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Why Your Sales Training Plan Might Be Irrelevant


Sales training can feel more like trial-by-fire than a helpful introduction to a new company – and that won’t cut it for today’s busy reps

Creating a Company Culture that Your Employees Will Buy Into

The Center for Sales Strategy

Over the last few years, company culture has been a hot topic in corporate America. Companies geared towards Millennials tout game rooms and espresso machines, and most companies are having serious discussions about how to create the right atmosphere.

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Mapping The Sales Process: 6 Steps For Success

Doing sales mapping can be fast and easy with these six sales process steps. Keep reading to find out more. RELATED: 7 Most Common Mistakes In Sales Process Mapping And How To Avoid Them In this article: A Business Needs to Have a Sales Process Map What Is a Sales Process?

New Quarter and New Goals

Score More Sales

At the start of another new quarter, there are always those hopes and dreams for a big outcome in a few short months


Fishing for Sales Prospects

Anthony Cole Training

Sales and marketing go hand-in-hand. Without leads, salespeople will have a hard time selling. Without marketing, salespeople will have a difficult time sharing their product and features with prospective clients.

The Fear Of Missing Out

The Pipeline

No matter how hard we work to cover it up or deny it, as humans, we are very much driven by our “primal brain.” Sellers already buy into this when they agree that “people buy on emotion, ( primal brain ), then rationalize it, ( logical brain ).”

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Promoted! Leadership Training for Sales Managers


You already know that your actions significantly impact sales performance. As a sales manager, there’s a cause-and-effec t for nearly every thing you do. The problem is that you may not know how the pieces fit together.

Every Great Conversation

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Randy Sabourin The most important things that happen at any organization are conversations. They are the reason we innovate, collaborate, sell, lead, coach, change, succeed or fail.

Tips & Ideas to Get Better Prospects

The Sales Hunter

Prospecting does not have to be painful nor does it have to be as hard as you think. The first rule is to make every conversation one where you earn the right, privilege, honor and respect to meet with that person again. Sales and prospecting is not a slimy or ugly activity like some people describe it. I count prospecting and sales as an honor. When you prospect with integrity, you’ll gain customers who have integrity.

The 5 Secrets to Get Your Email Returned

Mr. Inside Sales

Tired of your emails not getting returned? If you’re a sales rep who is sending emails and waiting….and and waiting for responses that never come, then why not use some best practices that will give your emails the best chances of getting a response.

Without Fundamentals, You’ve Got Nothing (June Referral Selling Insights)

No More Cold Calling

Why it’s important to train from the trenches. From now on, I am going to make it a fixed rule that no unit, from the time it reaches this theater until the war is won, will ever stop training.”. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces.

5 Sales Onboarding Errors to Avoid

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Greg Flynn Imagine a marathon runner starting a race without having trained or even stretched beforehand. Or a restaurant serving newly conceived meals that no one had sampled previously. Imagine a new office building opening up without a strong framework and structural support.

5 Books Sales Leaders Should Read This Summer

The Center for Sales Strategy

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in 2016 and has been updated. At least once a week, I get asked by a sales leader if there is a business book I would recommend they read that will help them improve their game.

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Make More Sales By Doing This

Engage Selling

If you want to make more sales, you have to think about this. First, understand that we live in an “on demand generation.” ” We can watch movies on demand. We can play any song on demand.

How to Give a Sales Presentation to Executives: 10 Essential Tips

Sales Hacker

The Executive Suite is considered one of the most challenging (and important) groups in an organization to sell to. It can be tough to get their attention, and once you do, giving a sales presentation to this experienced audience can also be tough.

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4 hacks for managing differently

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Tom Houlihan There are more ways to deliver value and results than relying on the same old approaches to the same old problems. By looking at problems differently and through different lenses, new solutions get revealed.

8 Historic American Leaders and Why They’d Make a Great Sales Leader Today

The Center for Sales Strategy

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, or Independence Day. It's a day that we as Americans reflect on our freedom, our heritage, and our history. In honor of this, we asked a few of the CSS team to chime in for this post.

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How Not To Be Offended By Other People’s Beliefs and Opinions

Anthony Iannarino

There are 7.7 billion people on planet Earth. All of these people have beliefs that conflict with yours—all of them.

