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8 Tips To Help End Sales Slumps

Sales and Marketing Management

Sales slumps happen. it's important for managers to know how to help their reps get out of a slump as soon as possible. The post 8 Tips To Help End Sales Slumps appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management. News Featured

4 Reasons for Restructuring Your Sales Team

The Center for Sales Strategy

A new sales structure can help improve productivity. Sometimes it becomes necessary to go back to the drawing board. Remind yourself what your original goals were for your team.


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Houston, We Have a Problem (How to Avoid Selling on Price)

Anthony Cole Training

In all moments of selling, there are many things that can go wrong. And when something goes wrong, it is in fact time to say “Houston, we have a problem.” But who is the “we” that caused the problem? sales challenges value-based selling

5 Actions to Create an Accurate Pipeline Management Program

SBI Growth

Pipeline Management is a critical exercise with which many organizations struggle. But those high-growth companies with consistent and disciplined pipeline management outperform their competition by 1.5x.

The 5 Stages of Account-Based Marketing — and How to Win Them All

Successfully complete the five stages of ABM: define, identify, engage, convert, and connect. We’ll show you how to create a unified system with your sales team to help them land more qualified opportunities and connect with prospects like never before.

The New Rules of Salesforce Collaboration

Sales and Marketing Management

Clearly defined rules of engagement are critical to helping sales teams achieve their full potential, driving higher sales performance, and creating a positive and healthy competitive sales environment that helps to position the business for sustainable success.

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Driving Sales Success with Passion

Alice Heiman

Simon Sinek once said, “ If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood and sweat and tears.

ACT 104

Weekly Roundup: Should Business Owners Be Raising Prices, Hiring Crisis + More

The Center for Sales Strategy

- MOTIVATION -. "I I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.". AROUND THE WEB -. > > Should Business Owners Be Raising Their Prices Right Now?– The Great Game of Business.

Sales Enablement and Digital Marketing Lead Sales Budget Increases in 2022

Sales and Marketing Management

2021 was a year of growth through transformation for many companies. In 2022, chief sales officers must invest their budgets wisely to return to growth through more traditional approaches.

How to elevate the sales profession from the inside out


In the sales profession, the main focus is how to win more customers. Sometimes, it’s about how to better serve customers and build trusting relationships. Even less often, it’s about how we can serve employees and create a better environment for them to work in

The Definitive Guide to the Top 4 Sales Enablement Metrics

See what metrics matter to increase productivity and revenue and your organization. This guide will help you stay data-driven while avoiding data overload.

Metaphor Minute: Think “Bug Spray?”

Anne Miller

What do you spend your marketing time thinking about? When you ask life insurance marketing guru Lynn Lavender that question, she’ll tell you she spends a lot of time trying to create compelling social media posts. She knows that compelling posts strengthen her brand and help bring in business.

Sales Pipeline vs Sales Funnel: Do You Know the Difference?

The Center for Sales Strategy

Often, a sales funnel and sales pipeline are confused. They are not the same, and both have a distinct purpose along the path to purchase. They both provide an incredible amount of intelligence when examined in part and as a whole.

How a LinkedIn Cover Story Can Boost Your Profile

Sales and Marketing Management

LinkedIn's cover story feature with video capabilities can quickly communicate the skills, experiences and personality of a company, professional or client, helping profiles to stand out among others.

Discovery resistance in complex B2B sales


At the peak of my Solution Selling business, in the mid-90s, I was speaking to one of our clients. He was the VP of Sales of an enterprise B2B salesforce of 200 reps, and he was frustrated. He was selling highly complex software as a service application to chemical, drug, and oil companies.

Delivering a More Human Marketing Experience

It’s essential to reach customers and create human connections, especially in a world where in person meetings aren’t always possible. Download this eBook to learn why an integrated sending platform takes your marketing strategy to the next level.

How Good Product Principles Support Your Workflow and Team


If your company is anything like ours, you strive to make product decisions quickly but thoughtfully. You work tirelessly to improve and evolve your product into its best version possible, meet your customers where they’re at, and provide a service they need.

