Who Really Sells a Multifamily Energy Project?

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A casual observer would assume that “vendors” and “contractors” sell energy efficiency projects to multifamily building owners. In reality, the energy managers and other internal champions connected to those buildings wind up doing most of the “selling.” prospecting sales performance

Residential Energy, Part One

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We talk a lot about sales strategies and tactics that are appropriate for commercial and industrial prospects.

Residential Energy, Part Two

Selling Energy

Today, we’ll continue with some more strategies for reframing the value of efficiency for residential prospects. sales performance

Is There Energy in That Voicemail You Are Leaving?

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In looking at the things that will help voicemail work for you in your prospecting efforts, we have arrived at the 5th tip: #5: Your message must be one that conveys energy and confidence in your voice. Your prospect is busy. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospecting voicemail voicemail skills

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Sales Energy Audits: How to Increase Revenue by Shifting Your Sales-Energy Use

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Sales Energy Audits: How to Increase Revenue by Shifting Your Sales-Energy Use. Twenty years ago, the connection between energy efficiency and environmental benefits was poorly understood by the general population. In this case, I’m referring to its use of Sales Energy.

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Deliver Empathetic Energy Not a Passionate Sales Pitch

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Sometimes in sales, people confuse energy with passion. When salespeople infuse emotional intelligence into their sales conversation, they now are delivering empathetic energy. Low energy does not sell. Misplaced high energy also does not sell. What does sell is energy that focuses on the sales lead (prospect) with a underlying caring desire. This is when your energy is still very visible, but is not viewed as the all too common sales pitch.

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Intentional The Energy Behind Sales Leadership

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For me this word supplied the emotional and intellectual energy needed to achieve my sales goals this year. Our energy drains and then discouragement sets in. We have lost precious time because our energy is gone. Yes, this did take some energy and time.

Riding The Prospecting Wave

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Often we spend too much time, energy and emotion worrying about the things we can’t control, while deliberately ignoring and not attending to things we can control, and would make a difference if we did. The post Riding The Prospecting Wave appeared first on Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.

Success Breeds Prospects

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Most sales people tend to ease off on their prospecting when they have a healthy pipeline. All kinds of opportunities to close at the peak, desperately prospecting (praying and hoping), at the bottom. I don’t need to prospect, look at all the things in the pipeline I can work on”.

10 Ways to Make Prospecting on the Phone Effective

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Make the call about the prospect not about you. The reason for the call must be based around providing the prospect with information or insight they will find of value. Speak with energy and believe in yourself.

100 Most Prospected-to Companies of 2018

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You might recognize the most-prospected-to companies of 2018, according to DiscoverOrg’s database, as household names – but that’s not why savvy sales and marketing professionals have been pitching to them. Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at the most-prospected-to industries.

Delivery Over Messaging In Prospecting Calls

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When it comes to effective prospecting there is usually a complete imbalance between two critical components of an effective message. Most prospecting calls, OK, cold calls, usually fall short because the caller is thinking too much about their end of the call, not the prospects end.

Five Places to Find Prospects

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Then you need more prospects! In this 7½-minute segment, I share five places to find quality prospects. Devote your time and energy to one or more of these five options and you’ll have a [.]. Sales business expert prospect Want to make more sales this year?

Are You Pushing Prospects or Leading Them?

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Aikido is a Japanese martial art that focuses on redirecting an attacker’s energy and using it against them. Sales aikido closing overcoming objections prospect upselling Instead of meeting force with force (i.e.

7 Ways To Be Better at Prospecting

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These days, sales conversations are becoming even more buyer-focused, which means sales reps have to get creative when it comes to prospecting. Most sales experts will tell you that starting conversations with prospects is the most crucial part of boosting your success in sales.

Presentations Lack Energy? Let Your Bad Actor Out!

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Many salespeople don’t speak with as much energy or personality in business as they do in their personal lives—we tend to flatten things out, pull them in, tone them down. Our clients and prospects have dozens of people every day droning on to them in business mode. So how do you break out of business mode and make sure you bring the necessary passion and energy to your presentation? Don’t let a lack of energy stand between you and a sale.

Best time to Prospect – Sales eXecution 239

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One question I am asked regularly is what is the best time to prospect, be that of day, time of week, etc. Many sales pundits will insist that you should prospect first thing in the day, giving a bounce to your day, allowing you to spend the rest of it selling.

The Value of Appraisal

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When you’re selling an energy efficiency solution in the built environment, you might consider emphasizing the potential for increased appraised value as an important benefit. communication prospecting energy efficiency

Achieving Prospecting Success by Segmentation – 1

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As we start a new quarter, it makes sense to step back a second and think about how you are prospecting f. Falling to align the effort and approach to each segment can lose you sales, or almost worse, have you spend more time and energy closing sales with a longer sales cycle than necessary.

Sales is an Activity! Build Energy Around Your Business

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There are many ways to market and prospect. Your job is to consider them all and then select a handful that you are going to implement. From cold calling to social media, from public speaking to networking, there are many avenues you can take.

Top Sales Prospecting Challenges

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Challenges abound when it comes to sales prospecting. From targeting and using the right outreach methods to maintaining motivation and energy, there are plenty of ways to outbound prospect and fail. Download: 5 Sales Prospecting Myths Debunked. For our Top Performance in Sales Prospecting research, we asked 489 sellers who outbound prospect about the biggest prospecting issues they face.

