Reimagining Events in a Hybrid World

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A hot topic on the minds of executives, validated by SBI’s Growth Advisory Board Program, is what the future of the workplace looks like and how to create an impactful EX and CX in a hybrid environment. Executives are looking.

The top 5 virtual event software platforms of 2020


With in-person events temporarily postponed due to health concerns, virtual event platforms have taken center-stage in 2020. If you’ve been online at all in 2020, you’ve seen an advertisement promoting a virtual event. What can you do with a virtual event platform?


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Top 5 Virtual Event Platforms of 2020


With in-person events temporarily postponed due to health concerns, virtual event platforms have taken center-stage in 2020. If you’ve been online at all in 2020, you’ve seen an advertisement promoting a virtual event. What can you do with a virtual event platform?

How to Use CRM Software to Manage Digital Events

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How do I use CRM for digital events? Can our existing CRM help leverage the data that we gain from organizing a free event? The post How to Use CRM Software to Manage Digital Events appeared first on Nimble Blog.

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Top 10 Tactics for a Successful SKO!

The 2022 Sales Kick Off is your big opportunity to align your sales team and drive change. Make sure it's successful with SecondNature’s SKO Ebook! Find out: ? How to set the right goals and KPIs ? How to translate vision into tactics ? How to keep salespeople engaged.

What Every B2B CMO Should Know Today

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With executives facing the same challenges and experiences, and in this unique time, on a level playing field. Clarity is needed for the C-Suite in terms of Marketing. Many CEOs have placed digital investments on the back burner and now.

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Time for Sales & Event Teams to be Equal Partners


Time for Sales and Event Teams to be Equal Partners. Maybe office space will become more sociable with hot-desking and better conference room facilities for running big internal and virtual events more easily. Talk to your events team again to change the booth design for this new world.

Hosting Activities and Events: What Software Do You Need?

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Events and activities have different significance for different organizations. The post Hosting Activities and Events: What Software Do You Need? Some businesses structure their product offerings around activities (white water rafting companies, tour companies, etc.)

Leads Generation Ideas for Trade Shows & Corporate Events


Events and trade shows are expensive, even if you’re not a sponsor. Even so, they are still one of the best ways to get your solution in front of a crowd of likely prospects: 41% of companies consider event marketing to be their top channel for lead generation.

How much does email marketing software cost?


What does email marketing software cost? The cost of email marketing software can be tricky to pin down. Unlike CRM pricing , email marketing software typically isn’t charged on a per-seat or per-user basis.). Site and Event Tracking.

The 12 Best Lead Nurturing Software Options for Your Business


Lead nurturing software automates much of this process, letting your sales reps stay focused on high-touch connections. With lead nurturing software, you can deliver tailor-made emails, texts, and other content in response to any number of lead behaviors, all at scale.

3 Ways Software Management Tools Can Elevate Your Event

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If your organization plans and launches events throughout the year, you already know the challenges that come with it. The post 3 Ways Software Management Tools Can Elevate Your Event appeared first on Nimble Blog. From hosting a large number of people to making sure each speaker, vendor, and staff member is where they’re supposed to be, your team has a lot to juggle. Established organizations like large associations know to […].

How to Navigate the Elusive Face-To-Face Meeting in a New Virtual World

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As a sales leader, you understand better than most the power of face to face interaction. You’ve likely built your selling career on face-to-face sales pitches and the always productive dinner meeting. You’ve set your team’s strategy for the year.

Three Ways Software Can Help Your Workforce Be Engaged

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Attract the Right Job Or Clientele: Three Ways Software Can Help Your Workforce Be Engaged. Our collaborative Blog provides insights into ‘Three ways software can help your workforce be engaged.’. How can software do all of this, though? How can software do all of this, though?

Not Just a Training Event - Make Your Next Initiative Stick

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Change management is not a one-time event. Don’t think that a training event and leadership’s endorsement will work. What to do: Start with the end in mind – focus on adoption before worrying about the “training event” or rollout. Sale organizations that focus on the rollout or training event fail. Chad is the SVP of sales of a $180 million software organization. Don’t lose credibility by thinking a training event will be enough.

Customer Service Training Software: Factors & Tools to Consider


The right customer service training software can help you onboard agents faster, track their learning progress, and ensure they always have access to relevant information for resolving client issues quickly. We’ll also go over three other customer service training software options to consider.

Get sales coaching happening – target trigger events

Sales Training Connection

Sales Coaching and Trigger Events. Enter Trigger Event Sales Coaching. In organizations certain events occur that create an enormous amount of organic energy and focus. This is due to the strategic importance of these events and the time, effort, and financial resources the organization has committed to making them happen. Let’s call these occurrences – Trigger Events.

25+ Account-Based Marketing Tactics & Software Solutions


You’ll also discover 7 ABM software solutions; since there are more moving parts in an ABM strategy versus a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy, you’ll need the right tools to keep everything running smoothly. Not seeing the sort of close rates you want?

10+ Best Customer Data Platform Software Apps


CDPs vs. CRMs CDP Benefits Customer Data Platform Software [ps2id id=’What is a Customer Data Platform’ target=”/]What is a Customer Data Platform? Pricing: Personal plans start at $0 per month but tracks only 2,500 customer events. million events per month.

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Celebration Management Software With Zapier Features

Selling Fearlessly

Event software refers to many different products used in the supervision of various professional and company conferences, trade shows, conventions and other smaller sized occasions just like continuing specialist development conventions.

These Are the Sales Enablement and Sales Readiness Events to Attend in 2022-2023


Attending sales enablement and sales readiness events is a great way to keep a pulse on industry trends and best practices, make connections, and get ideas and inspiration for refining your sales readiness program. The theme of this year’s event is “Take the Leap: Connect.

