels of experience and proficiency – were getting certified on updated messaging. Traditional methods were unexciting, time-consuming and ineffective! But using a new innovative method driven by AI, Zoom managed to: Achieve 100% participation for their certification program, increase the number of practice sales conversations performed by each employee, and standardize feedback and scoring of practice sessions. Find out how in Second Nature’s Customer Case Study!

3 Keys to Professional Sales Training

Anthony Cole Training

In my 40+ years in and around sales training, I have experienced many different sales training methodologies either as a participant or facilitator and now as a marketer. There are many good training programs out there, some of them free and virtual, but there are three key things that differentiate professional sales training that will "stick". professional sales training sales training programs customized sales training

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Sales Talk for CEOs: 3 Mindsets Every CEO Must Develop in Their Business with Maria Nordstrom (S1:E12)

Alice Heiman

On this episode of the Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast, Maria Nordstrom, CEO of Basketball New South Wales and Director of FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup, joins me for some valuable insights into three mindsets she feels every CEO must instill in their teams: authenticity, unity in purpose, and accountability.

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Cold Calling in 2021

Predictable Revenue

The goal of a cold call is attention + interest, not selling. That means we have to ask the question: How do I get this person to want to speak with me? The post Cold Calling in 2021 appeared first on Predictable Revenue. Blog Sales & Marketing Strategies

Keeping the Prospect Engaged | Sales Strategies

Engage Selling

I recently had a conversation with a really smart sales VP who said, “I need my team to remember that our job is to provoke our customers. It’s to make people think.

Come and “fika” with Membrain


In the US, there’s a long-standing tradition of grabbing coffee with someone when you want to get to know them better, learn more about them, or share information in a warm and friendly setting. In Britain, there’s a similar social tradition called taking tea. In Sweden, we have fika.


An Innovative & Creative Problem Solver Approach to Selling in the Medical Device Space

Speaker: Steve Goldstein, Sales Leader

Currently in sales or involved in a business that depends on strong sales results? Join Steve Goldstein, Sales Success Coach, Motivational Speaker and Medical Device Sales Leader from Gold Selling LLC. You will absorb critical strategies to become a trusted partner in greater sales success.

How We’re Improving Accessibility and Usability at Guru


Creating an accessible, equitable, and highly user-friendly application has always been a top priority for Guru. We believe that our tool has the power to give everyone access to the critical information they need to succeed in their jobs—inclusive of users of all cognitive and physical abilities.

Tools 97

Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory: Understand Your Customers Better

Predictable Revenue

If you're disregarding or underutilizing the social and emotional aspects of sales, your customers might be switching out to the competitors. We asked Dan Balcauski, the founder of Product Tranquility and a SaaS packaging and pricing expert, what companies and salespeople should be doing instead.

Social Selling Tips for Success

RAIN Group

Once upon a time, there was a notion that social media was unnecessary for selling; it was a novelty and not a staple. At the time, some believed that enterprise-level decision makers couldn’t be reached on social platforms.

The Over-Reliance of Technology in Sales

Janek Performance Group

How much would you be willing to spend on technology to have a weaker relationship with your customers? Not a penny, I would assume. But companies are allowing technology to interfere with their customer relationships every day.

Product Sales Training – Transformed for Results

Effective product sales training delivers features, benefits, and sales focused content so reps become strategic advisors and develop unique solutions for informed buyers. On-demand cloud-based training is the preferred solution. Managers and sales reps confirm that in this whitepaper. Download the whitepaper today!

Is this problem important for your customer to solve?


We struggle to get in front of customers, to find opportunities, to nurture them through the buying cycle, and, ultimately, to win. Yet, the majority of those complex buying opportunities end in “No Decision Made.”. Sales Management

How to Succeed at Hiring in a Tight Labor Market [PODCAST]

Sandler Training

Mike Montague interviews Cal Thomas on How to Succeed at Hiring in a Tight Labor Market. . The post How to Succeed at Hiring in a Tight Labor Market [PODCAST] appeared first on Sandler Training. Podcasts] Blog Posts How To Succeed Management & Leadership diversity hiring recruiting

Removing Legal Bottlenecks to Accelerate Deal Cycles

Sales Hacker

??. Contracts are the lifeblood of modern companies. They define relationships, outline rights and responsibilities, and spell out the details of any sale, including price, timing, payment terms, warranties, and more. In fact, contracts govern most B2B business deals.

