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The 5 Immutable Laws of Selling

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Tweet Our world, along with the entire cosmos in which we reside, is governed by what we understand as the laws of physics. And whatever affect these forces may have upon the course of our day-to-day endeavors, they are as unchangeable, and indeed as unstoppable, as time itself.

Time to Change The Carrot and the Stick Motivation to Increase Sales

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The carrot and the stick motivation is one of the oldest behavior modification strategies and still used by many small businesses and sales management to increase sales.

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CloudOn Delivers Microsoft Office Apps To Your iPad

Fill the Funnel

CloudOn delivers Microsoft Office applications to your iPad. Finally, for those of you who have lived in a Microsoft Office centric world, you now have access to the core Office Suite on your iPad.

Building the B2B Customer Reference Community – Event

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In my years in selling in the corporate world, I tended to run into a consistent issue – big clients would rarely, if ever, allow me (or the company I worked for) to be quoted publicly that they were our client.

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Battle of the Sales Strategies: ABM vs Traditional Sales

Understanding the following 5 core differences between traditional sales and ABM goes a long way in motivating, inspiring, and informing the often necessary shift to ABM.

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In Search of the “Sales Holy Grail”

Jonathan Farrington

Frequently, there are two main pitfalls that even experienced salespeople can fall into in terms of activities. First, they simply aren’t doing enough. What’s enough? Enough telephone calls to make appointments, enough face-to-face calls, enough calls that involve or influence the decision-makers.

What is Executive Coaching?

Steven Rosen

The new trend in executive development is coaching. “ Executive Coaching is the fastest growing phenomenon today” So what is Executive Coaching? Executive coaching is a detailed process designed to help facilitate leadership development and personal growth resulting in improved performance of executives. Executive coaches lead their clients towards the fulfillment of specific professional goals. Today’s executives are experiencing unprecedented change.

Find Your Own Joy – Friday’s Editorial

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Find your own joy! These powerful and wise words were shared just yesterday with me from a millennial (generation Y) executive coaching client. She is managing a team where there is huge resistance to change, where the culture has rewarded inefficiency for several decades.

Sales force management and millennials

Sales Training Connection

Millennials. Sales force composition is changing: as companies hire millennials, the generational diversity inside their sales forces is expanding. This trend introduces several significant challenges – How do you engage millennial sales reps? How do you motivate them?

12 Must-Ask Questions for Sales Managers

If you want to improve your sales team's results, you need to start by asking the right questions.

Spraying and Praying is Not Prospecting

The Sales Hunter

To be successful at sales prospecting, you have to have a plan. Spraying and praying is not a plan! Far too many salespeople have the belief that if they just throw enough stuff out there, spend enough time doing what they think is prospecting, then they will be successful.

Let Me Know Who You Are: 3 Sales Tips to Connect

No More Cold Calling

T echnology is helpful, but the personal delivers. Here’s how not to use LinkedIn for your business-development. LinkedIn is a terrific sales tool. We learn about a prospect’s current business, where they used to work, where they went to school, their interests, travels, and how we’re connected.

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Sales Leadership The Talent of Self Starting Ability

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Imagine for a moment a sales leadership team of individuals all demonstrating the self starting ability to do what they need to do without being told or extrinsically motivated. These self starters only come to you in sales management or as the small business owner when they have questions beyond their job descriptions or need clarification specific to current operating policies and procedures provided your firm has them.

Medical sales – blog round up – Winter 2012

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If you missed some of our medical sales and medical device blogs posts, here’s a chance to look at our most popular posts appear during the Winter 2012 – in the Medical Sales – Blog Round-up. Click here to take a read ….

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30 Ways to Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Buyer

Trust, support, and transparency: that's what your target buyer really wants. These 30 findings show the path from respect, to relationship, to business win.

Why Networking is Not Prospecting

The Sales Hunter

People love to tell me how they don’t need to prospect , because they already network, and that’s enough, in their opinion. Sure sounds good, doesn’t it? In reality, I’ve watched so many salespeople employ such a strategy, only to end up failing miserably.

Executive Coaching Can Bring You BIG Results!

Steven Rosen

In 2004 the Harvard Business Review, reported that Executive Coaching is a $1 billion industry. In certain countries as much as 88% of Companies use coaching. A few years later, it seems that it’s not slowing down any time soon. So what’s driving this growth? Results. Plain and simple.

Raise More Questions than Answers by Andy Ferguson

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Lately, I’ve been helping quite a few people set up businesses, raise funding and get ideas off the ground. One question that I continued to find myself asking was “what is this business for?” ” That got me thinking “what IS business FOR ?”

