“Sales Management” Is Not a Dirty Word

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Great sales leaders must also be great managers. The problem was that sales management had their heads in the sand. So, they neglected the strategies, sales metrics , and processes that could have kept their businesses strong, or at least afloat, when the going got rough.

Signs your star salesperson will excel as a sales manager


It’s not uncommon for star sales reps to be promoted or otherwise move into sales management. Unfortunately, top salespeople aren’t necessarily the best sales managers. The sales manager is a critical role, and you must […]. The post Signs your star salesperson will excel as a sales manager appeared first on RingDNA Inside Sales Software & Enterprise Telephony for Salesforce.

13 Things to Expect During the Enterprise Sales Interview Process


The job market for enterprise sales professionals is tough, and you can expect a rigorous interview process. Once you get to the later stages of the interview process, hiring managers really will scrutinize your resume and LinkedIn profile.

PODCAST 53: Transitioning to Move Upmarket from SMB to Enterprise w/ David Katz

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with David Katz, Senior Director of Sales and Customer Solutions at Intercom. He also gives us a framework for how to move upmarket, and the requirements for taking a company from the SMB space all the way to the enterprise.

7 Must-Have Automated Documents for Sales Success

don’t move as quickly as they’d like--especially when it comes to sales teams. Many companies have adopted technologies like customer relationship management. Sales teams, in particular, waste precious time and resources on repetitive tasks and manual data. of the sales toolkit.

[Message to Management]: 14 Things Top Sales Managers Do

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The Sales Hunter tells you what it takes to lead a winning sales team. How often do sales managers generate opportunities and support their teams in customer conversations? Sales execs tell me they don’t have time to coach their teams.

Two Enterprise-Level Skills to Help Sales Reps Close Bigger: Selling Solutions and Project Managing the Deal

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The key to hit your ever-growing sales goal is not about reps having the “best accounts,” getting lucky, or being in the right place at the right time to close deals. Choice Lucidchart Partner Sales Enablement Sales Management Training & Coaching Webinars

[Note to the Sales Manager] Why Your Sales Reps Can’t Close

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If you’re a sales manager, you’ve probably even said it. The problem is that sales reps neglect important activities during early stages of the sales process. Unless you address the broken links in your prospecting system , your sales reps will continue to struggle.

Enterprise Versus SMB Selling: Do You Have the Right Reps?

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Enterprises and SMBs are very different beasts and in order to sell to them effectively, your sales reps need to have certain skills. This blog explores characteristics needed for Enterprise and SMB reps, as well as some main differentiators between these two types of businesses.

Sales Managers—Pay Attention to How Your Reps Communicate

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Can your sales reps put a sentence together? Sales managers, listen up. Even the most effective sales techniques fall short if your team sounds, well … stupid. Sales reps want a call back ? And in Sales 2.0, new sales buzzwords appear daily.

What Your Sales Manager Doesn’t Know

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Is training your sales team a waste of time and money? Sales training is not an event; it’s a behavioral change. Many sales leaders schedule training sessions, pat themselves on the back for investing in their teams, and consider their mission accomplished.

Sales Management Through Pipeliner CRM


In this ebook author, Nikolaus Kimla gets very specific, dealing with sales management through CRM. He personally believes (as do a lot of experts today) that utilizing a CRM is the only way to manage a sales team—and in fact, it is practically impossible to manage one without it. There is no system in the industry today like Pipeliner CRM, one that empowers precision sales management through CRM. Lead Management. Opportunity Management.

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The #1 Sales Management Problem You Can Fix

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But those methods will only treat the symptoms, not the real sales management problem: a lack of proper planning. It’s similar to the conversations most sales reps have with prospects. This sales strategy is doomed to fail. Sales management: Listen up.