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Why Your Investment in Sales Tech Might Not Be Paying Off


I was at a golf practice range the other day. I took a nice, easy swing, heard that ultra-satisfying “click”, and watched the ball travel straight downrange and land exactly where I intended it to. And for a moment, one brief, fleeting moment, I actually believed I was getting better at this game.

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Let Freedom Ring: My Sentiments on July 4

No More Cold Calling

My visit to Normandy on the 75th anniversary of D-Day gave me a lot to think about this July 4. I hadn’t been to France since I was 22, and last month I visited Paris and Normandy. Paris is still a gorgeous city with a rich history. Normandy was beyond anything I’d experienced.

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Weekly Roundup: Bad Sales Habits + More

The Center for Sales Strategy

It's the LAST week to share your insight for the 2019 State of Media Sales Report CLICK HERE to contribute your expertise and help us develop an extensive report to share in the Fall. MOTIVATION -. TODAY IS ALWAYS THE MOST PRODUCTIVE DAY OF YOUR WEEK.". MARK HUNTER. AROUND THE WEB -. >

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The Easy Way to Get a Job In Sales Now

Anthony Iannarino

Twice in as many months, I have had a reader email me to ask me how they can get a job in sales.

Just-in-Time Coaching (Not Only Just-in-Time Learning)


When I was doing my Master’s degree in Australia, I quickly learned that an MBA program is different than an undergrad program because you learn most of the content from your peers and discussion. This is in contrast to doing an undergrad degree, which is centered more on asynchronous learning.

3 Cold Email Mistakes That Ruin Sales Conversations


The New Virtual Handshake and How to Get It Right (Hint: It’s the Future of Sales)

Sales Hacker

When you think B2B sales, do you find you suddenly needing a nap? Does it bore you silly? I know it does me! That doesn’t bode well for the future of sales! I mean, think about it. The sales process today is about as exciting as standing in line at the post office: Pick up the phone. Say your pitch.

9 Ways for New Salespeople to Find Fast Success

Anthony Iannarino

It isn’t easy to become a top performing salesperson. If you are new to a sales role, it can appear to be a daunting task, but I assure you it is not so difficult as to prevent anyone sufficiently motivated from succeeding in becoming a great salesperson.

Breaking Your Inner Horse

Grant Cardone

“A man who conquers himself is greater than he who conquers a thousand men in battle” — Buddha. Discipline—. control gained by enforcing obedience or order. orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior. self-control. The first usage of the word “discipline” was to describe punishment.

You made your Hydra, here's how to unmake it


You know this scenario. You wanted to enable your sales team, so you purchased a CRM from a trusted vendor that promised you everything. Sales Management Sales Enablement CRM

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PODCAST 64. How to Analyze a SaaS Business effectively w/ David Skok

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with David Skok. He is one of. the pioneers of SaaS. He is a serial entrepreneur. He started his first business in 1977. Three of the four businesses that he was involved with went on to IPO.

Overcoming Your Fear of Sharing Insights

Anthony Iannarino

Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away from Your Competition contains a chapter about Capturing Mindshare or, put another way, shaping the lens through which your dream client views their business, their challenges, and their opportunities.

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Incubator vs. Accelerator: What's the Difference?

Hubspot Sales

Are you ready to take make your side hustle your main hustle? Or maybe you’ve got an idea -- you just don’t quite have the details fleshed out. You may be considering an incubator or accelerator to help you get started. But what’s the difference? And which one is right for you?

8 Things Salespeople are Sick and Tired of Hearing

Adam Honig

Salespeople are sick and tired of hearing a lot of different things- here are just a few of them. The post 8 Things Salespeople are Sick and Tired of Hearing appeared first on Spiro Technologies


3 Proven Sales Forecasting Methods for Greater Accuracy

Sales Hacker

Getting an accurate sales forecast is almost as important as hitting the revenue target itself. But with so many different sales forecasting methods, how do you know which will give you the most accurate view? According to CSO Insights, 60% of forecasted deals do not actually close.

My Wish on Independence Day

Anthony Iannarino

There are not too many written documents as important—or beautiful—as the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence , written by Thomas Jefferson with coaching from John Adams, two men who would later be political rivals, and later still friends (both of whom would die a few hours apart on July 4th, 1826).