Everest Reaches New Heights


Yes, Mount Everest is now a little bit higher. I can only surmise this change is in response to our news about Everest , the email platform, and how it is bigger and better than anything else we’ve seen yet. The post Everest Reaches New Heights appeared first on Validity.

Sales Leadership: Climbing Mount Everest

Your Sales Management Guru

Sales Leadership: Climbing Mount Everest. Climbing Mount Everest takes skills, plans, a strong team and luck. But it’s how people work together that matters the most-just as it does in business. While I was in Hong Kong leading a 2 day sales leadership workshop, I picked up a Chinese newspaper and in the business section there was a large article on this topic. Immediately I knew it would be a good topic for the blog.


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Are You Haunted by Mysterious Email Performance Issues?


TEAM EVEREST! That’s where Everest comes in. If your email woes are not so extreme as to have no mail being delivered to your subscribers, you’ll get more clues in some of the other data points Everest offers. Blog Email Verification & Marketing Everest

How to Please Gmail


The good news is many of the things important to Gmail are all available under one roof in Validity’s Everest platform. Learn more about Everest , then talk to us about using it to please Gmail with your email program! Blog Email Verification & Marketing Everest

Send Time Optimization is Old News


Plus, VTO is a seamless addition to Validity’s Everest email intelligence and optimization platform. Blog Email Verification & Marketing Everest View Time OptimizationLet’s stop perpetuating the idea that email is stale. It’s not.

Accelerated Interactivity Accelerates Customer Loyalty


Blog Email Verification & Marketing Everest Marketing TipsIn our recent “Next Big Thing” webinar we brought together a cross section of Validity’s community—email marketing, data quality, and sales performance— to review the events of 2020 and preview 2021.

2020 State of Email Live…Wrapped!


Blog Email Verification & Marketing EverestHere we are, folks. What a ride it’s been this year! We’ve done the State of Email Live webinars for most of the year, and each episode brought something new, whether data or expertise from all corners of the industry.

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What’s Beyond the Summit?


We wanted to get a sense of goals and ambitions in the years ahead, especially after learning more about Everest, an essential element in optimizing email campaig ns beyond base-level success. . Blog Email Verification & Marketing Everest Marketing Tips

Email Mythbusters: You Can Remove ALL Spam Traps from a List


Tag all subscribers based on their acquisition source and monitor unknown user and spam trap activity within Everest to uncover acquisition sources that could be causing your spam trap issue. Blog Email Verification & Marketing Everest

Innovation Starts With “A”


Blog Email Verification & Marketing Everest Marketing TipsFor many, 2020 has been one of the most challenging years ever, and that includes for email marketing. One upside is that innovation thrives during periods of disruption, and we’ve seen many examples this year.

The Norm is Not Normal Anymore


Blog Email Verification & Marketing Events EverestWhile we would have loved to see all your illustrious faces at an in-person event, 2020 still has other plans for us. So, instead we created The Summit, an online, live email marketing event.

LOCKDOWN: Email Lessons Learned


Blog Email Verification & Marketing Everest Tips & TricksMany countries are back in lockdown as the world attempts to flatten COVID-19’s latest surge.

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Your Email Campaign is Trying to Tell You Something


Everest views your email holistically. Everest is the Rosetta Stone for your email campaign. Using Everest, you can look at each angle of your campaign. Everest offers email marketers support at every stage of the campaign.

How Badly Do You Want It?

Grant Cardone

Next up was Mount Everest. In 2013 Maria became the first Portuguese woman to summit Mount Everest. Are you willing to climb Everest for it? This story will leave you with NO excuses going into 2020. Maria Da Conceicao is a Portuguese woman who came from NO money but today supports a school in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As an orphan at a young age, she was adopted and raised by a house cleaner. By 15, Maria was also cleaning houses.

