7 Critical Skills of the Social Seller

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I recently met Jill Rowley, a Sales Rep at Eloqua. Jill remains Eloqua’s #1 Sales Rep since 2006. They connect effectively through social media platforms and promote their personal brand. And the market rewards them with revenue. The market is changing.

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Marketing Automation is Not Marketing Strategy


Think about it: if their clients can’t get the value from the software, their revenues are going to be impacted. the HIMMS Media Group, and the Business Information Industry Association.

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How Enterprises Are Adopting Social Selling


These days, it is no longer enough to argue that enterprise companies are too big to bother with social media. Of these, more than two thirds are on social media. Plus, more than 90 percent of brands are on at least two social media platforms. Reliance on Social Media.

PowerViews with Craig Rosenberg: Growth Hacks & Consumerized B2B Software


Social Media: Table Stakes and the Challenges Linking to ROI. Click to start video at this point — Regarding social media, Craig says we should probably be looking at the downside of not doing it instead of looking for ROI right now, and he adds, “It’s table stakes.”.

The Pipeline ? Sales And Marketing Alignment In Terms Of Lead.

The Pipeline

It’s usually marketing’s job to create campaigns and messaging, and set social media and web strategy. Regardless of your company size , if an outbound rep thinks they shouldn’t get involved in social media, they are mistaken. Social media should be part of an integrated marketing plan.

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You can begin by segmenting your targets by revenue size, key industries using SIC codes, geographic regions and the number of locations, etc. A few we like include Marketo, Acton and Eloqua. Part One – Targeting and Lead Development.