Our Top 5 Sales Events in 2019


These days, some folks have sworn off events due to the opportunity cost of time spent out of the field, and the difficulty justifying the expense. At Allego, however, we’ve had great success driving meaningful business from event activities. Event participation is even more important for us in advancing our account-based marketing (ABM) efforts because we get to meet our buyers face-to-face at event venues. Top 5 Sales Events in 2019. Events

Sales coaching – jump start by leveraging trigger events

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Sales coaching – leverage trigger events. Sales Coaching and Trigger Events. One effective answer is to link sales coaching to an event or initiative that has significant organization investment and commitment rather than simply relaying on the inherent merits of sales coaching. In organizations certain events occur that create an enormous amount of organic energy and focus. Let’s call these occurrences – Trigger Events.

5 Marketing and Sales Lessons from the Inbound 2012 Event

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I’ve spent time at Inbound 2012, Hubspot’s summit for marketers – an event which is growing dramatically year to year. This is in reference to Hubspot’s new release of their software. I didn’t post any video but it can be found on YouTube from a number of sources at this event. Boston could really use a SXSW-type of event, so why not a bigger Inbound 2012 next year?

6 Best Sales Onboarding Software Solutions for 2021 [In-Depth Comparison]


Managers can place due dates on trainings, and in the event that a rep does not complete a training by the given due date, an automatic reminder can be sent eliminating the need for manual follow-up.

Best Practices When Creating a Sales Event Floor Design

Sales Pop!

When it comes to sales events, floor design is key. The floor is one of the main focal points of your sales event. So before you plan your next sales event, make sure that you do it right by following these best practices when designing the floor.

?? How To Select Software


For a company, selecting software platforms for business operation is a major undertaking. Host John Golden sits down with Gabriel Gheorghui to discuss the process of how to select the best software for your company. This podcast is also a recorded live event you are welcome to view here: How to Select Software. How To Select Software appeared first on SalesPOP! What are the vital questions that must be answered, and what points should be addressed?

Save Money and Put In-Person Events to Shame with the Perfect Virtual Sales Kickoff

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Sales kickoff (SKO) events are often long, expensive get-togethers that leave attendees looking forward to the flight home. Virtual events have the potential to change that. Virtual Events Have the Potential to Be Better. Traditional events are too long and too expensive.

26 Best Sales Conferences and Can’t-Miss Sales Events of 2020

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What are the best sales conferences and events of the year, where you’ll find plenty of networking opportunities , training, and career-changing tips? Here are the 26 sales events in 2020 (organized by the season of the year) that we’re most excited about.

Financial Forecasting: A Look at Its Methods, Models, & Best Software


Here, we'll explore the concept of financial forecasting in depth, review some popular financial forecasting models, go over some prominent financial forecasting methods, and see some of the best financial forecasting software solutions on the market. Financial Forecasting Software.

The Software Standing Between You and a Winning Sales Team

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Do me a favor, complete this sentence: my sales software is so __. After all, it only takes a quick look at Google's predictive search feature to get a sense of how sales people really feel about their software. Everything Is Changing, Except Legacy Software.

How to Execute Stellar Events With the Help of CRM

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Today, Most event agencies are smaller businesses. Therefore, CRM software for event management gained significant popularity. The post How to Execute Stellar Events With the Help of CRM appeared first on Nimble Blog.

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How Software AG Transformed Onboarding and Sales Strategy Roll Out


For one of the premier software vendors in Europe, incorporating mobile video-based learning and readiness into sales enablement was the key to supporting remote teams and overcoming these barriers to success.

The 15 Best Contact Management Software Solutions for Nonprofits

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Here are the best CRM software solutions for nonprofit organizations. HubSpot CRM also has an extensive ecosystem of integrations , allowing you to seamlessly connect your contact management tool to other pieces of software needed to run your organization.

Podcast 151: Open & Honest Insights On The Last 90 Days As A CEO Of A High-Growth Software Company

John Barrows

They’ve had to cancel events, manage through different situations every day and a ton more. The post Podcast 151: Open & Honest Insights On The Last 90 Days As A CEO Of A High-Growth Software Company appeared first on JB Sales.

The New Face-to-Face: Strengthening Existing & New Relationships Without Events

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As offices close and events disappear our most common methods of connecting with leads are lost. Social media sites, email, and other online platforms are all viable places to connect when prospects aren’t able to attend live events.

Best Invoice Software for Small Businesses + How HubSpot Makes It Better


But a freelancer and a sales team won’t have the same billing process, so they shouldn’t have the same invoicing software. The best invoice software will be the one whose features meet your business’ needs. HubSpot Payments : Best Invoice Software Overall.

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS.

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IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS & Hardware Sales. Martin: The Real Story of Informix Software and Phil White: Lessons in Business and Leadership for the Executive Team. IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS & Hardware Sales. If you are involved in selling an enterprise software or technology solutions, you already know the importance of understanding the inner workings of the various departments within the prospective customer’s company. ON24 Virtual Events.

Sales Conferences 2018: The Top 10 Events You Can’t Miss This Year!

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This is not only because I am the Director of Sales at an event software company, but also because I know I have a lot learn—and in-person events are my favorite way to get that learning done. For those looking to get to know, learn from and network with other sales professionals, there are a slew of out-of-this-world sales events happening in 2018. For that, one event stands out. SaaStr is the SaaS event to attend.

Maximizing Event ROI: How to Close Deals on the Event Floor


I’ve been to a lot of events in my career: sometimes as a sponsor, sometimes as a vendor, and other times as an attendee. When buyers are empowered online, they’re much less interested in checking out new products and services while attending events. Companies are spending tons of marketing dollars on these events but often send junior team members who never learned the right way to work a booth. Most events provide two or more chairs per booth.