How to Provide Value Without Providing Discounts


Blog Email Verification & Marketing Everest Marketing TipsIn the first two posts of our Holiday Reading Series, we looked at how 2020 forced email marketers to innovate and adopt new technology, and explored how email marketers have dealt with the emotional hardships of this year.

Email & Ecommerce: Christmas 2020 Trends


Blog Email Verification & Marketing EverestIn the first post of our “festive reading” series, we considered how 2020 was a catalyst for email innovation and adoption of new technology. November saw major retailers launch their Christmas TV campaigns.

Email Volume is Up, But Are Opens?


It’s more important than ever to be using a tool like Everest to ensure your reputation is on point, your engagement is trending positively, and you’re totally optimizing for email success. OK, I don’t want to scare you or anything, even though it is October, the spookiest month of the year.

The Magic of Intrinsic Motivation with Brian Remington {Hey Salespeople Podcast}


I align it then to the fact that you know, I have a methodology called what’s your Everest, right? And it just really comes down to, you got to figure out what your Everest is, I don’t even care what it is. But the last most important part here is it’s, you know, no one summits Everest because they had nothing to do on a Sunday. No one summits Everest because they had nothing to do on a Sunday.

Want Transformational Sales Growth? Become A Sales Athlete, with Dan Waldschmidt, Episode #101


Outside the sales world he’s an endurance athlete – only the 10th person to complete the Run Everest Challenge. The Run Everest Challenge. Subscribe to Selling With Social. Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | Google Podcasts. Dan Waldschmidt is an expert when it comes to driving sales growth both on an individual level and across an entire sales team. Dan is the man to teach us what it takes because he’s done it.

When Marketing Gets Downright SCARY


This is where a platform OUTSIDE the ESP is absolutely critical for testing, optimizing, and collaborating on emails, because with something like Everest, the worst you’ll do is send a test to a seedlist with some wild text in it. The scariest stories are true.

How to Use Experiences to Motivate and Unite Your Sales Team

Sales and Marketing Management

It’s certainly cool to have a celebrity visit your team, and it’s fun to hear about someone's experience climbing Mount Everest. Author: Walter Kinzie If you don't have problems controlling your salespeople, then you probably don't have top sales talent on your team. I should know – before I learned how to manage sales teams, I was a salesman. We’re a special breed: difficult, stubborn and completely consumed by our own goals and results.

5 Selling Lessons From the Saddle

Smart Selling Tools

I was with another 700 people, ready to cover 980 miles, a lot of hills (like cycling up Everest twice), and camping every night for 9 days. On the 8th September 2018 I sat on the start line for a totally awesome, yet challenging, adventure. Riding the length of the UK from Lands End in Cornwall to John O’Groats in Scotland. I was confident that I was ready. I had been preparing for this moment since the start of 2018 and I was in the zone.

How to Escape the Sales “Feast or Famine” Trap

Sales Hacker

This is like trying to climb a mountain with heavy and unnecessary baggage — nobody needs to pack a hairdryer to summit Everest. You’re on top of the world. The orders are pouring in. And with every sale, customers aren’t just buying your product or service, they were buying YOU.

Are Yahoo’s Disposable Email Addresses [Spam] Trapping You?


Not only will you see that reflected in your KPI reports, Everest platform, or your email service provider reports, but mailbox providers (MBPs) will take notice, too. When looking to start any relationship, it’s important to present an enticing first impression.

Beyond the Beginning: Refining Your Triggered Email Program in the Age of Personalization


Together with your ESP data, Validity’s Everest can offer you the most complete picture of your program’s performance. Hopefully you can take these tips and bake them into your triggered campaign to create more engaging, personal emails for better engagement (you can track using Everest!).

Marking 10 Years of Publishing Daily

Anthony Iannarino

Everest, I did no writing at all. Today is a special day for me. On December 28, 2009, I started posting here daily. I had dabbled with writing a blog for a few years but lacked a grand strategy or goal at the start. So today marks ten years of writing here daily. At the time, I decided to write every day, there were a few people who kept that practice, one being Seth Godin , who is now a friend, and a mentor with unmatched creative energy.

