Selling In A Covid-19 World

Partners in Excellence

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Lisa Pope , Executive Vice President of North American Sales for Epicor. We discussed how Epicor’s sales people are responding to these very complex issues, what they’ve learned, and what their outlook is for the future of sales engagement.

The Two Types of Tech Companies and How Each Should Sell

Sales and Marketing Management

Epicor, for example, has long been a steady force in the enterprise software world as a focused player. Author: Adam Boggs and Andrew Dornon Ironically, the engineering advantages that distinguish many technology firms in the marketplace can be one of the biggest detriments to selling.

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InsightSelling through StorySelling

Insight Demand

” Jeff Everton, Sales Enablement and Productivity – Epicor Software. True story. Before a meeting, a potential customer downloads, and then watches 11-videos on SAP’s CRM. So by the time the meeting rolls around, the last thing the potential customer wanted was more information, because they’re drowning in it. All they wanted from the salesperson was insight into three key areas. So how do you sell value and differentiate your product to these empowered buyers?

Insight Selling- How to sell value & differentiate your product with Insight Scenarios.

Insight Demand

” Jeff Everton, Sales Enablement and Productivity – Epicor Software. Buy on Amazon click or download Chapter One click. Book Description. Selling value to B2B buyers today can feel like trying to stop a freight train that’s hurtling towards the sales graveyard of commoditization and discounting. Today, an empowered buyer has done research, has a clear idea of his or her firm’s needs, and how much the firm is willing to pay.