Managing Your Sales Team During the Great Resignation

Janek Performance Group

Has the Great Resignation caused you to re-think your sales team hiring practices? If so, you are not alone. In the last 18 months, millions of employees have voluntarily quit their jobs for other opportunities. And the sales department is not immune to this phenomenon. According to the U.S.

This Coming Holiday Season is Shaping Up to Have the Most Spending in History

As for what shoppers want to buy most, you'll have to read the “2021 Holidays Unwrapped” report by Klarna to find out. Download it here!

The Customer Is NOT Always Right!

Partners in Excellence

For decades, there’s the image of the “customer is always right.” ” Sales people have been deferential to the customer, not wanting to seem disagreeable or contentious.

Weekly Roundup: CRMs Can't Fix Underperforming Sales, Bombing Sales Calls+ More

The Center for Sales Strategy

- MOTIVATION -. Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It's about one life influencing another.". John C. Maxwell. AROUND THE WEB -. > > Your CRM Can't Fix Underperforming Sales, But Sales Performance Management Can – Selling Power.

Why Increasing Your Sales Team’s Diversity Improves Your Bottom Line

Sales Hacker

Diversity is a hot topic in many workplace environments, and there seem to be many inclusion initiatives to help diversify the job market.

Lead Nurturing: A Complete Guide For Marketing Teams


Lead nurturing is widely recognized as a valuable marketing technique that can help teams drive an increase in sales. Implementing a successful lead-nurturing plan can significantly influence your marketing campaign’s outcomes, as well as customer loyalty, retention, revenue and more.

7 Keys to Creating Massive Value in Your Sales Meetings

Speaker: Marc Wayshak, Sales Strategist, Best-Selling Author & Founder, Sales Insights Lab

Engaging prospects in a strong two-way dialogue is something most reps struggle with. In this session with Marc Wayshak, you’ll discover a data-driven approach to sales meetings that yields significantly better results.

Sales Coaching Ideas That Improve Sales Team Readiness & Performance – Part 1


Publish by: Sagar Pradhan, Growth Marketer Publish on: 21st Oct 2021 In our today’s blog article, we will be discussing the various sales training ideas to enhance sales team readiness. We will be dividing this topic into two parts, part 1 & part 2.

#WomenInSales Month with Guests Nicki Harkrider-Probey and Jessica Hagan

The Center for Sales Strategy

The new season of the Improving Sales Performance Series has a slight twist. Host Matt Sunshine is joined by co-hosted by Stephanie Downs to focus on celebrating, honoring, and recognizing #WomenInSales for the month of October.

Podcast 221: The Art of Closing A Deal With Danny Read (Replay)


Thank you for 1 million downloads of Make It Happen Mondays Podcast! We are incredibly grateful for your listenership and couldn’t be more proud of this milestone. Let’s countdown the top 5 episodes of all time! Episode #2: This week we’re pleased to have an award winning sales rep on the podcast.

The Great Reinvention!

Partners in Excellence

There’s a lot of talk about the Great Resignation. Partly, a result of the changes in work resulting from pandemic, partly things that have been building in people’s attitudes toward work since years before the pandemic.

Top 10 Tactics for a Successful SKO!

The 2022 Sales Kick Off is your big opportunity to align your sales team and drive change. Make sure it's successful with SecondNature’s SKO Ebook! Find out: ? How to set the right goals and KPIs ? How to translate vision into tactics ? How to keep salespeople engaged.

4 Keys to an Effective Prospecting Process

criteria for success

If you’re like most of the sales managers we talk to, you’re looking for a repeatable, effective sales prospecting process.

Cost of Delay

Selling Energy

You might hear from your prospects that waiting is a prudent move regarding an energy solution. That isn’t always the case. sales tips sales sales success recession selling

Seller’s Remorse

The How and Why to Sell to Friends

At some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced the dreaded, “Buyer’s Remorse.” Quite frankly, I think it’s more of an anomaly to not feel some sort of remorse after a difficult buying decision. Usually, the larger the decision, the greater the feelings of remorse can be.