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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, and So Is One Great Customer Reference

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Toby Murdock Seeking peer recommendations before making a purchase or signing an agreement is nothing new – it’s been part of commerce since the beginning.

10 Sales and Marketing Alignment Best Practices


As nearly every industry vertical becomes more crowded, the cost of marketing increases, and competition heightens. To succeed in this environment it is absolutely crucial that your sales and marketing teams are aligned.

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The Difficult Challenge of a Fear-Based Sales Approach

Anthony Iannarino

There was a time when a post like this would be about salespeople who used high-pressure selling techniques, the hard sell and bullying to cause their polite, conflict-averse prospective clients (i.e., victims) to buy products or services under duress.

Why Sales Reps Must Stop Trying To Create Urgency

John Barrows

One of the hardest things to do in sales is “create urgency” when it’s seemingly not there. Sales reps try to manufacture urgency all the time by proactively offering discounts at the end of the month, but that’s just sad. But how do you actually “create” urgency? Let me be clear – you can’t.

Successful Social Selling Best Practices Guide

This best practices guide focuses on helping you organize, harness and capitalize on the information, buying signals and qualified prospects identifying themselves to you online every single day.

Who is listening to YOU and why should they?

Bernadette McClelland

I shared a link on Facebook of a casual family get together where the entire family sung one of my all-time favourites “One More Day” from the epic Les Mis. Twice I watched it and twice I felt goosebumps.

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Is Sales Adding A Premium To Intrinsic Revenue Growth?

The Pipeline

By Tibor Shanto. Last week I saw a piece on LinkedIn, that questioned the accuracy of predictions about the future of B2B sales and selling made in the past decade. The piece pointed to a prediction by Forrester around 2015 about the size and nature of B2B sales in 2020.

Are Your Marketing Campaigns Agile Enough?

Sales Benchmark Index

Many CEOs often ask us while planning for 2020, “what’s the secret marketing sauce? What’s worked for your other clients when it comes to the marketing mix? What isn’t working?” ” And as most CMOs can agree, there’s no such thing.

How To Sell More Products To Existing Customers

MTD Sales Training

Who would you rather talk to? A new person who you haven’t met before, or a close friend? Who do you trust more? A salesperson you’ve never seen trying to sell you something you’ve never bought, or someone you’ve known for some time and with whom you have great rapport. Who would you rather sell to?

Increase Sales in 2020| What Makes an Elite Salesperson "Elite"?

Anthony Cole Training

In our second blog post focusing on increasing sales in 2020 and beyond, we discuss the differentiating factors between "elite" salespeople and the rest of the pack. Sales Coaching increase sales sales performance management consultative selling consultative sales coaching

Sales Training Playbook by Lessonl

A step-by-step guide for building a comprehensive training playbook for your sales team.

James Picks Brains: Work Life Balance With John Barrows

John Barrows

In the first of my brand new series, I’m pumped to have a long-term mentor sit and talk to me for 20 minutes about how he sets himself up for a successful day, every day.

How CEOs Are Evaluating Their GTM Strategy in Changing Market Environments

Sales Benchmark Index

It’s 2020, and you are just launching your annual go-to-market strategy. You are feeling good about your plan. You have solid teams around each initiative and feel confident that the timeframes are achievable. You made some big bets, and you.

New Book on Leadership: A Great Read!

Mr. Inside Sales

What characteristics make up leadership? Are you born with these traits, or can you develop them? How early in life do you know you were meant to be a leader, and how do you position yourself, throughout your career, to express and expand on this calling?

I Would Sell More and Increase Sales If Only I Would.

Anthony Cole Training

In this blog post, we present a question that may force you to look yourself in the mirror and ask, "What can I do better as a salesperson to increase my sales in 2020 and beyond?".

7 Marketing and Sales Strategies to Grow Your Revenue Fast

Speaker: Christopher Ryan, Founder and CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners

Many companies have the core marketing and sales elements to take their revenue to the next level, but are still missing out on some key opportunities. Join Christopher Ryan, CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners and writer of the recent book "The Expert’s B2B Revenue Growth Playbook," to discover seven steps that you can immediately take to grow your company’s revenue quickly and consistently!

Customer Feedback Will Be More Actionable and Better Managed in 2020

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Chris Benham Nearly every company gathers some form of customer feedback. Polls, ratings, surveys – collecting feedback has never been easier. But what happens to all this data? How much of it is acted upon to improve the customer experience?