The Center for Sales Strategy Recognizes the Recent Class of Talent Superhero Winners

The Center for Sales Strategy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. sales talent talent superhero

Engaging the Decision Makers

Engage Selling

??? Do you know who the decision makers are in the buying process? More and more individuals are involved in the buying decision than ever before. There are a number … Read More. The post Engaging the Decision Makers first appeared on Colleen Francis - The Sales Leader.

5 Ways B2B Sales Operations Managers Can Shorten Time to Revenue

Sales Hacker

Time is precious and always in high demand, so naturally, time to revenue (TTR) is a crucial KPI for any sales team. Along with providing insights into efficiency and earnings, TTR sheds light on lead prioritization, cost reduction techniques, profit forecasting, and more.

The Ultimate Guide to Executive Recruiting

Sourcing the right executive candidates and filling key managerial roles in an organization can be difficult, even in the best of times. Download this eBook to level up your discovery process, talent sourcing, and strategies for reaching your best-fit candidates.

6 Ways to Keep Yourself in Step with Your Prospects

Selling Energy

If you follow up too infrequently, you’re going to lose your prospects. Here are some tips on how to keep yourself in step with those prospects, based on my own experience. Of course, this isn’t the only way to do this – just my preference.

Sales Training vs. Sales Coaching: What’s the Difference

Predictable Revenue

Learn the difference between sales training and sales coaching, the unique benefits, and why you should be using a combination of both in your organization. The post Sales Training vs. Sales Coaching: What’s the Difference appeared first on Predictable Revenue. Blog Outbound Sales Development

Should We Be That Surprised By The Digital Buying Journey?

Partners in Excellence

The “big news” in customer engagement is the customer digital buying journey. The shift to customers preferring the digital channels over dealing with sales people. Let’s be clear, a rep-free buying process, a preference for “self service,” is nothing new.

Retail 109

How to Implement Effective Account-Based Marketing Strategies with Auseh Britt

Sales Hacker

In this episode, we’ve got Auseh Britt , a seasoned B2B marketer with 20 years of marketing experience across a wide range of industries and companies spanning global hospitality to startups, who currently serves as the VP of Growth Marketing at Terminus.

Stop Investing in Forgettable Learning Events

Learning isn’t an event, it’s a process. One-time training events deliver low retention and poor results. Providing continuous learning with an online presence boosts sales rep readiness and shortens sales cycles. Learn best practices to upgrade learning and improve ROI.

The Year of Less

Selling Energy

As sales professionals who promote energy efficiency, how often do we turn the same principles we espouse and direct them toward our own lives? In this culture, the urge to consume has become a driving force in our day-to-day rituals.

To Develop People, Remember Their Differences

criteria for success

As a sales manager, one of your most important responsibilities is to develop people. We like to say that sales managers should focus less on developing sales and more on developing salespeople. For sales managers who started out as salespeople, though, this can be especially hard.

eBook 74

Objecting To Objections

Partners in Excellence

Lately, I’ve been watching some eLearning programs on objection handling. It suddenly struck me, there’s a unique arrogance we sellers have about the concepts of objections. Too often, the underlying thinking seems to be that salespeople are the only people that encounter objections.

How to Win the Revenue Relay: Preparing for Handoff

Sales Hacker

Have you ever seen a runner drop a baton during a relay race? Marketing and sales hand-offs can be very similar: if the hand-off misses, the leads grow cold and the organization loses money. Want to know how can you ensure the perfect hand-off between marketing and sales every time?

The Business Case and Playbook for Data-Driven Sales Coaching

Sales coaching & learning is a wise investment, but also requires you to do it right. This eBook will serve as a springboard for your business case, playbook, and implementation plan as you consider an investment to improve data-driven sales coaching.

Tips for Setting Goals‚ Part 2

Selling Energy

It's been said that most people spend more time planning a two-week summer vacation than planning their lives. Think about it. sales tips goals sales sales success recession selling

Sales & Acquisitions: Bridging the Gap with Joe & Christina Armentano

criteria for success

Happy Monday, Let's Talk Sales listeners! For this week's episode, we hear from Joe and Christina Armentano–the father and daughter of a family business with unique expertise in sales and business leadership.

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How I Train Businesses to Use Nimble CRM

Adaptive Business Services

It took me a while, but I have now created a standardized system for training businesses on the best use of Nimble CRM. Better yet, this system is easily customized for an individual business’s needs.

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