Enterprise Accounts – The Seeds of Growth


Landing a large enterprise account is a big achievement, bringing with it new revenue and profit. But unlike smaller account wins, the real significance of an enterprise account victory is the huge potential for growth. Enterprise pursuits can be challenging with their complex buyer networks, long pursuits, formidable competitors and other frustrations, demanding that selling teams be their very best. That’s the enterprise world. Sales Management For Sales Pros

Channel Selling and the Enterprise World


In the complex world of enterprise selling, we focus keenly on team selling. In winning, growing and retaining large enterprise accounts, it’s an absolute survival skill. For the unique challenges of the enterprise world often require that team selling means the involvement of parties external to the organization as well. For sure, but certainly not uncommon in the enterprise world. The post Channel Selling and the Enterprise World appeared first on SalesPOP!

Sales Managers, Are You Doing Your One-on-Ones Wrong?


If so, you’re missing out on the benefits of consistent sales coaching. The post Sales Managers, Are You Doing Your One-on-Ones Wrong? appeared first on RingDNA Inside Sales Software & Enterprise Telephony for Salesforce.

Enterprise Accounts: Early Acceleration or Early Exit?


A sales manager is approached by a sales rep pushing strongly for the pursuit of a large enterprise account opportunity. “It’s Of course, as she states, the financial costs of pursuing an enterprise opportunity can be immense. Your ability to make these decisions in a logical, measured way is truly fundamental in the enterprise world. Pipeliner CRM empowers sales teams to make the right call in pursuing deals. Sales Management Leadership

10 Best Practices for Enterprise Sales Team Management


Sales team management plays a big role in the success of an organization. As the bridge between executives and sales reps, managers communicate corporate goals with their teams and keep reps on track to hit their quota. Build Positive Relationships with the Sales Team.

PODCAST 17: The True Secrets to Successful Enterprise Sales

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we feature longtime CRO, Dave Govan to chat about complex negotiations and sales cycles in enterprise sales. He’s currently VP of Sales at Hitachi Vantara and a Founding Member of the New York Revenue Collective.

Sales Managers: 7 Reasons Your Reps Aren’t Hitting Quota


Your Sales Development Reps (SDRs) have a quota to hit every month. Their success in doing so impacts the company’s bottom line and sales compensation across the board (yours, […]. The post Sales Managers: 7 Reasons Your Reps Aren’t Hitting Quota appeared first on RingDNA Inside Sales Software & Enterprise Telephony for Salesforce. Why aren’t your SDRs hitting quota?

Quota 66

Sales Management: Taking Smart Risks

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Sales Management: Taking Smart Risks. 3. New manager in a complex organization. I would recommend that you have each of your managers read the book and then discuss it weekly during your review meetings. How Sharp Leaders WIN When Stakes are High.

7 Leadership Interview Questions to Ask a Sales Manager Candidate

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The jump from salesperson to sales manager is extremely challenging. A manager has an entirely different job: Leading, inspiring, coaching, and training a team. Some managers are hands off. It’s detailed, authentic, and foreshadows how she’d act as a manager.

The Sales Manager Job Description Template That Will Help You Find the Perfect Candidate

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Sales manager job description. Sales managers are responsible for helping their reps meet individual quota, getting the team to hit quota, forecasting sales and running sales reports, providing mentorship and training, recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new salespeople, and more.

15 Job Interview Questions to Ask a Sales Manager Candidate in 2018

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Questions for Interviewing a Sales Manager. Why do you want to be a sales manager? Pretend I'm a sales rep who has missed quota three months in a row. What made you successful as a sales rep? How will your processes inform how you manage your team?

3 Magic Questions a Sales Manager Must Know

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Three Magic Questions a Sales Manager Must Know. One of the main roles of a Sales Manager is to help train your salespeople on how to stay on track during a sales cycle. Sales Leadership Training Sales Training

CPQ Has Redefined the Sales Manager’s Job

Cincom Smart Selling

At one time, managing sales was a matter of looking at the annual revenue target and making adjustments to the capacity of the sales force by adding or taking away head count. Today, corporate sales management is more focused on how best to enable a selling process that both serves the customer effectively and delivers more revenue and higher margins. Sales management must guide this evolution, and CPQ offers specific functionality aimed at accomplishing this.