Intel Headed Into the 2008 Recession at the Top – but Did It Stay There?

Sales Benchmark Index

Before the 2008 recession, Intel pushed out rivals by keeping its product cycles tight. With a philosophy that innovation would move the market in its favor, Intel devoted itself to delivering the fastest and latest technologies. Being ahead of the.

Customer Meetings: How the Best Sales Reps Approach Them

Sales Hacker

In Sales, there are many areas where sales reps truly have control over the impact they make on a prospect to maximize their chances of winning the deal. One of these facets is being ultra prepared for customer meetings. . Don’t worry about what you can’t control.

Interview: Using LinkedIn To Approach IT Buyers With Matt Reuter

John Barrows

Matt Reuter is leading his SDR team at GTT to book tons of meetings with IT buyers. We know the IT space can be difficult to sell into, especially if you want to use social media.

Fulfilling Today's (Changing) eLearning Needs

Speaker: Bryan Marriott, President, P1 Learning

eLearning cannot be a “one size fits all” proposition. It’s not enough to post 1,000+ courses and leave training up to chance. Join Bryan Marriott, President of P1 Learning, as he walks through the process of identifying learner needs, and then delivering training that specifically addresses those needs – in a short, effective, and entertaining manner.

Executive Interview with @AllegoSoftware CMO, Wayne St. Amand: Sales as a Buying Experience

Smart Selling Tools

Executive Interview: with Wayne St. Amand, CMO of Allego. In this series, we ask Sales Tech Executives to talk about Selling as a Buying Experience. NANCY: WHAT ARE THE TOP WAYS COMPANIES CAN TRANSFORM SALES TO IMPROVE THEIR PROSPECTS’ BUYING EXPERIENCE IN THE NEXT 12-24 MONTHS? .

B2C 94

How to make sales investments add up to more


Dear Company Leader, I see you. You’re frustrated by your sales organization. By its lack of growth. The missed forecasts. Failing to meet targets. Your sales leaders send people to training, and nothing gets better. They invest in new tools, but the problems remain.

10 Sales and Marketing Alignment Best Practices


As nearly every industry vertical becomes more crowded, the cost of marketing increases, and competition heightens. To succeed in this environment it is absolutely crucial that your sales and marketing teams are aligned.

Podcast 133: Barriers To Successful Prospecting With Matt Green

John Barrows

This week we’re pleased to welcome Matt Green to the podcast. Matt’s building an amazing community of sales, CS and marketing professionals in Chicago with Sales Assembly and is always learning from what they’re doing to crush their market.

4 Steps to Developing Your Customer Care Strategy

The quality of a customer care strategy can make or break a company, but simply resolving a customer service issue or complaint is no longer enough. Learn the 4 steps that address the major points you need to consider when building a customer care roadmap.

The Five Enormous Mistakes In Your Prospecting Sequence

Anthony Iannarino

If you are a human being with a heartbeat, the ability to fog a mirror by breathing on it, and in possession of a work email address you were foolish enough to use to fill out a form on a website, then you are in someone’s prospecting sequence.

The Most Successful Negotiation is The Negotiation That Isn't Needed


The last few years it seems that each time it snows, even a little, they cancel school. Are school officials convinced that parents and bus drivers will put kids' safety in jeopardy because snow is falling? Sales Process Sales Management

The Best Sales Negotiation Tactics

The Center for Sales Strategy

The sales pitch is delivered, objections are resolved, and the contract is sent. Now, you patiently wait for the prospect to sign, and you’ve sealed the deal. But then — the email comes through, and suddenly you’re scheduling a sales negotiation.

Answering the Top 5 Questions on How to Use LinkedIn

Sales Hacker

In my years of working in sales, I’ve tackled thousands of questions regarding the use of LinkedIn. Most can be summed up by one statement: “This is all so overwhelming….”. But, the truth is, LinkedIn and LinkedIn Navigator are unbelievably powerful tools that aren’t as complicated as they seem.

Sales Training That Gets Results – With or Without Classroom ILT

Speaker: Mike Kunkle, VP Sales Enablement Services, SPASIGMA

Most sales ILT (instructor-led training) has historically not been very effective, if we consider “effective” to mean “changes behavior, improves results, or produces a ROI.” In this webinar, sales enablement expert Mike Kunkle will break down how modern technology removes the need for ILT in sales training - and will also explain how to effectively integrate ILT into your modern training, if you want to continue using it!