Product Led Growth: Turning Salespeople into Sherpas

Sales Hacker

The salesperson in a PLG company is like a sherpa on Everest. Getting to the top of Everest isn’t easy. There’s a common misconception that sales and product led growth don’t go together, and I think I understand why. Think of product led companies like Slack, Dropbox, or Zoom. Did you start using any of those products because a salesperson sold you on it? Probably not. And yet product led growth companies do have sales teams.

A Blueprint for Creating a Sales Dynasty


Everest have learned to rely on Sherpas to help them achieve the summit. Everest have learned to rely on Sherpas to help them achieve the summit. You’ll find the most successful salespeople appreciate this opportunity to identify new “Everests” to climb…not because they are mandated, but because together you identify what it would mean to the career of the salesperson if they were able to do this. By Rob Jeppsen. 10 min read.

Do You Embrace These Qualities To Move Past Tough Times

Smooth Sale

The learning curve was seemingly more treacherous to me than climbing Mount Everest. Attract The Right Job Or Clientele: Everyone faces challenges of some sort, but success is in how you embrace these qualities to move past tough time. Re-strategizing, motivation to continue, and believing you can be successful all lend a helping hand. But, the stress can make all of the above easier said than done. Over time, we learn how to deal with the stressful circumstances to move past tough times.

Rainmaker19: As Told by the Numbers {Infographic}


Together, we were energized by Danny Meyer’s approach to hospitality and enthralled by Colin O’ Brady’s challenge to find your own “Everest.” We had big goals as we planned 2019’s Rainmaker. How could we top last year ? With a Sales Revolution! The 1200+ industry leaders, Grammy-award winning entertainment, and inspiration from each and every speaker and attendee made it possible.

Changing the Status Quo: Make a Continuous Resolution that lasts.

Paul Cherry's Top Sales Techniques

He said in a loud voice, ‘Mount Everest, you beat me the first time, but I’ll beat you the next time because you’ve grown all you are going to grow… but I’m still growing!’ ’ ” — Sir Edmund Hillary, The first man to climb Mount Everest. More Free Stuff | Email Us | Get Started Now! Sales Training & Management Workshops | 302-478-4443. About Us. The Company. Our Training Approach. Paul Cherry.

TSE 1246: How To Rapidly Grow Your Sales Through An Effective Message & A Powerful Sales Script

Sales Evangelist

The story could be as simple as how you met your spouse to how you tried and failed to climb Mount Everest. How To Rapidly Grow Your Sales Through An Effective Message & A Powerful Sales Script A message and a powerful sales script are important to rapidly grow your business. These strategies can take your sales game from zero to hero. Matthew Pollard was a customer before he became a game-changer and a rapid growth expert.

Task Management: The Ultimate Guide

Hubspot Sales

Try to do that for hours on end, and your boredom will reach Mount Everest heights. One of the simultaneously great and not-so-great things about working in sales: Your daily tasks rarely change. Although the specific deals are different, you’re doing essentially the same things -- making calls, sending emails, giving presentations, and so forth. While the routine can get boring, it’s also simpler to amp up your productivity. After all, you know what to expect.

17 Peculiar Paradoxes of Social Selling

Tony Hughes

You'll break the fourth wall and find new goals, summiting Everest only to find K2 laughing in your face. Every area of our lives is rife with paradox. Social Selling has engendered many of its own but I've yet to see anyone take on the subject as the topic is so new. I began to write a post on business paradoxes. That opened my mind to some mind-boggling ones like this.

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? Truly Successful People Continually.

Jonathan Farrington

I felt a little like Sir Edmund Hilary when he was about to become the first man to conquer Mount Everest: Lots of people could describe the mountain right up to a level below the summit, but none of them were able to offer any advice about succeeding on that final stage. Truly Successful People Continually Challenge Paradigms. Published by Jonathan Farrington at 2:38 am under General.