Business Intelligence for Sales Managers: What You Need to Know and How CPQ Can Help

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Before we had business intelligence, we had the bad old days of centralized information management. The problem today is the volume of data and understanding how to make sense of it as it relates to our specific function within the enterprise. Sales Management and Business Intelligence. For sales managers and marketing managers, these systems will likely include CRM and CPQ. How effective is this or that sales rep at cross- or upselling?

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[Message to Management:] Stop Babysitting, Start Coaching

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Well, it’s a new year—with new sales goals and quotas to meet. Teach your sales team to put out their own fires so you can do what you were hired to do: coach and lead. He shares the story of a Fortune 500 company that hired him to evaluate their sales management practices.

Why the Best Sales Techniques Won’t Win You Clients (Here’s What Will)

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Without strong relationships, your sales career is DOA. Salespeople are asking the wrong questions: What are the best sales techniques? Yes, you are the very best tool in your sales toolkit. Technology can aid the sales process, but it can’t make real human connections.

3 Reasons Sales Teams Should Never Ask for Referrals on LinkedIn

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Worse yet, perhaps they plan to spam me with sales pitches that are just as impersonal as their attempts to connect. Why Social Media Isn’t the Place to Ask for Referrals Relationships still rule in sales. It’s presumptuous and rude—and a big sales mistake.

Wondering How to Grow Sales? Create Time to Think

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Whether you’re creating a new business or product, or you’re trying to determine how to grow sales and revenue, you need a quiet space for focused thought. Why Sales Leaders Need Time to Think I know it seems counterintuitive—scheduling time to be creative.

How To 315

[Message to Management]: Top Earners Deserve More of Your Time

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All sales reps need coaching and guidance, but rainmakers deserve extra attention. The sales manager announces the top performers of the year. Applause resounds throughout the building as these sales champions are paraded like Superbowl winning gods across the sales floor.

The 12 Universal Sales Management Truths

The Brooks Group

The 12 Universal Sales Management Truths were developed by the late Bill Brooks, founder of our company and my father. He was a student of his craft and distilled his experience of the way the most successful sales coaches grew top-performing sales teams.

[Message to Management]: Why Your Top Sales Rep Will Leave You Soon

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Max was her top sales rep—the one with the best customer relationships, the most closed business, and the largest pipeline. She did her best to smooth the way through internal politics, and she supported him on executive sales calls if he asked. Stop ignoring your rainmakers.

Don’t Confuse Recommendations with Referral Leads

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It’s our job as sales reps to turn recommendations into referral leads. From Willing to Referring—What It Takes I was intrigued when the head of sales at a prominent investment house raved about his company’s high NPS, which the team sent out to customers twice a year.

No One Wants Your Cold Calls

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I’ve heard it takes at least seven to 10 touches for sales teams who cold call and cold email prospects to connect with decision-makers. They have better things to do, and so does your sales team. Their KPIs are transactional , so their teams’ sales activities are also transactional.

Who coaches the coach? Why training for sales coaches is so important.


Sales managers must juggle many responsibilities, but out of all of them, coaching makes the greatest impact on an organization’s bottom line. After all, managers are responsible for the development, inspiration, and growth of their […]. Why training for sales coaches is so important. appeared first on RingDNA Inside Sales Software & Enterprise Telephony for Salesforce.

Want a 74% Chance of Winning a Sale?

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In B2B sales, customers buy more than just our products and services. Where’s Your Sales Blind Spot? Quiz to test your sales savvy and find out how you can improve it. Associations Enterprise Sales Management Salespeople Small Business

5 Tips for Women in Sales: Get Ready to Change the Game

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Growing up, I had sales all wrong. We ask probing questions, listen intently, have engaging conversations, and make connections—which gives women in sales a strong advantage. Ready to Change the Sales Game? Ready to change your sales future?

Face-to-Face Meetings Are Back in Style

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She was one of the first people to write about networking—a skill all salespeople need but many never manage to master. Sales executives know the importance of going the distance to meet clients—and that a simple handshake can set the tone for a business relationship.