Prospecting idea: have an idea

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In a previous post I went on about how uninspiring (and ineffective) it is for a sales person to call a prospect to “just touch base”. When I was only selling and had been prospecting hard for a long time I started to feel that buyers had no problems. Prospecting

Are You Too Smart for Prospecting?

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Prospecting is a unique skill set, this is why hunters are always in greater demand and earn more than people who can sell but can’t prospect. Doing research on a prospect is a must, you need to know the facts, their potential objectives, opportunities, etc.

How to Build the Prospecting Habit

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That activity is prospecting , and it is what is required to open new relationships and create new opportunities. If you want success, you need to build the prospecting habit. How did we get to a place where salespeople don’t spend their time prospecting? How Prospecting Was Lost. First, sales managers have not held their salespeople accountable for prospecting. How You Build the Prospecting Habit. Prospecting has to dominate your time and your energy.

Executive Sales Leader Briefing: The Power of the Team with Prospecting

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Have you ever noticed how much more energy you have when you’re around others? Blog leadership Prospecting high-profit prospecting prospecting sales leader sales leadership sales prospectingAre you one who when working out in a gym or out for a run with others find yourself running faster? It’s pretty basic, but we all tend to perform better when we’re around others (as long as those other people […].

How To Build A Prospect List

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3 Strategies To Build A Better List Get prospecting right and the rest of the sales process will take care of itself. It’s true – There’s very little that can positive impact the sale more than prospecting. Prospecting is crucial to the success of your overall sales process.

Are your prospecting calls a long run off a short pier?

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Sellers are a wonderfully optimistic lot, having drank the Kool Aid about their “solution”, believing that they are indeed the cavalry coming over the hill to heal all that pains their potential prospects. The post Are your prospecting calls a long run off a short pier?

The Best Way to Sales Prospect with Voicemail

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Yes, you can prospect using voicemail. Here is the best way to sales prospect with voice mail: To make the voicemail message fly, it needs to be short. Your voice has to be positive and have a strong sense of both confidence and energy.

Reach More Prospects with this Simple Plan

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Most of us in selling do not spend enough talk time with prospective buyers. The studies we have seen show that sellers spend, on average, 35% of their time actually selling – having conversations with prospective buyers.

Finding the Prospect’s Why

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I’ve often talked about the “ why ” behind selling energy, because in the end that’s what drives the bus. Selling Performance

Redirect Your Prospect’s Focus

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When you’re selling an energy product or service, it’s pretty much a given that your prospect will raise some concern or objection during the negotiation.

30 Sales Prospecting Email Templates Guaranteed to Start a Relationship

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Yes, you read the title right -- I guarantee that these templates will get responses from prospects. But, compared to the overly salesy prospecting email templates most salespeople are sending, I am confident that these will work better -- or your money back. Email Prospecting

A Comprehensive Guide to Talking to Prospects on the Phone

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Your prospect can sense when you sound bored or uninterested and will be less willing to open up. Don’t rush your prospect through the conversation, because you never know when a tangent might lead to valuable insights that will help you close. How are you [prospect name]!?

Is Cold Calling Dead? 17 New Prospecting Strategies Salespeople Should Use

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Warm calling" means you establish contact with a prospect before sending them an email. Cold calling used to be one of the best -- and only -- prospecting strategies salespeople could use. A good prospecting strategy is: Consistent: It reliably generates new leads.

5 Strategies the Best Reps Use to Tell Tire Kickers From Real Prospects

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You've spent hours prospecting : researching, making warm calls , reaching out via email and on social media. If you have prospects who are dragging their feet or slowing a deal down, you might be working with a tire kicker. It takes time and energy to educate prospects (e.g.,

How to Guard Your Sales Prospecting Against 'Fake News'

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But when you’re in sales, learning the truth about a prospect’s needs is critical. You may plow ahead by setting up a meeting with a prospective customer, then spend hours putting together the perfect pitch, only to find out your information was off base, and the customer isn’t ready to buy, or has little need for what you’re selling. . How can you avoid wasting both your and your prospects’ time and taking the risk of being permanently shut out? .

Steer Clear of These Prospects!

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Now, to save you even more time, money and energy (and frustrations!), I’d like to share with you certain prospect types that you should disqualify. In the past, we’ve discussed difficult and unprofitable clients that you should fire immediately.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Prospecting: Tips, Techniques, & Tools to Succeed

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In this growing sales landscape, we’ll outline the various processes and key strategies for prospecting -- the phase of selling that often consumes the most time and energy (and is the most crucial to get right). What Is Prospecting? Prospect. Sales Prospecting Techniques.

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How to Stop Selling to the Wrong Prospects: On Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio

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If your sales aren’t what you wish they were, odds are you’re wasting too much time and energy on the wrong prospects. Who exactly are the wrong prospects? Sales business prospect strategies timeAnd how can you make sure you’re not wasting your sales efforts on them? Listen to my appearance on Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio with Michele Price. In this [.].

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Are Your Sales Suffering Because You've Picked The Worst Times To Contact Prospects?


In the digital age, more and more communication takes place via email and text messaging, but a person-to-person conversation is still the most engaging way to contact a prospect and convert him into a customer. The worst time to call a prospect is between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m.