Successful sales people – personality attributes

Sales Training Connection

Successful sales people. Some time ago we published a blog, Who are the new sales reps? “ Recently we received a blog post that adds to that story – posted by the Business Insurance Quotes blog.

Successful Social Selling Best Practices Guide

This best practices guide focuses on helping you organize, harness and capitalize on the information, buying signals and qualified prospects identifying themselves to you online every single day.

The Best Way to Sales Prospect with Voicemail

The Sales Hunter

Yes, you can prospect using voicemail. Don’t think for a moment, though, that you’re going to be successful if your voicemail message is nothing more than a lame commercial about how wonderful you are.

When You Wake Up On Monday It Will Be Q2 Already

Jonathan Farrington

On Monday morning, 25% of our available selling time will have passed, and we will be into Q2.

The Explosion of Robot Selling to Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Maybe it is just me, but the explosion of robot selling arena appears to be contradictory to the goal to increase sales. Every day I receive messages from robots, oops I mean salespeople, wanting me to buy this or try that. Credit Just yesterday I this one: Hi Leanne, I was checking on this. This ends at 5pm today. Let me know if you would be interested.

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How to Get a Prospect to Call You Back

A Sales Guy

I’ve just released my new ebook, INTRIGUE, The Only Thing You Need for a Successful Cold Call. Despite online arguments that cold calling is dead, cold calling is still absolutely critical to prospecting in B2B sales. .

Account-Based Marketing: A Practical Guide

Your step-by-step manual on all aspects of ABM.

15 Questions Your Prospect Wants Answered

The Sales Heretic

When it comes to making a buying decision, prospects have a lot on their minds. Whether they’re consumers or business buyers, they have a lot of fears, concerns and doubts. And as long as those uncertainties remain unresolved, they’re going to be hesitant to buy. The challenge is, prospects don’t always voice their fears and doubts. [.]. Sales benefits business buyer concerns consumer doubts fears features prospect

3 Essential Tips For Providing Great Customer Service

MTD Sales Training

Providing unparalleled customer service, and after the-sale service, in today’s marketplace, is essential in maintaining customer loyalty. Today’s modern and educated buyer demands more for less, and is always aware of alternative options, including alternative vendors and competitive offers. Check it Out Following are three mission critical points for providing good customer service. Although these

Lead Generation: Whose Job Is It, Anyway?

The Sales Hunter

It’s Guest Post Monday, and speaker and author Joanne S. Black looks at a common misconception out there about lead generation. “Salespeople should not generate their own leads.” ” That’s what more than one marketing executive told me at a recent sales and marketing event. Seriously?). But it gets worse. Then these marketing people said that salespeople are terrible at lead gen.

How To Fire A Salesperson Without Creating A Stink

A Sales Guy

There is nothing more critical than being able to hire and fire as a sales leader. Building teams is all about hiring, coaching and unfortunately, sometimes firing. Firing is the most uncomfortable of the 3. Firing is hard. I’ve seen people get fired in more ways than you could imagine and it’s usually not pretty. It’s done so poorly, the manager is dreading it, the sales person is blindsided, and it leaves a stink on the entire team for days and sometimes weeks.

Why Marketing, Sales, and Business Owners Love Marketing Automation

Learn what Marketers, Sales and Business Owners each have to say about what Marketing Automation has done for their business.

Experts Weigh in on Sales Influence

Score More Sales

Yesterday I moderated a very interesting discussion on what a B2B company needs in order to create an environment that can help develop sales influence among the ranks. Hear the Focus roundtable audio with sales experts Jill Konrath , Jonathan Farrington , and Greg Alexander discussing their views. Weigh in on the topic through a comment on the blog or on the Focus event page.

The Consequences of Dropping Our Pants Too Early

Jonathan Farrington

I suppose I should consider myself quite fortunate that my first sales manager was such a strong disciplinarian. By “strong” I mean he was a tough, uncompromising, unsympathetic, no-nonsense type of guy. Unfortunately he was also bigoted, racist, homo-phobic and chauvinistic.

Strategic Questions? Why You Better Get Some.

The Sales Hunter

If you don’t understand the power of strategic questioning, you are missing out on a vital tool in high-profit selling. Building long-term relationships with customers and prospects requires that you ask strategic questions.

Why We Lose Deals

A Sales Guy

Seth Godin posted this a few weeks ago. It’s a brilliant description of why sales people lose deals. In it he hits on why prospects lie to sales people. I highlighted the money quote. “We’ve decided to hire someone with totally different skills than yours…” and then they hire someone just like you, but more expensive and not as good.

Sales Training Playbook by Lessonl

A step-by-step guide for building a comprehensive training playbook for your sales team.