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What Is A Sales Script? And Three Winning Sales Script Examples

Sales scripts — the elusive and oft-discussed topic on every sales team’s agenda (or should be). Sure, some Sales teams seem to be more script-driven than others, but have you ever considered exactly what makes up a sales script ? Or how you could use a sales script to boost your conversion rates? .

Developing Sales Goals for the New Year

Janek Performance Group

With a new year, many people set resolutions. These often list things they can do to better themselves, such as joining a gym, reading more books, eating vegetables. While these are all great for self-improvement, they are typically not geared toward elevating professional performance.


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If Practice Makes Perfect, Why Do We Keep Practicing The Wrong Things?

Partners in Excellence

We know to master any skill, it takes practice. It may be Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours to mastery. Or we look at what great athletes, artist, musicians, and others do. They are constantly practicing to improve their skills and capabilities.

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Starting Your Initial PPC Campaign: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Sales and Marketing Management

PPC is a great marketing strategy that can boost brand visibility, traffic and conversions within days. These nine steps will help you create a great strategy from the start. The post Starting Your Initial PPC Campaign: A Step-by-Step Tutorial appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management.

The 5 Stages of Account-Based Marketing — and How to Win Them All

Successfully complete the five stages of ABM: define, identify, engage, convert, and connect. We’ll show you how to create a unified system with your sales team to help them land more qualified opportunities and connect with prospects like never before.

Four Questions to Predict Your A-Player Retention

SBI Growth

The “war for talent” dominated headlines and SBI client conversations across 2021, with attrition rates ranging from 25-60%, and leadership teams scrambling to both backfill open roles and future-hire sufficient headcount to achieve growth goals. type-article

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Message to Management: Sales Trends in 2022

No More Cold Calling

There are predictions, and then there’s reality. I’ve never liked predictions. I’m not an economist and I’m not a fortune teller. Yet, we’re asked to make predictions all the time.

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How Digital Contracts Improve the B2B Buyer Experience

Sales and Marketing Management

Many B2B sales cycles are painfully long as it is. Digital contracting streamlines the entire contract lifecycle, from generation to negotiation to fulfillment, and beyond. The post How Digital Contracts Improve the B2B Buyer Experience appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management.

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Learning and Development Lessons from the Pandemic

The Center for Sales Strategy

The pandemic has brought about numerous changes in the way we work and interact within our organizations, and it has also affected the way we develop, deliver, and assess employee training.

The Light Touch of Selling

Janek Performance Group

In pop culture, salespeople are often portrayed as unscrupulous, money-hungry manipulators. Of course, this is not only offensive; it’s also patently false for professional sellers! However, one lesson of the pandemic is that hard-sell techniques will not work.

The Definitive Guide to the Top 4 Sales Enablement Metrics

See what metrics matter to increase productivity and revenue and your organization. This guide will help you stay data-driven while avoiding data overload.

Top 10 sales methodologies for complex B2B sales


Implementing the right sales methodology for your complex B2B team can provide a major boost to sales effectiveness. But choosing the right methodology training company can be a challenge. Sales Methodology

How Time Has Changed in Today’s Sales Landscape

Engage Selling

Today’s sales landscape is a radically different one from just half a decade ago. It’s not just that it’s increasingly digital and that everyone keeps on adapting quickly to the global pandemic. Those are symptoms.

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Weekly Roundup: Increase Employee Engagement, Walking Away from Prospects + More

The Center for Sales Strategy

- MOTIVATION -. Don't find fault, find a remedy.". AROUND THE WEB -. > > Increasing Employee Engagement to Achieve a Successful, Sustainable Organization – The Great Game of Business.

The “It Factor” in Selling Is a Myth: How to Build a Team of Top Performers

Sales Hacker

Sales leaders often label high-performing sales reps as having the “it factor.” It’s the undefinable yet undeniable secret to why they win. But believe it or not, the “it factor” in sellers is a myth and one that’s been embraced for far too long by sales leaders.

