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The Sooner You Lose the Sale, the Better

Mr. Inside Sales

Last week I was speaking with a service provider who wanted to joint venture with me. They have a CRM solution they wanted to me to market to my list of subscribers. After the initial conversation, next steps were outlined and they sent me more in-depth info on their product to evaluate.

Sitting in a Classroom or Using their Mobile Phone: How do Reps Learn Best?


The last time you wanted to know how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey did you: Look it up in a thick Betty Crocker cookbook? Pull up a YouTube video on it? If you answered ‘b’ then me too. In fact these days video is the place most of us start when we want to learn something on the fly.

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Do Women in Sales Really Lack Self-Confidence?

No More Cold Calling

Don’t believe everything you hear about women. Women don’t speak up, don’t apply for jobs unless they meet 100 percent of the requirements, go unnoticed, and lack confidence. That’s why more of us haven’t broken through the glass ceiling yet. At least that’s what we’ve read in article after article.

21 Salespeople Reveal the Worst Sales Advice They Ever Got

Hubspot Sales

Bad sales advice is shockingly common -- and you don’t want to find out you’ve been misdirected the hard way. After all, every mistake means it’s harder to achieve your sales goals. Yes, some mistakes you have to make firsthand.

The Showpad Sales Transformation Maturity Model

The Showpad Sales Transformation Maturity Model helps organizations understand where they are today in terms of meeting buyer expectations — and how key teams can drive transformation that impacts the bottom-line. Download the free eBook for a pragmatic approach to growing sales maturity.

How the Fastest Growing Startups Build Their Sales Teams


To achieve explosive growth, technology startups need to have world-class sales teams. From smart cities and driverless cars to artificial intelligence, big data and SaaS, 2018 is ripe for companies to achieve record revenue and profits. That is, if they have the right sales team in place.

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Go for the “No” Early in the Sales Process

Anthony Cole Training

There are multiple keys to successful selling. In a blog from last July, I discuss 5 very important activities that drive sales success! Any discussion about successful selling has to include your productivity and effectiveness as well as closing more business.

World Class Pipeline and Forecast Management

Sales Benchmark Index

Many CEO’s today lack confidence in their sales leaders to produce an accurate forecast. They have learned to apply algorithms to de-risk the number. This is a roller coaster ride that happens quarter after quarter of inconsistent forecasts. This problem.

Voice-Mail – The Original Inbound Appointment Machine

The Pipeline

By Tibor Shanto. I do a lot of work with organizations trying to improve their prospecting, and the piece they look to from me is the telephone component of a robust prospecting routine.

Up Your Listening Game to Boost Your Sales

The Sales Heretic

We tend to think of talking as the most important element of communicating, and thus, the most important element of sales, leadership, relationships, etc.

Humans and Bots: How to blend human skills and AI to build customer intimacy and drive growth

Join Genesys for this webinar to learn how leading companies are using blended AI to drive customer intimacy and revenue growth.

Prospecting or Selling: Which One Really Drives Sales Growth?

Anthony Cole Training

I’m stuck this morning. I’m reading “ Building A Story Brand ” by Don Miller and I'm looking over my own book “ The Best Prospecting Book Ever Written ”.

How Sales Operations Contributes Valuable Insights to Product Management

Sales Benchmark Index

Great companies know how to educate the market about their products. But what if the buyer isn’t buying from you, even if they’ve been educated? What if Marketing has actively informed the market with a sound content marketing strategy?

What’s the point?

Sales 2.0

What’s the point? The point is a good thing to know before you set out on an epic journey. And let’s face it most sales jobs are epic journeys. They’re not easy and they go on for a long time. There’s a ton of sweat and some tears involved in most of them. Epic!

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4 Cold-Call Lines That Don’t Creep Out Your Prospect

DiscoverOrg Sales

“HOW THE %$#@ DID YOU GET THIS NUMBER? Take me off your call list!”. … Not really the cold-call response you’re looking for! But you’ve been pursuing this company for almost a year.

Moving the Sales Performance Bell Curve

A blueprint for turning average performers into top reps.

Your #1 Competitive Differentiator

John Barrows

In my sales trainings I always ask reps what they think their #1 competitive differentiator is. Most answers focus on specific features, functions, the company history, people, customer service, etc. These are great but unfortunately, they are things your competitors are saying, too.

5 Keys to Execute a Successful Sales Re-Org

Sales Benchmark Index

Weeks and months of planning go into defining the optimal sales org design for your organization. Countless meetings and analysis comparing the benefits of hunter/famer, stratification, product specialization or other org designs. Time is spent defining the role SDR’s, Sales.

Discovered - Data Reveals the Second Biggest Obstacle to Closing More Sales

Understanding the Sales Force

Whichever way you turn, wherever you look, and whatever you listen to there is data. Polls, surveys, metrics, analytics, analyses, white papers, graphs, charts, infographics, tables, spreadsheets and more. There is data everywhere.