Delivering a More Human Marketing Experience

It’s essential to reach customers and create human connections, especially in a world where in person meetings aren’t always possible. Download this eBook to learn why an integrated sending platform takes your marketing strategy to the next level.

2021 Awards: Allego Honored for Tech Innovation, Service, Workplace Culture


Life remains turbulent, but Allego maintains a steady course—continuing to advance, innovate, and achieve new levels of success.

Sales Agility Excellence: The Sales Infrastructure You Need to Enable Success


This article is part of the Crunchbase Community Contributor Series. The author is an expert in their field and a Crunchbase user. We are honored to feature and promote their contribution on the Crunchbase blog.

Talking Leadership with Maryann Balbo and Fran Mallace, Cox Media

The Center for Sales Strategy

We hear this question more than ever, " What makes a good leader? ". In the first 2022 episode of Improving Sales Performance, Stephanie Downs joins Matt Sunshine and guests Maryann Balbo and Fran Mallace of Cox Media.

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The what, why and how of outcome-centric selling


I believe that it would be hard to argue that B2B selling hasn't changed significantly in recent times - and equally hard to deny that it will inevitably continue to evolve. Sales Methodology

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The Ultimate Guide to Executive Recruiting

Sourcing the right executive candidates and filling key managerial roles in an organization can be difficult, even in the best of times. Download this eBook to level up your discovery process, talent sourcing, and strategies for reaching your best-fit candidates.

8 Reasons Salespeople Dislike Sales Team Meetings

Sales Manager Now

Sales team meetings can be enjoyed and appreciated by a sales team, or they can be disliked and seen as a waste of time.

Guru + Slack + Salesforce: Supercharge Your Digital HQ


What comes to mind when you think about a company’s headquarters? You may think about a glass-and-concrete tower, or an office complex in the suburbs. Chances are you’re not doing most of your work in these environments, if you’ve even been in an office at all in the past two years.

Investing in Employee Development is No Longer Optional

The Center for Sales Strategy

It’s often said that an organization’s most valuable resource is its people. An increasing number of leaders are turning these words into action by investing in training and skill development for their workforce.

Weekly Recap, January 9, 2022

Selling Energy

Here are our favorite sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs. sales tips sales performance sales success

Stop Investing in Forgettable Learning Events

Learning isn’t an event, it’s a process. One-time training events deliver low retention and poor results. Providing continuous learning with an online presence boosts sales rep readiness and shortens sales cycles. Learn best practices to upgrade learning and improve ROI.

There Is No Excuse For Not Doing Your Homework!

Partners in Excellence

To the annoyance of most school children, virtually every night, their parents ask a question, “Did you do your homework?” ” Growing up, sometimes I would blow off doing my homework, I’d not lie, but I’d find a way not to answer the question.

The 3 Keys to Reach Your Prospects: Trust, Credibility and Rapport


What better way to kick off winter in the northern hemisphere than with something a little tropical? Specifically, a tropical thought experiment. Newsletter sales training #VoV sales coaching

How to Fill Your Sales Pipeline

RAIN Group

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: “Put me in front of ten buyers and I'll close seven of them. All I need is more meetings.” I hear this from sellers all the time. They're convinced they'll get the hits if they just get more at-bats. But where are those at-bats going to come from?

The Ultimate Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Process Guide


What is S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning)?

The Business Case and Playbook for Data-Driven Sales Coaching

Sales coaching & learning is a wise investment, but also requires you to do it right. This eBook will serve as a springboard for your business case, playbook, and implementation plan as you consider an investment to improve data-driven sales coaching.

Second Nature Launches AI-Powered Interactive Sales Coaching Solution with $12.5M Investment


Second Nature Launches AI-Powered Interactive Sales Coaching Solution with $12.5M Investment. Zoom among the companies successfully using the immersive AI simulations to impact sales. Tel Aviv, Israel, January 12, 2021.

Why You Should Be Using Augmented Reality For Social Commerce

Atlatl Software

Customize Your Value Proposition

Selling Energy

Approaching your prospect with a strong value proposition is vital to your sales success.