Overcoming “I’ll Think About It”, Improving Emotional Intelligence, Brian Tracy on Dreaming Big

MTD Sales Training

Episode 15 – Overcoming “I’ll Think About It”, Improving Emotional Intelligence, Brian Tracy on Dreaming Big. This podcast includes: How to overcome the “I’ll Think About it” barrier from a prospect. What you can do to improve your emotional intelligence.

In the Race to Win More Customers, Sales Needs Digital Transformation

Salesforce users were surveyed about the forces shaping today's workplace. Discover the results and why investments in digital transformation and automation are pushing sales teams ahead.

Open-Ended Questions for Sales Set You Apart From Your Competition


Through research with buyers and sellers spanning over 25 years, I’m convinced that there’s one tool, above all others, that accelerates sales cycles and win rates. It’s why I recommend building your skills in asking open-ended questions for sales success. sales success DISCOVER Questions™ open-ended questions

Advanced Best Practices to Accelerate the Impact of Customer Success

Sales Benchmark Index

Our guest today is Bernie Kassar, Chief Customer Officer for Xactly Corporation. Bernie pioneered the field of Customer Success as one of the first SVP’s of Customer Success five years ago. As companies scramble to catch up, Bernie is a.

Sales Tech Game Changers: How to Increase Your Sales Forecast

Smart Selling Tools

In this series, we ask Sales Tech Executives to describe how their solution can change a sales organization in a significant way. We call it Sales Tech Game Changers. This week I interview Jon Kondo , Co-Founder & CEO of OpsPanda.

How To Keep Your Prospect Engaged In Your Meetings

MTD Sales Training

One thing many salespeople tell us is that, when they are in a sales meeting, the prospect often will derail the subject or cause objections to be raised. In fact, they do anything but agree to buy the product! It’s not surprising that often the prospect will be disengaged from you. They are trying to see if the product you are selling is going to be right for them and they run the risk of making a decision that may be counter-productive.

Successful Social Selling Best Practices Guide

This best practices guide focuses on helping you organize, harness and capitalize on the information, buying signals and qualified prospects identifying themselves to you online every single day.

5 Ways to Ramp New Sales Hires Faster

John Barrows

This is a guest blog post written by Chris Orlob, VP of Sales at As illustrated by many sales teams before , there’s a dramatic ROI when you ramp new hires faster. The sooner they come up to speed, the sooner they pull in full quota revenue. This is such low-hanging fruit. You’ve got this. Here are five tips on how to ramp new hires faster. Show them what ‘good’ looks like. Help new hires understand the strike zone.

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Why great salespeople make terrible managers

How do you find a great sales leader? In most organizations, it goes something like this: A rep hustles, grinds, and outperforms. Leadership takes notice, and thinks, “how can we spread their magic to the rest of the team?” So they make them a sales manager. Which feels natural, right?

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3 Emotional and Mental Keys to Success for Great Salespeople

Jeff Shore

By Jeff Shore. I’ve been studying salespeople for three decades. I’ve seen the best and, yes, the worst. It’s a tough job to master, no doubt. And think about why for a moment. On the one hand we expect outgoing, gregarious, creative, relational, caring and empathetic salespeople.

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What Causes a Disconnect Between Salespeople and Sales Tools?

Smart Selling Tools

There’s so much talk about Salespeople refusing to use sales tools. I’ve heard people reason that salespeople are lazy, that they aren’t tech savvy, that they’re stubborn. Those things may or may not be true for your sellers.

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Marketing and Sales Alignment for A Supercharged LinkedIn Strategy

Speaker: Candyce Edelen, CEO, PropelGrowth

Used properly, LinkedIn is the ultimate prospecting tool for B2B sales. It feeds a customer-centric sales process and enables a human-to-human interaction with very low cost compared to other prospecting methods. LinkedIn prospecting BLOWS AWAY the results from typical email marketing campaigns. You will receive far more positive replies from this than from any other outbound lead generation strategy. Join Candyce Edelen, CEO of PropelGrowth, to learn how over the course of 6 months, she was able to book hundreds of sales calls using LinkedIn.

Sales Enablement Defined

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Bob Junke Recently, I had the honor of being asked by the Sales Enablement Society (SES) to offer my definition of sales enablement as an alternative to the one the SES Definition Working Group came up with. My definition follows, along with the reasons for it and application of it. I hope you find it beneficial. Defining sales enablement is important. The definition should serve as a beacon, identifying what we need to do to make sales enablement successful. Numerous definitions exist.

How to to generate higher volumes of qualified leads with Alex Berman of Experiment 27 and Ryan Robinson

Here's the recording of today's webinar on how to generate a higher volume of well-qualified leads with Experiment 27's Alex Berman and your truly from We had a couple of last minute cancellations for today's webinar, unfortunately.

How to Find Out Everything LinkedIn Knows About You

Fill the Funnel

How to find out everything LinkedIn knows about you in their databases. Prepare to be shocked. I thought I knew, overall what they stored, and when I figured out how to get access to everything they have stored about me, wow, was I surprised?